Getting into the Vortex

Easily, the #1 question I'm asked is "How to Get Into the Vortex?"

...what is getting into the vortex? to get in the vortex?

...getting in the vortex?

...being in the vortex?

...staying in the vortex?

...what is the law of attraction vortex?

...tell me more about the vortex to stay in the vortex?

...what is the vortex of attraction?

That is, other than simply "What IS The Vortex?" That is!

And, because there is so much MORE information out there about space & time vortexes, water vortexes, and whirlpools, people will ask about the Law of Attraction version like this: "vortexes law of attraction," "the vortex LoA," "alignment and vortex," "Abraham Hicks vortex," or "Esther Hicks vortex" so it's hard to know how to refer to it.

So, if you are looking for general information about The Vortex, see this page:  The Abraham Hicks Vortex, but if you already know what it is, and you want to know about how to get INTO the vortex, keep reading!

The Vortex Is a Really Hot Topic!

I understand! You've been studying the Universal Laws of Attraction, you've been reading Abraham Hicks books, and you've even heard or seen some Law of Attraction Art of Allowing workshops and videos, but still the question remains:

If everything I want is IN there, HOW do I get into the Vortex????

...What is getting into the vortex, really, and how can I be in alignment with it?

To be in the vortex (from the Law of Attraction perspective) is that feeling of happiness, contentment, or pleasantly at ease. It is to be at peace, feel calm, be relaxed, and feeling pleasantly optimistic. Getting into the vortex is feeling as if nothing needs to change in this moment, noticing that things are generally nice, and fine, and sweet as they are right now. Being in the vortex can also be the feeling of bliss, love, fascination, excitement, joy, and exuberant enthusiasm (but, we don't always have access to those high vibrations) so just being happy, curious, in love, or simply content, is enough.

Here Are Some Ways of Getting Into the Vortex:

  • Make a written list of 25 things you like to do -- just make the list
              Extra Credit:  ...Now go do one of them!

  • When you catch yourself feeling good, or enjoying yourself - really notice it, feel the feelings you are having, and take note of why you are feeling good - try to commit it to memory in as detailed a way as possible

  • Meditate - even 5 minutes of focusing on your breath, a steady sound (like an air-conditioner, a dripping faucet, or a mechanical buzz,) or staring at a candle flame can do wonders

Get into the Vortex - Abraham Hicks Vortex - Starry Night
  • Dance. Right here, right now - put on some fun music and do a little "get into the vortex of attraction" dancing

  • Pick someone you like and care about, and make a list of their positive qualities - write down at least 25 things you admire or appreciate about them (their positive aspects.) Bonus: The Law of Attraction will then immediately start making you aware of more of those qualities, and you'll be drawing more of that experience to you too!

  • Breathe deeply! (...and notice that you ARE breathing, you are ALIVE)

  • Go to sleep/Take a nap

  • Take a Walk

  • Say out loud: "I want to feel good - Show me things I want to see!"

  • Listen to a Guided Meditation – especially the Abraham-Hicks "Getting into the Vortex" guided audio meditations!

  • Turn OFF the television and do just about anything else

  • Do the "Let Anger Out" exercise on the RLLoA website (and then be sure to do the follow-up steps on the next page after you release the anger, because those are the MOST important part!)

  • Chill - simply decide that it is OK to feel down, to be out of alignment for a while, and relax into allowing that feeling to be as it is within you. Let it be.

  • Smell fragrant flowers

  • Exercise or move your body in some other enjoyable way - moving your body gets energy moving, and when energy is moving you will have an easier time just floating into a more contented space (which is what it is to get into the vortex!)

  • Start flowing love toward someone who is easy to love (picture someone you adore, and imagine yourself showering them with love)

  • Identify and make a written list of all the things that are going well in your life now (or the things that are at least fine, OK, alright, or good enough for now) ...and THAT is what the Law of Attraction will start to bring you MORE of!

  • Admire something in nature - birds, animals, trees, flowers, plants, clouds...

  • Watch or listen to something funny (not funny that is cruel, mean, at the expense of others, or because someone get's hurt - not "jackass" funny - but something that makes you giggle)

  • Make a written list of 25+ items you own that you love; a favorite pen, a book, a chair, your pillow, some cologne, a shirt, etc.

  • Read the "Sara" books by Esther Hicks. Not so much the books ABOUT the Law of Attraction (because those are about action for the most part, but the Sara books are about DOING it, actually BEING in the space of allowing, and feeling it (and they are just fun, too!))

  • Sit in the sun for 15 minutes and feel your own radiance in the warmth of the sun on your face

  • Go someplace where you can see the expanse of the sky, or be in nature and know that all is well - the same source energy that created all of this can handle your concerns, and IS handling them right now. Allow yourself to feel nurtured by the environment while you are on a little patch of grass, or are looking at the sky.

  • Get into alignment by going general... Start thinking about general ideas that you know to be true: Things always work out for me in the end, I don't have to decide/think/worry about this right this minute, the Law of Attraction works the same for everyone and everything and that constancy is reassuring, the sun rose this morning, the planets are all in their orbit, I'm doing alright, I'm still here, this will work out, I have figured it out before and I will do it again, I know how to bring myself into alignment when I need to, I have options, there are some wonderful things in my life, I know I can shift my focus....

What are some of the ways YOU get into the vortex? 

When you are interested in getting into the vortex, being in the vortex, or staying in the vortex -- what do you like to do to get in the vortex in the first place?

We would LOVE to add your suggestions for getting into the vortex and being in alignment and the space of allowing onto this list -- just drop us a line using our Law of Attraction techniques questions and contact form, and we will add your suggestions as soon as possible!

Your method for getting into the vortex may appear as a beautiful quote on an image, just like Julia's above...

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