Is positive thinking enough for LoA manifestation?


Question: I really believe in the LOA (the Law of Attraction) and I think it is real, but I still do not understand if we can get whatever we want just through thinking? Does it mean we do not need to work hard, or does it mean every day I just need to think what I want; that I just can reap without sowing? Please answer my question. It is very important for me to use the LOA.

Real Life LoA Answer: Wow, great question! Despite what many popular Law of Attraction teachers preach, simply thinking about what you want can actually hinder you in attracting it, unless you are in the vortex and feeling good when you do!

That is truly the best, and only, way to really do anything effectively – to feel good, happy, peaceful, accepting, appreciative, and "in the flow" (in the vortex) when you do it. The most important aspect of any thoughts you think, or any action you take, is that you feel as good as you can while you do it. Preferably, that you get yourself into a mental place of feeling good prior to putting ANY attention on your desires, and especially, before taking action. Only then will the Law of Attraction be able to be guiding you toward what you DO want rather than away from it!

When it comes to thinking about what you want, give the desired outcome for the thing/situation/dream your undivided attention when you are in the vortex, and, when you are not in the vortex, pay as little attention to it as possible!

...It may sound counter-intuitive, to tell you to NOT think about your desires and what you want, but if you are not in a good feeling place PRIOR to thinking about your desires, that means that you are actually thinking more about NOT having them, and feeling the lack is keeping them from manifesting as quickly.

You do not really have to think about your desires AT ALL. Your Inner Being is already on the case – your own Inner Being IS your heart and soul, your desires, dreams, and the fully expanded version of yourself – your own Inner Being is already vibrating in alignment with every desire you have ever had, so, it already knows what you want and is already on the job of creating it for you. Your dreams and desires are safe, and they will never be forgotten by your Inner Being or the Law of Attraction, so you really don't have to think about them at all.

All you have to do is line up with them – that includes being appreciative of all the good things already available to you in your life now, to being happy about the situations that are to your liking now, and practicing the art of ONLY giving your attention to things and situations that you want MORE of, and shifting your attention OFF of anything that you do want to experience more of in your life. Align yourself with the life you have right now – give attention to the good parts, and pay as little attention as possible to the parts that you wish would be different.

That is not to say that harnessing the Law of Attraction does not require work, or action, because you cannot be keeping up with the vibrational version of yourself if you are not taking action and living your life fully. In some ways, the work of living your own life fully, moving forward to the realization of your dreams, can seem like it will be even harder work that you have ever known, but, if you are in the vortex when you do it, it will feel like fun!

When you are truly in the vortex, feeling good, peaceful, happy and content prior to taking action in your life, it might appear to others that you are reaping without sowing, but the work you did was to get yourself into a peaceful, optimistic, and confident mental place before taking action.

You do the work of protecting your attention from focusing on, talking about, reading about, or thinking about anything that you do not want more of in your life experience. You do the work of holding the assumption, and the knowing that all is well, and it will turn out in your favor even when you do not know how (how something happens is not your job to worry about.) You do the work of training yourself to only talk about what you DO want to have happen, and practice turning the thought around when you catch yourself talking about things you do not want. And, you do the work finding things to appreciate wherever you look, and in every situation. ...THAT is the work you are doing.

But you will also be taking action, you will still be doing the daily activities of your life, and moving forward toward your dreams and goals – it's just that your focus will be to do the things that are the most fun for you first, and to find something to appreciate about every situation you are in.

I hope this clears it up a bit. There is another question somewhat on this topic: LoA Q&A: Is work necessary to manifest money discussion, posted on the site, that is asking something similar, so, it may have some additional insights for you.

You are a blessed soul, and your dreams are meant to come true for you – that is what your life is for – to love and fully enjoy your own expansion!


P.S. If you would like to know more about "the vortex", what that is in Law of Attraction terms, what it means, or how to "get into the vortex", there is an entry for "The Vortex" at the bottom of my Law of Attraction Lingo page.

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Apr 28, 2011
Reading the Sara Books (Esther Hicks) will help too!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Another thing I just thought of, is that if you would like to know more about how the Law of Attraction works, in an easy to read (and be inspired by) way, you can read the Sara books, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I have written a review of the first book on this site, "Sara, Book 1" because I loved reading it SO, SO, SO much myself! It conveys, very clearly, the distinction between the attracting power of thoughts and visions that feel good, vs. the ones that feel bad, and how to make the shift toward the more empowering uses of your creative mind!

Wishing you ALL the best,

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