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The purpose of this disclosure statement is to explain the relationship between Real Life Law of Attraction and the advertisers or affiliate programs you may see referenced on this site, as well as the source of any compensation I receive through them. is an informational website provided purely for the love of the topic as a service to my readers.  It strives to be a source of honest, truthful, and genuinely valuable information and/or products that can help you to find relief from real world problems without spending your hard-earned money needlessly.  That is why has always been, and will always be free to you.

I write all of the content for the site, except that of the LoA questions, book reviews, workshop notes, and LoA Directory listings which are submitted by other visitors to the site, and are clearly marked as such. I make this content available without being paid any direct compensation, and I do not write reviews, recommend products, do interviews, or otherwise solicit any content in exchange for monetary compensation.

However, I do make money from the website, primarily through affiliate programs and pay-per-click advertising.  Depending on the agreement with the particular company, I may be paid a small commission if you click on a link to view an ad or purchase a product I have recommended.

Please note that any commission I may be paid for a link you click on, or a product or service you may buy, has NO impact on the price you pay for that product or service.  

You may, of course, go directly to the provider site for any of the products or services I recommend, bypassing my affiliate link, and your price will be the same.  However, I hope you will consider helping to support the cost of running this site by using the links provided, in which case something that you were going to purchase anyway will benefit both of us!

I currently participate in the following advertising and affiliate programs:

  • is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

  • Solo Build It / SBI:  Solo Build It (SBI) is the web-host and web-business building system I use to create and run this site.  I would not have my online business at all if it was not for SBI.  If you would like more information about how you can do it to you can see my business secret here.

  • Google Ads:  Google ads are sometimes general ads based on the content in the website, or may also be ads selected by Google based on your interests and/or browsing history.  Either way, Google ads are not selected by me and I have no control over what ad appears in a Google Adsense block.

    Performing searches for more information can also generate a small commission for  The search box on this web site is powered by Google Inc. so any site-specific searches you do on this site will be in accordance with the Google privacy policy.  More information is available on my privacy policy page. 

  • The Lefkoe Institute:  The Lefkoe Institute is the creator of the self-guided video program I recommend for gaining self-confidence.

All of the products and services I recommend are ones I have purchased and use myself, and only recommend to you because I think highly of them myself.

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

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