Developing Positive Attitudes
in School Children

Encouraging kids to focus on what they DO like is the most important step in developing positive attitudes in school children...

The Law of Attraction is at work for each and every one of us, even small children, all the time. What someone focuses his or her attention on always expands, regardless of age! So, encouraging kids to get in the habit of focusing on what they DO like will help them to feel good MUCH more of the time!

As a parent, helping your child to maintain a positive attitude is largely in your control...

Take every opportunity to encourage them to make lists of what they DO like and focus on the positive aspects (think of words of appreciation) for the various experiences they have in their lives!

  • A friend’s daughter was having a tough time in school because she didn’t like her teacher too much… I encouraged her to try to find some things she “sort of liked” (a very basic form of finding positive aspects) about the teacher every day, things like:

  • She is wearing a pretty dress
  • She smells nice
  • She has pretty hair
  • She had us do a fun craft yesterday
  • She knows lots of stuff

Just by TRYING to find things she liked about her teacher, rather than focusing on the things the teacher said or did that she was not happy about, the young girl started to enjoy school much more almost immediately!

Of course the types of things one can find to like or appreciate about a person or situation will depend on the child's age. My friend's daughter is in first grade, so focusing on what she CAN like about her teacher is somewhat basic.

Developing positive attitudes in school children who are older should be both more advanced and more numerous in terms of how many words of appreciation and what kinds of positive aspects they are encouraged (and assisted in) thinking of.

Making a habit of focusing on what the child DOES like, what they CAN appreciate, and what they DO enjoy - especially while at school and interacting with teachers, other kids, and challenging new situations - is the fastest way I know to foster positive attitudes in school children.

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