Why are there so many grumpy people?

by Dave
(Houston, Texas)

Question: First of all, just want to say I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I have been studying LoA (the Law of Attraction) for a few years and this site is a great help. THANK YOU.

One question though: I have always been a pretty happy go-lucky guy. As I see people around me, I wonder WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE SO GRUMPY?

Real Life LoA Answer: Dave, thank you for writing, and especially, thank you so much for your compliments on the Real Life Law of Attraction website – I am thrilled that you enjoy it so much and find it helpful, as that is why I have created it. Thank you SO much for your kind words!

Now, on to the great question you are wondering about: Why are there so many grumpy people out there?

The short answer is that most people spend most of their time and mental energy worrying, complaining, fretting, stressed, upset, in anxiety, fear, or anger, and focusing on what they DON'T want.

(...So the Law of Attraction keeps giving them even more of those types of experiences to fret over more!)

It also has a great deal to do with how they are raised, and what kind of environment they live/spend their time in. Is the environment hostile and negative, is there fighting, arguing, substance abuse, or violence in the vicinity or on TV regularly? Or, is the environment calm, peaceful and pleasant? The environment makes a BIG difference in one's daily attitude, because the psyche/consciousness is "marinating" in that environment's energy.

As you know, the Law of Attraction/The Universe always gives you more of what you think about, read about, watch on TV, and take action on – whether you want it or not. And, if someone is spending most of his or her time walking around in a state of discomfort (because they are regularly experiencing a tremendous amount of what their Inner Being doesn't want or enjoy,) it's logical that s/he might be Ms. or Mr. Grumpy.

When someone is thinking about something, anything, that is not in alignment with the love, purity, good-naturedness, compassion, understanding, and adoration that is the real truth at the core of All that is in the Universe (though sometimes hard to believe) they will feel irritation and discomfort. That is the Emotional Guidance System telling them that their thinking is off track for manifesting what they DO want to be experiencing.

The trick, for both them, AND for you, is to spend less time looking at the "reality" that is presenting itself (about their mood, or what inspired it.) It may be a "fact", but that is not a good reason for anyone (them or you) to waste energy focusing on it. (Not even to try to change, or "fix" it any more than you have to!)

Here is a short, 7-minute TED video that is discussing something called "mirror neurons" in the brain. It seems that there is now scientific evidence demonstrating that merely watching somebody do something, perform an action, be touched, or experience something has the SAME effect in the brain of the observer as actually taking that action oneself! Here is the video if you want to see it:

For me, it is more proof of what we know from the Law of Attraction already – that simply thinking about something, and especially watching it (on TV or in movies or games), talking about it, or taking action on it, is how you are creating your own reality in your life. If it's negative or destructive, that is the energy being added to one's manifestations. If it is positive, hopeful, and uplifting, that is the energy that the Law of Attraction is responding to, and bringing you more of!

So, the solution is to always do your best to be feeling good, in the vortex, focusing on what you DO want more of in your life, and being a happy person as much as you can.

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

However, all that said, when you or I, or anyone else who IS feeling good, IS in the vortex, and IS flowing along in happy mood OBSERVES someone who is grumpy and in a bad mood, then just thinking about that observation will take you out of the vortex too. Now that's not a terrible thing, because you can simply shift your focus back onto something else that makes you feel good, and then relax right back into your happy place again. (And then send them some light!)

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done FOR someone else to try to encourage them into the vortex, other than imagining them as already there, so the best thing you can do once you have noticed someone else who is "out of whack" is to send them light or love, and take a moment to mentally picture them enjoying something that you think might make them happy.

Here is a link to a page that explains more about the Law of Attraction technique of finding positive aspects about people you do not know, or who are annoying.

And, here is a link to another page that you might enjoy; it addresses a question about why someone might attract negative people, even when one's own attitude is mostly positive.

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Jul 02, 2014
What you watch, you create more of!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I was just re-watching the TED video that is posted in the answer to this question (to fix the link, which had been broken, sorry!) and I was struck by how important it IS to know the link between "watching something" and your OWN brain triggering the same neuron response AS IF you had actually done that thing yourself!

It explains, in scientific terms, why simply watching trashy TV, negative news, people behaving badly, violence, and other junk is so very destructive. (How your brain, in conjunction with the Law of Attraction creates more negative manifestations in YOUR life when you watch it in someone else's!)

Here's to keeping the environment of your attention calm and peaceful! Blessings!

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