How to Become Successful?
At a Law of Attraction Success Party!

With the Law of Attraction, the question of 'How to Become Successful' has an instant answer:

Think, speak, and act like you are ALREADY successful!

That is what you'll be able to do when you attend a Law of Attraction (LoA) SUCCESS party™! ...And, you will harness the exponential power of speaking your dreams aloud to a supportive friend and super-charge the attraction of your manifestations!

There is a Law of Attraction (LoA) SUCCESS party™ coming up in the Los Angeles area (Santa Monica) on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 7:30 pm ...Sign-up using the link below!

It is a bit like the concept used in the Law of Attraction techniques of the 'deliberate creation workshop', 'telling a new story', and 'segment intending', but done amongst friends rather than alone! If you feel that you aren't very good at visualizing future events and your desires, or if you have trouble motivating yourself to do these exercises on your own, then a Law of Attraction (LoA) SUCCESS party™ workshop is for you!

A (LoA) SUCCESS party™ is a gathering of people who know how to become successful by creating their own SUCCESS in life! Use the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams, and attract the power of the Universe to manifest the life you REALLY WANT by speaking it as already DONE!

To the subconscious mind, there is absolutely no difference between what is imagined from the past (a memory) vs. what is imagined for the future. So, the trick is, to imagine ones future with such detail as to feel it AS IF it is the present day reality NOW. That is what is done at a SUCCESS party – a facilitated process of interacting with others to practice the principles of the Law of Attraction and make your future dreams a reality NOW!

If you live in the Los Angeles metro area, you can sign-up to attend an upcoming (LoA) SUCCESS party™ workshop in person! (The link is to, and will open in a new window.) ...At the party you will feel your way to your own most passionate answer to the question of "How to Become Successful" and be manifesting it at the same time!

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

Some examples of Success Stories from people who have attended a Law of Attraction (LoA) SUCCESS party™ in the past:

“After attending Andrea’s success parties, I booked a role on my first network TV show. Sitting in my trailer on the Universal Studios Lot, I thought back to the time when this was just something I talked about at her LoA SUCCESS party. It was now a reality! Her techniques are a fun and positive way to get results.”

Tony M. / Actor

“Take the Abraham-Hicks practice of a workshop for your desires and add an audience of one (your partner), and you have an idea of what Andrea has conceived with the SUCCESS party. Rather than being alone "acting as if", your partner shares the excitement of what you’ve created. The benefit is a multiplication of energy: you both feel that your desire has already manifested. (It has!)

Andrea embodies the knowledge that this practice works and teaches with a confidence that is contagious. This playful exercise is easy to do and makes for a fun and powerful event for conscious creators of all ages!”

Melissa K. / Events Producer

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Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

Sign-up to attend an upcoming (LoA) SUCCESS party™ in Los Angeles


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