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by Steve Pion
(Norfolk, United Kingdom)

When I was still quite young and in the Air Force I was sent to Saudi Arabia as part of Desert Shield. At this time I was not conscious of the Laws of Attraction but somehow I knew how to apply them anyway which the following example illustrates.

I had been married quite young and my wife and 2 very young sons went to England where she is from for the duration of my deployment to Saudi Arabia. After a month or so there one of our planes developed a maintenance need that could not be fixed at the deployment location.

So it was decided that this plane would need to go to RAF Mildenhall in England to be repaired. That happened to be the base where I met my wife about 5 years earlier. Consequently she was staying about 40 miles from there while I was deployed.

My job was aircraft maintenance and as such I had a reasonable excuse to go with the plane for repair. However, I was not assigned to that particular plane and the 2 airmen assigned to it were certainly needed.

Well I didn't expect much at the time but I asked to go along with the plane in addition to the 2 airmen assigned to it. I simply stated the facts that my wife and kids were there and that I might like the opportunity to see them.

I guess I had a feeling that my request might be approved. Call it a belief in the kindness of other people and their desire to do something for someone else. I have always believed in helping others and at the same time not hesitated to ask for things myself.

Keep in mind that this is the military and they have no trouble saying no to requests, especially those that do not benefit them in any way. Well I don't know what I did or said to impress them but they said yes! I couldn't believe it.

So we all left and flew to England for approximately a week to have the repairs done. I was prepared to work each day that was necessary and stay with my wife and kids in the evenings, returning to Mildenhall each day to work.

Without even asking the other 2 maintenance men on the trip offered to do all the work themselves and let me know if and when they needed me. Again I couldn't believe it but I graciously accepted their offer and I didn't hear from them again until it was time to return to Saudi Arabia!

My time with my wife and kids was nothing short of magical! The love we shared during that week was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I believe that it is because of the sacrifices that other people made so that I could be there.

The chain of events that had to occur and the number of yes's was incredible. I believed in the kindness and good intentions of others and my faith was rewarded on an incredible level!

I believe that by asking for what you want humbly and gratefully gives you a much better chance of receiving it. I have always done this and it has worked for me. I think we all need to show our human side, our imperfections and frailties.

In this way others realize that you are human too and it gives them power to help you. Try giving someone the power to help you with something and witness the results. It makes everyone involved feel better.

Of course if you look out for opportunities to help others it accomplishes the same thing. The point is not who the giver or receiver is but that everyone involved benefits to some degree. Even a bystander to such an event feels good for having witnessed it.

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Steve Pion
Laws of Attraction
Norwich, Norfolk, UK

The Law of Attraction has always worked for me even when I was unaware of it. If you would like to find out more please contact me at the above email address.

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Jun 21, 2012
Great Story!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with the readers of Real Life Law of Attraction! I enjoyed it so much, that I posted links to it on three different pages of the site, as well as the LoA Directory page.

Thank you, I really appreciate reading specific examples of the power of positive thinking, and Law of Attraction in action, and I am sure others do as well.

Thank you for sharing such an uplifting personal story!

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