So Who Puts the "REAL"
in Real Life Law of Attraction?

My name is Andrea Sholer... I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, but I've spent my life developing my perspective and my expertise on Real Life Law of Attraction (LoA) for the real world! Primarily through my own trial and error, and my own success -- I am a coach, a facilitator, a speaker, and, (so far), I am the heart and soul of what you will find here...

I am known for "walking my talk" – which is why this site is called Real Life Law of Attraction – because this is how I 'Attractually' use the LoA tools and techniques in my own Real Life!

My Law of Attraction dream marriage

On the pages of this site you will learn how I attracted and created the marriage of my dreams, the budding and building career of my dreams (make that careers – I am older than I look, and have already been through some major career changes in my time!!), how I have lived and worked all over the world, and how I made nearly every major LIFE decision from well before the time I knew there was a name for it!

Since I was a child I would decide on something I wanted to have, do, be, or experience, and I would visualize and imagine myself living it so vividly, that it was almost as if I'd achieved it… Then, sooner or later, I would actually get to experience it for real (most of the time!)

I spent an overwhelming majority of time as a kid day-dreaming!  You could say I am still doing it – but now I get paid for it!

I now use my skills, intuition, expert knowledge about the Law of Attraction, and Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology as a life-coach, specializing in encouraging my clients to use the power of their thoughts and intentions to attract the life of their dreams! …I make it MY job to be an expert on YOUR success!

At my core, I want nothing more than to be of value to you –- and it is in that spirit that I am sharing what you will be reading on this site –- everything I have to give on the subject of the Universal Laws of Attraction. Of course my human side likes to be acknowledged, appreciated, and admired, so I sincerely hope that what you find here IS of value to you!

My Bio, in brief...

Upon graduating from UCLA with a degree in Art and Design, specializing in Computer Graphics I ended up in the entertainment industry doing Visual Effects for feature films.  Thus, to this day if you search for me online, you will usually find my IMDB filmography before you find any of my current work.  Oh well, such is life.

After more than a decade working in the movie industry, a fantastic career that allowed me to live in Europe for a couple years, I was getting bored.  It was a demanding field, requiring 50-80 hour work-weeks, and providing precious little space for what I REALLY wanted in my life -- a relationship, marriage, and family.  So I retired.  Well, to be more accurate, I quit.  I didn't have enough savings to quit for too long, but I knew I didn't want to be doing that career any more.

I went back to school to get my Masters Degree in Counseling -- I thought that maybe being a Marriage and Family Therapist would be a good career for me?  Along the way, I discovered a more formal use of the Law of Attraction skills I already possessed, and decided that I preferred being more forward-looking and solutions-oriented than is typical in traditional psycho-therapy work.  So I switched the focus of my Masters training to Spiritual Psychology.

What is Spiritual Psychology you may ask?

A foundational question asked in the program is:  What if, instead of being human-beings who have Spiritual experiences, we are ALL really Spiritual Beings (Souls) having human experiences?

That is the guiding principal of Spiritual Psychology -- the acknowledgement that our human behavior, thoughts, actions, foibles, and experiences is not WHO we are.  Rather, who we really ARE, at the Soul level, is purely divine, loving, precious, perfect, whole, complete, magnificent Spiritual Beings, who, through life experience are learning, growing, expanding, and creating.  The areas for opportunity are those in which we can access more profound levels of love.

Spiritual Psychology is not about any particular religion as much as it is about love, grace, and compassion, particularly for oneself.  It presumes a Soul's wisdom and possible intentions about a life experience that could have been chosen prior to being born into this physical experience.  It acknowledges an unseen energy at work 'behind the scenes' in all of our human interactions with one another, and the individual sovereign perfection of each soul.  And it seeks to allow each one of us to answer the following questions for ourselves:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I make a meaningful contribution in my world?

So, it is from that framework that I approach my own interpretations of the Law of Attraction, the teachings of Abraham, and how each one of us is responsible for what we are perceiving, and consequently, what we are experiencing in our lives, even if we are not choosing it deliberately.

So how did I end up starting to build my own website?

I was working in various free-lance and temporary corporate jobs to make ends meet while I was getting my Masters Degree and after I graduated, and I was starting to build a small practice of coaching people using the Law of Attraction.  But what I really liked to do most of all was to talk about the Law of Attraction, explain it, and make it more accessible to more people...

Then, my close friend Kay introduced me to a company which helps people to systematically build an online business, based on almost any topic of interest!  It got me thinking, could I actually build a profitable business out of my hobby?  I knew a great deal about the Law of Attraction, but I didn't know the first thing about how to build a website, let alone a web-business that could earn real money!

(If you want to know more about how I learned to build my own website, you can see that part of my story on my business secret page.)

Now, ever since I started building the Real Life Law of Attraction website and online business, I have been passionately following my own creativity and excitement almost every day as I think of new ways to serve my readers, add more content, create more useful features, and transform my knowledge into a business that more than pays for itself and makes a profit!

That's where I am now -- so excited about building and expanding my own business, based on something that I was already passionate about, that it even makes the other, less exciting  "chores" of life not so bad, because I am living a life of my own creation.  And, that is 'Attractually' the essence of the Law of Attraction!

Thank YOU for being a part of the journey along with me!

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