What is Law of Attraction?

"What is Law of Attraction?" is kind of a difficult question to answer... It's a philosophy, a metaphysical principle, a system of belief, a movement, and, a widely misunderstood term.

The law of attraction, as I practice and teach it, is based on the following principles:

  • There is only one "substance" in the entire Universe, and it is Energy

  • ALL matter, ALL things, ALL thought forms, and all physical and non-physical energies are different frequencies, but are ALL a part of that one Source Energy

  • Source Energy is pure love

  • All energy frequencies (and hence, all things, all people, and all ideas) are a necessary part of the whole

  • Similar energy frequencies are attracted to one another

  • The Universe, and everything in it, is continually expanding, growing and evolving

  • Each and EVERY one of us is BOTH a physical being and a (much larger) non-physical being

  • The REAL you is perfectly aligned with the pure love of Source Energy, (the human you has a much harder time with that alignment!)

Yes, okay, okay, but what is Law of Attraction in Real life? Can you put it into terms that mean something to me while I'm living in the Real World??!

  • The Universe is trying to give you your every heart's desire (those that are loving, and pure, and are for your highest good (which most truly are))

  • The subjects that occupy the majority of your thoughts are what you are attracting

  • You are attracting what you are BEING (most of the time) - your overall attitude dictates how much success you can have in deliberately attracting what you intend to attract

  • EVERYTHING that you think about/focus on expands

  • When you are focused on appreciation and love, for yourself and others, you are attracting ALL GOOD things and experiences into your life

  • When you are focused on what you do NOT like (about anything) you are attracting more of it

  • You must believe something is possible to be able to attract it

  • Subconscious internal resistance is what pushes away most desires

  • Your emotions are the indicator to you as to whether your CURRENT thoughts are beneficial to you/your goals/your desires or not - if you feel good you are on the right track, and if not, you're not

Life is about expansion and joy, and is supposed to be fun! ... But, you will ONLY attract what YOU are willing to settle for.

(...And "TO NOT SETTLE" is to be WILLING to be deliberate with your thoughts and attention versus feeling like a victim of any negative circumstances around you!)

If that doesn't quite answer the "what is law of attraction" question, then read on...

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

So what is Law of Attraction? ...The term Law of Attraction has become over-popularized and distorted, such that many people erroneously believe that it is ONLY about attracting and manifesting "stuff".

Though intentionally attracting things can be an effect of deliberately using the principles, the underlying theory is that ALL matter, ALL thought forms, and all physical and non-physical energies are ALL a part of one Source. ...And aligning WITH that energy is the key to the Universal Laws of Attraction and attracting the loving, joyful, feel-good life of your dreams!

The word that most closely describes the true nature of the one Source Energy is pure LOVE. ...Some call it God, some call it Universal energy, some call it Source or a Higher power, some call it science, and some call it crazy - ALL are a part of the one Source Energy, and ALL are necessary parts of the whole! Within the Law of Attraction, all of the different terms for Source Energy are synonymous.

Naturally, similar energies and similar frequencies of energy like to hang out together - the same way that people with similar interests and habits like to hang out together - it's just easier. ...Hence, the "like attracts like" part of many explanations.

When one aligns one's thoughts and feelings with the energy of Source, the energy of pure love, then one is vibrationally in harmony with all the other energies that are of similar positive/high energy frequencies. ...All good things, all of that person's desires (which are for the highest good of all concerned), and all "coincidences" or experiences which will be beneficial to their own highest good in accordance with their Inner Being / Higher Self / Soul's drive to fulfill it's purpose are being attracted.

ALL energy - thought energy, peoples' motivations, memories and visions from other points in time (past or future), and non-physical energies operating at different frequencies, are ALL floating around out there ready to be received by anyone/anything operating at a similar frequency. Law of Attraction is what is bringing all the energies (people, things, events, ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc.) operating at similar frequencies together.

When you are receptive (vibrationally) to those thoughts, feelings, images and experiences, they show themselves (in accordance with your feelings ABOUT them (...which adds a whole new wrinkle to the complexity of how it ALL fits together!))

That, and the fact that the human brain is basically a big, giant "yes"-machine, going out and fetching evidence and examples for whatever data you are subconsciously asking it to find (that you believe is easy/possible/likely) explains the gist of why you see/get what you are thinking about most of the time. ...Both good and bad.

On top of all that, the "what is Law of Attraction?" question is even more complicated still, because the Law of Attraction also gets into the idea that what we are thinking about now is literally creating the future!

There are a myriad of ways in which the underlying energy of ALL thought forms coalesce around similar energies. The key to using the Law of Attraction is to be deliberate with your thoughts such that whatever you are thinking about invokes a good, positive, peaceful, pleasant feeling while you are thinking about it - that is your Emotional Guidance system telling you that you are on the right track. See the "feel good" page for more on this...

If you have any other "what is Law of Attraction" type questions (or anything else), let me know on my contact form, and I will do my best to address them for you!

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