Life Coach Ruby's Everyday LOA Magic - Mumbai, IN

by Ruby Gangadharan
(Mumbai, India)

One of my big ticket manifestations:

I have always been a free spirit and dabbled in a lot of things. I was not the best candidate for marriage, since I am fiercely independent, non-submissive and accept things only if they make sense to me not because someone says so, and this was a cause of worry for my parents (bless them!)

I knew my husband would be someone who would love me for me.... and not "let me change myself or let me hide certain things from my past" kind of love.

I knew for me to be successful in marriage (or happy in my marriage, since divorce is not an option culturally), I would marry someone with a lot patience, understanding and tolerance for my thinking. Unconditional Love - was the only criteria.

So I would need a best friend, a companion and a lover. There... easy... now all I had to do was to say "yes" when he came along.

I met my husband through a group of my work friends. We stayed friends in the same circle for 6 years. He went from a friend to a best friend to a companion to a lover. Just what I ordered!

I married when I was 5 months short of age 30 (this is a big deal in my country; girls are generally married between the age of 22 - 26). And the cherry on the cake, my parents love him!

We fall in love with each other everyday and get more in sync with each other.

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Ruby Gangadharan
Everyday LOA Magic - Living Inspired action!

Mumbai, India
My email - rubygangadharan(at)
Website & Blog -
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About me:
LOA Life Coach helping Deliberate Creators manifest their desires & live a holistic life. Speaker, blogger, Ashtanga Yoga trainer. Living Inspired Action.

I am a Law Of Attraction Life Coach. Self Love, Self worth, unlocking potential, are topics I regularly deal with. I love what I do and would like the opportunity to be of service.

My work as a coach is to ask the right questions that allow the client to find the answers they are ready to hear.

My rates are affordable. It's $100 for one session, but if you book 4 sessions it will come at $75 per session. Each session is 75 mins, with email support in between sessions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


"Ruby got to the heart of my heart. She was able to help me sort out issues that I'd been struggling with for months in one short hour. Ruby has the ability to see into a problem with grace and love and she helped me come out the other side optimistic and aware. I feel like Ruby was able to see me in a way that I couldn't see myself and through her eyes I was able to find possibilities where I felt really hopeless. She brings an awareness to her coaching that is both unique and precious. Her insight is right on target and the skills she brings to the table are invaluable. Ruby is a truly a gift. As someone who has worked with coaches on various issues for years, I highly recommend Ruby. She's unique, she's honest, and most of all she has the ability to see potential and move her clients there with a loving hand."
- Lisa Hayes

"I have hired Ruby as a Life Coach several times during the last couple of years. Her Coaching sessions are special to me because:
1) She has enabled me seek clarity in my thoughts.
2) Her counsel and perspectives helps me think right for myself. I could narrow down my focus and achieve milestones in my personal and professional life.
3) At a very young age, she has acquired great perspective on life.

Every interaction with her gets me thinking, energizes me and brings new hope. Hence, I always value, respect, cherish and look forward to interacting with her. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take control of one's own life and unleash their potential."
- Manissha Bangera

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Oct 26, 2011
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

Ruby's Sharing is confirming and Inspirational. We all posses self empowerment , That is only unique to each person's personal vibrational alignment , The happiness she shares is bight a energizing, After all who we listen to and connect to either improve our progress or cuase us to suffer I have learned there is two choices for being one is suffering the other light, I recall reading the Words of Christ admonishing us to Walk in the Light and to stay in the light so density doesn't gain power over our vibrational activation. I share the same way of managing my self as a free spirit, that projects Unconditional Love, She is very advanced to have the family support and the perfect mate, supercceds a story book fairy tales we have been presendted with a role models, I hope her a full and happy expanding life that touches the Universal land scape of all living species.
I send my highest good to all , and say blessings to her and all she is hoping to acheive.
Evelyn T. Woodson

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