Focus on Words of Appreciation
for LoA Dating Success!

A reader recently contributed this story on how she used words of appreciation (focusing on positive aspects and positive thought) to attract success in her dating life with Law of Attraction… This story really demonstrates the power of positive thinking when combined with LoA:

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

“I was dating a guy (and I say "dating" loosely because we'd gone out on 5 or 6 dates over the course of a couple of months) and I liked him OK, but I knew he wasn't the one...

So one day I was trying to get downstream about him and the relationship (since he had bailed out on me for New Years Eve at the last minute), when at the end, I suddenly felt compelled to list his positive aspects (words of appreciation about him)!

Here is the process I wrote out at the time (the result is at the end...)

First, I asked myself: “What do I really want and WHY?”

I want to be with the right man for me because I want to be in LOVE and be super happy with my guy and then focus on HIS positive aspects (words of appreciation), because I am happiest when I am focused on my appreciation of things!

…I want to be happy and appreciative of the man of my dreams, the way I was when I was with my last boyfriend!

So I finally took the time to make a list of positive aspects (focusing on words of appreciation) for the guy I was currently “dating”, so that I could at least be happy in my words of appreciation for him until the right man for me came along!

His Positive Aspects:

  1. He takes pretty good care of his body with diet and exercise.
  2. He can cook and he’s not a bad cook and was happy to cook for me.
  3. He liked the soup I made for him – in fact, he kept telling me that it was amazing, so he will be easy to cook for and he is appreciative that I cooked for him too. I love that he went on and on about how great it was!
  4. He takes me out and he always pays. He didn’t think twice about taking me out to Houston’s, where we had totally delicious steak dinners and some of the best brussels sprouts I’d ever eaten EVER.
  5. He asked me right up front on our 2nd date about my timeline for getting married and wanted to make sure we were on the same page about it.
  6. He gave me really nice neck rubs and back massages on some of our dates.
  7. He’s a decent kisser and is willing to kiss for a really long time, including standing up.
  8. He owns his house outright and is saving for a bigger place.
  9. He’s been focused on fixing up his house and surprising me with everything he’s done to it. He sends me pictures to show me what he’s done.
  10. He asks my opinion about things he’s doing to his house and listens to me. He values my opinions.
  11. He wants to teach me how to ice skate, surf and kung fu.
  12. He’s snuggly. I think we could probably fall asleep together really well.
  13. He’s handsome. I’m very attracted to him.
  14. He’s pretty easy going.
  15. He says he could have been happy and passionate about each one of his girlfriends forever, if they had gotten married, so he knows how to keep himself aligned and feeling good in a relationship.
  16. He really likes my body and loves that I’m a redhead.
  17. He holds my hand and puts his arm around me when we go out.
  18. He introduced me to his neighbor and said that he had a hot redhead coming over. (…His neighbor actually said something about me being his girlfriend – that was nice.)
  19. When we talked about re-doing his kitchen he mentioned that he had to make space for another health nut, mainly, me. So, he is thinking about how I will fit into his life and his home.
  20. He’s happy in his career and proud of his work and does really well for himself. He enjoys working from home and would love to have me there, working together.
  21. He doesn’t smoke or do drugs and only drinks the smallest amount since he notices that it affects him negatively.
  22. He’s a really good man – takes care of his parents.
  23. He is intelligent, optimistic, happy, and passionate.
  24. He is willing to take a look at my LoA (Law of Attraction) stuff and is interested in knowing about it.
  25. He can fix things – home, car, etc., and he even gardens! I could totally have a cool garden and trees with him.
  26. He doesn’t have any pets or children and doesn’t want any either.
  27. He created a totally cool business accounting system; so he’s incredibly smart.

So, I felt A LOT better by focusing on my words of appreciation about him... He actually even called the next day. We hung out together one more time (but that was REALLY it, and then it was over in my head.) And then, the very NEXT DAY, I met someone else who was even MORE of the things on my list...

I then made a list of HIS positive aspects (words of appreciation about the new guy) and focused on them, until he (sort of) sorted himself out of my life (he still REALLY wants to see me, but I'm not interested enough to pursue it.)

Then, shortly after that, I met ANOTHER guy who has even MORE of the desired qualities on my list, and the list of positive aspects (words of appreciation) I did for HIM already numbers in the 50's!!

He is now my new boyfriend, and may turn out to be my Vibrational Escrow man (the man who is already my partner in the Vibrational world reality – the future that is now in the process of becoming!)

Basically, I've made a list of every guy's positive aspects, and I find that successive men have all of them, and then more, each time...

And, if that first guy hadn’t bailed, I might not have done that work (creating all those lists of words of appreciation and positive aspects) – and now I have plenty of men here and there, and will DEFINITELY have a good year with men despite not getting a kiss on New Years Eve…

…I guess I should thank him for bailing on me! LOL!”

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

This story illustrates the power of positive thinking and positive thought, because it was the very act of focusing on positive aspects (words of appreciation) that caused the Law of Attraction to bring her successively better and better dating prospects!

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