Esther Hicks and Abraham-Hicks
are Law of Attraction Luminaries

No Law of Attraction website would be complete without a page on Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks…  Esther was one of the original authors and featured teachers in the movie The Secret DVD (before it was re-edited to exclude Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham!!)

(If you would like to know more about that, see the page on the ORIGINAL edition of The Secret movie on the Real Life Law of Attraction site).

Here is a direct quote from the "About Jerry & Esther" section of the website about Esther and how she came into this work:

"Esther was a girl from a small Rocky Mountain town who "never really thought about things too deeply," content simply to watch the world go by and naturally inclined to appreciate it. Esther teamed up with Jerry, the man she describes as "the world's most intense question-asker," and began to meditate daily. After about nine months, summoned by Jerry's inquisitiveness and Esther's receptivity, Abraham came knocking on her consciousness."

...Unfortunately some of the information that is floating around out there on the Internet about Esther Hicks is incorrect (on sites such as and other user-edited content sites).

I have attended a number of Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing workshops in the past, and at one of the first ones I went to, Esther and Jerry Hicks were discussing their extensive attempts to clarify and correct much of what was published on those sites. The most notable example of an inaccuracy the last time I checked on it myself was the reference to The Teachings of Abraham as "being channeled" by Hicks. That is not exactly accurate…

What is channeling? (…And, what isn’t??)

According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition, © 2006, CHANNELING is: "The act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons."

Whereas, rather than embodying a spirit guide, Esther Hicks is listening to and interpreting thought energy that is all around each and every one of us, collectively, all the time. Theoretically, anyone could train their own mind to do the same thing if they had a strong enough (and pure enough) desire to do so.

What she is doing in the meditative state is tuning in to the MUCH larger, non-physical part of HERSELF to connect with the loving wisdom that is at the Source of All that is.

…At least, this is how I understand it to be. My sense of it is that it is much like getting a really inspired, wise, and All-loving idea "out of the blue", but, she is doing it for an extended period of time!

The words spoken, as they are verbalized by Esther, and more importantly, how they are heard by YOU (or anyone else listening), is a direct reflection of YOU -- your own ability to tap into the energy that is YOUR higher self, and connect with the wisdom yourself!

Your ears are interpreting those SAME blocks of thought, it is just after they have been converted into words – but it is your own Higher Self that is participating in, connecting with, and attracting the message – Esther Hicks has simply "volunteered" to be the translator (so to speak).

(NOTE:  If you'd like more information about attending Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing workshops in person, see this page on their site about upcoming Abraham workshop locations (link will open in a new window.))

If Esther Hicks isn't channelling, then what is Abraham?

If you want to learn more about what, exactly, Abraham is, in their words (as translated by Esther Hicks), take a look at this 5-minute video:

Note: Some mobile devices may not display this video. If that is the case for you, you can view it here:  Abraham-Hicks video on Who Abraham IS  (will open in a new window.)

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written a number of books on law of Attraction and the Teachings of Abraham.  My favorites are:  Ask and It Is GivenThe Astonishing Power of Emotions, and the Sara Series of three books. In my opinion these books are the most foundational and the most illustrative of the principles of the Universal Law of Attraction.

You can read reviews of these Law of Attraction books (and others) here: Real Life LoA Book Reviews.

The first two books mentioned above (Ask and It Is Given, and The Astonishing Power of Emotions) have quite a bit of material that is transcribed from audio recordings, so they are a tad challenging to read at times.  (Sometimes the prose doesn't flow as one might expect) but the tools, processes, and explanations offered provide an excellent primer on the Law of Attraction.

The books I've mentioned, as well as all of the others written by Abraham-Hicks, are published by Louise Hay and Hay House Publishing.

Until Jerry's death in 2011, Esther and Jerry Hicks traveled around the United States, and Internationally, presenting their popular Art of Allowing Law of Attraction workshops together.  Now, Esther Hicks and the Abraham-Hicks staff continue to present the workshops, both in-person and live streaming online, but on a more limited schedule.  The offices of Abraham-Hicks are located in San Antonio TX, and they also have a home in northern San Diego, CA.

See also the Real Life Law of Attraction page on Abraham-Hicks

As well as the Real Life Law of Attraction page discussing Jerry Hicks' death

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