To Manifest Money Work IS Required 
(...But it Can Be Joyful!)

Question: Some seem to say that it doesn't take work to manifest money. Though I've had moments of insight, I still don't understand the concept that you don't have to work to manifest money.

If you look at the wealthiest people in the world they have all worked hard. I'm sure many love the overall end product, or idea, of what they do (and have maintained feelings of abundance and success) but you can't tell me they don't also have moments of feeling like they're working very hard to make things happen to manifest money.

Similarly with me, I am a graphic designer working on a project I am grateful to have in terms of the experience, money, and an end product I will ultimately be proud of.

However, in order to get paid for the job, I need to complete it, which entails doing technical things that I don't enjoy, so they are action oriented and upstream for me. I'm looking at the positives about doing them, which definitely helps it feel less like work. But it's still work even when I am able to look at the positives about it. You can't tell me they don't have to be done.

I just feel like no one addresses this in a clear-cut, non-contradictory way. Even Esther Hicks (the master of the Law of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks)) talks so much about the path to manifest money just being to maintain feelings of abundance, but has also said that one shouldn't just quit their job if it doesn't make them happy.

It's like no one is fully willing to put their neck on the line with this one. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks very much. 

Real Life LoA Answer: Wow, this is an excellent question – you make a really, really important point. Especially when it comes to how to manifest money, I think that any Law of Attraction teachers that teach or imply that you do not have to work to manifest money (or anything else that you want) are full of it - that is misleading, incorrect, and magical thinking.

I do understand where the misconception comes from though. Even Esther Hicks, in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshops can sometimes sound vague on the subject, but I believe that what is asserted by Abraham is that action, when taken while NOT in the vortex, isn't useful, and, when taken while in the vortex, doesn't feel like work (and also has exponential rewards beyond the effort of the action taken).

I was just listening to the audio from Abraham workshop recorded January 2011 in West LA, and they said:

"most of the effort that (people) offer is hooking us up with the wrong pathway, heading us in the wrong direction."

This is because most action and effort is offered while out of the vortex, or in response to negative, reactive feelings rather than pursuing the relaxing, fun, easy path of getting into alignment with your vortex and inner truth of love and joy first.

This is also one of the many subjects for which the English language is a bit limited to shed light on a multi-dimensional concept though too... In English, the words "action", "effort" and "work" are often used synonymously (and sometimes include even worse ones, like "labor", "exertion", "toil", "drudgery", etc.) However, at it's core, the personal definition of the word "work" is a direct reflection of how much fun one is having while doing it.

WHY the action is being taken also has a tremendous amount to do with whether or not it is perceived as hard work, or if it is in alignment with the Law of Attraction. When you are doing something that is really fun for you, when you feel 'in the flow' and connected to it, or it is a passion for you, it doesn't really feel like hard work even when it does involve action (or even difficult, or challenging tasks.) Very often, if the only goal of doing work or taking action is to manifest money, and the passion isn't there, then the work does not flow smoothly.

For instance, in my life, I am not trying to manifest money, but I am going through a number of medical procedures which require a great deal of effort, work, focus, and often, even pain and discomfort, but, because it is all in service to my dream of having children, it doesn't feel like "work" to me, because I am very clear that I am simply moving forward toward my goal. In fact, I feel that I am coming closer and closer to my goal simply because I am taking action toward it, rather than taking no action whatsoever. And, even though it is often challenging and a bit stressful, I find it strangely fulfilling and satisfying too, and even sort of fun, because it the goal it supports is so dear to my heart. Now, in this case, my goal is not to manifest money, but there is still work involved in service to something I want/need for my life, so the principles are similar.

But even an example such as this would still be best served by getting into alignment, into the vortex, and clearly in the 'head-space' of purpose, passion and personal worthiness prior to taking action on the goal. Abraham says over, and over, and over again that no amount of work can compete with the power of being in alignment. But that's not to say that simply sitting around while trying to keep oneself vibrating that 'in love' feeling of being in the vortex will do the trick.

For one thing, trying to get into a peaceful and contented state of mind (the vortex) and stay there is impossible to do - it's like feeling the perfect breeze blowing across your face, and then trying to get everything to hold that way. The Universe and everything in it is always expanding, including you, so unless you are keeping time with it, you are regressing (and that is *not* in alignment with the vortex!) So, in order to be in alignment with the vortex, one has to keep moving, keep taking action, keep expanding and growing, keep dreaming bigger, and keep striving to reach those dreams.

...And, depending on what actions are undertaken to experience life and reach toward those dreams, it could be called work. The biggest determinate would be what kinds of statements one is making to oneself about how much fun they are having while doing it. Regardless of the goal, to manifest money, reach any dream, or take even the simplest of action steps – the soundtrack playing in your head is going to determine the feelings about the action.

The feelings you are having while taking the action are the only true indicator as to whether or not you are in alignment with Source Energy (and are in a position to manifest money or anything else you desire!) ...If you are feeling good, happy, peaceful, content, pleased, giddy, excited, glowing, or joyful, you are in alignment with Source Energy. But if, on the other hand, you are feeling stressed, resentful, anxious, worried, mad, fearful, overwhelmed, depressed, sick, frustrated or upset, you are not.

The mistake that most of us make though, is assuming that it is the action itself that is motivating the feeling. But that is erroneous. The feeling is created by the thoughts you are thinking while you are taking the action!

  • You could be cleaning out a septic tank, and if your mind was thinking about nothing other than appreciation and love of life, you would be in alignment with Source Energy, feeling good, and attracting every dream you have ever had for yourself (even if they had nothing whatsoever to do with septic tanks or manifesting money.)
  • On the other hand, you could be resting in a hammock at a luxury resort receiving a massage and listening to beautiful music, but if your mind was consumed by thoughts of anger for an old resentment, you would not be in alignment no matter how 'blissful' the action/experience could/should have been.

...It's not about the work/action being undertaken, it is about the quality and focus of the mind and thoughts.

And that takes practice. It's not that you do/don't have to work to manifest money, it's that you have to discipline your mind to appreciate yourself, your life, and your experience no matter what it is that you are doing. That is why some will say that you don't have to work to manifest money - because, if you are good enough at the appreciative aspect of the mental part of it, money (or anything else you want) requires very little "work." Also, so called "miracles" or happy accidents and fortuitous coincidences will flow much more freely.

The reason that Abraham (Esther Hicks / Abraham-Hicks) says that you shouldn't just quit your job if it doesn't make you happy is because, like the septic tank example above, it is NOT the job that is responsible for the feelings of being unhappy. And, when you try to make a change while in a state of negative feelings (not in alignment), the change will not have the desired effect. The new thing will have the same type of problems as the old situation did, because the original feelings were created by your own thoughts/focus, not anything external (no matter how much it often seems that way!)

This is a HUGE topic that you have brought forward (And not just because it involves the question of how to manifest money.) As you can see, it is quite complex, so that is why it probably seems that no one really answers it clearly and concisely. I hope this helps to clarify it. Please let me know what you think, or if this brings up additional questions.

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

Question: So what would your suggestion be if I'm working on a design project and I'm almost done but it's not quite there yet and I keep pushing hard to try and finish it, because it's due soon, but it's just not coming together. I even tried a focus wheel yesterday on it, though it didn't seem to really help.


Real Life LoA Answer: The first thing to remember is that everything being worked on, and experienced now was actually created in the past, so, in a way, you are just kind of finishing up/playing out old manifestations in the work that you are doing now. But, that also means that the quality of your own focus and attention while you are doing the work is the only thing standing between you and feeling really great about what you are doing while you are doing it. Here are some suggestions that I have had success with myself:

  1. Take some time to connect in to your own sense of passion (in a general way) about who you are, what your talents are, and why you do/are good at what you do. Spend 10-15 minutes marinating in your own excitement about your talents and gifts prior to setting down to use them.

    This isn't exactly the same subject, it's not about how to manifest money, but this video is an audio from a question I asked Abraham on the hot seat last year, and Abraham's answer to me was to find my own passion about what I am doing, to tune-in to doing it because of what ever it is that I love about it, and then let the Law of Attraction take care of the details: YouTube "Abraham - She feels insecure regarding publishing her workbook?"

  2. Make a list of 25 reasons WHY you love what you are doing - not just why you are doing it (like to manifest money, or because the client wants it) but the reasons that your heart can connect with for why you do that work in general, why you love it, why you are good at it, the satisfaction you get from using your talents in that way.

    Then make a separate list of 25 reasons that you can use to remind yourself for 'how you know that you can/will be successful with your project'. How does your own Inner Being know that it will work out just fine in the end? It ALWAYS does, for one, but your Inner Being knows far more than that - tune in to the truth of what your heart already knows, and let yourself be reassured by those truths. (...I am going to do this one myself, right now, as soon as I finish writing to you!)

    **Also, it is important to write these ones down, preferably with pen and paper, but no matter how your write it out, do not try to just do it in your head. The mind will trick you into thinking you do not have many reasons to believe in yourself by repeating thin ones over and over, but when you write it down, you can go deeper and find the real juice.
  3. Meditate, pray, or imagine that the one being on the planet (real or imaginary) who loves you the MOST/is your BIGGEST fan (maybe a grandparent, a favorite coach, a mentor, or an angel guide) is giving you a pep-talk about how incredibly awesome you are.

    The REAL truth of who YOU truly are in this world is magnificent, perfect, precious, beautiful, smart, talented, fabulous, creative, intelligent, resourceful, glorious and wonderful - that already IS who YOU are! But sometimes we need to "hear" it from a trusted other to let it sink in. The good news is that doing so in your own imagination is even more powerful than hearing it in "real" life, because it is pure, and it is your own soul speaking to you - the pure energy of God/Source/Spirit.

Take 15 minutes just to think on this idea, or clear your mind and simply meditate, focusing on how good it feels just to sit comfortably and breathe, and then go back to work. You should notice a definite improvement in your ideas and inspiration from just that.

Also, if you have access to the Abraham-Hicks "Getting Into The Vortex" audio meditations (guided) those are awesome as well - I highly recommend listening to one every day. There is one specifically about financial matters/how to manifest money, but they are all excellent (especially the one for "General Well-being" (in my opinion.)) Best of luck to you, and on the project you are working on!

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

Question: One thing I'm still a little unclear about is:

"everything being worked on/experienced now was actually created in the past, so, in a way, you are just kind of finishing up/playing out old manifestations in the work that you are doing now."

By that, do you mean previous manifestations of things that I've attracted based on my beliefs?

Real Life LoA Answer: I'm on my out the door to go on the Abraham Panama Canal cruise, so I have to make this brief...

Everything that is physical or manifested now, in any form, was created or attracted by beliefs and thoughts accumulated in the past.

For example, if there is a person you are having challenges with now, it is because of past thoughts about people or situations that are "like that" or who express a quality that you have had a judgment about in the past - it is those thoughts that brought the "example" person into your awareness. It's like the Universe is saying to you: "This is a good example of what you have been focusing on, thinking about, talking about, spending time and energy on lately - do you like it? I picked it out especially for you!"

But, you can shift it much faster than it took to create/attract it, simply by focusing on good things, qualities you like in people or situations, and not letting yourself spend time, attention or focus on anything that is upsetting (as much as possible.)

And, especially with something like manifesting money, it is the past feelings of jealousy, resentment, envy, frustration, or the tendency to notice what you may be lacking in the face of someone else's success (ability to manifest money for themselves) that "grows" a lack of financial abundance in your future. Start to look at any and every success you become aware of around you as an indicator of what is on it's way to you – you wouldn't even be able to see it, hear about it, or know about it if it wasn't also in YOUR vortex. The more happy you can be just because you can see success happening around you, the stronger your own ability to manifest money easily for yourself will become.

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