Beyond the Power of
Positive Thinking...

Ahhh, the power of positive thinking... Or, maybe more accurately, what does it take to go BEYOND the power of positive thinking?

The links to the inspirational stories you can find by scrolling down on this page (or will find, since this is a brand new feature for Real Life Law of Attraction,) are being provided by members of the greater Law of Attraction community to be examples of finding optimism from a pure place in the heart, and to be guided by the inspiration of the Inner Being to attract, manifest, and experience your highest priorities and innermost desires.

...Not simply by positive thinking, but by cultivating the BELIEF in yourself, your worthiness, your abilities, and your vision, in order to foster the expectation that what you desire is on it's way!

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There is a BIG difference between simply saying positive words, and trying to think positively (what Abraham might call "slapping a happy face sticker over the indictor gauge") to manifest what you want, vs. feeling a true sense of confidence, optimism and certain expectation from within. The question then becomes, how do you cultivate the belief that is required to go beyond the power of positive thinking? These stories should help shed some light on that!

Also, as you read the stories, keep in mind that you can leave a review, a testimonial, or your comments for any of the techniques and resources here! To do this, simply click on the "comments" button at the bottom of the individual story page to leave your review – you do not even need to register or sign-in to do so. Others will be able to see these comments when they visit that listing page. 

(*** The links we have thus far for inspirational stories on the power of positive thinking appear above – see below for alternative pages of interest while this page is being populated! ***)

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

While this page is new, and may not have as many of the inspirational stories as you would like to read, you can find additional information about shifting your thoughts to be more positive, and cultivating a positive attitude on these popular pages:

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