Positive Attitude Quotes for
Law of Attraction Inspiration

This page is an archive of the positive attitude quotes that I post on Twitter to inspire Law of Attraction success! These motivational quotes are all very short (due to the size limitations on Twitter) and use some "codes" (such as the @ sign and the letters RT) to indicate if the quote was originally submitted by someone other than me. This is my current favorite post:

"Cultivate the courage to follow your dreams even without support... There is never a crowd on the leading edge!"

~ Andrea Sholer

If an inspirational quote is too long, it will also sometimes be shortened with a "2" for "to" or "too", a "U" for "you", and "R" for "are", as well as some other conjunctions which are not standard english (but are becoming more and more common in "text-speak"! (...unfortunately!!))

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  • LoA is ALWAYS working behind the scenes for your BENEFIT - seek out evidence of its' blessings (even when they're in disguise!)

  • RT @esoterismo "The one who wants to lead the orchestra must be willing to turn his back to the crowd." ~J.S.Perkins

  • Ahhh, the magic #LoA question: RT @mysticnatural Have you taken one step towards your dream today? [(...why not do it now?!?)]

  • Great reminder!! RT @LeslieLSC Don't worry about the HOWs; focus on the WHYs and the HOWs will be revealed.

  • RT @patgrahamblock "R you going 2 say 2 us that something is happening 2 U that U are not offering a vibration about?" ~Abe

  • "Twitter #LoA Vibration Indicator": If your alignment is good you attract followers, & if you're not, a vibe needs "cleaning up!"

  • Law of Attraction will respond quickly to your most extreme emotions and your most strongly held beliefs... Change one = change all!

  • Need to make a decision? Write down everything you can think of that is GOOD about each option & then see how you feel...

  • When things go wrong, activate good #LoA by: 1) Write down what you DO want, 2) Focus on what could be EVEN BETTER than that!

  • No action is necessary for the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf... You do not need to "fix" a problem to attract a perfect soution!

  • RT @HemalRadia There is no coincidence for the emotions you feel, on a deeper level they are telling you the way to WHAT YOU WANT

  • RT @therealsecret We are pure imagination. Life is the expression of the possibilities of our imagination that exceed our comprehension

  • RT @Caduceusthebook What U R today comes from thoughts of yesterday. Our present thoughts build tomorrow; life is a creation of our own mind

  • RT @LOALoveCoach For every single thing U want, there are 20-30 available avenues open right NOW 2 lead U closer 2 what U want. ~#Abe

  • Good #LoA advice too! RT @ChadSimpson "If you are irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?" ~Jung

  • RT @lovepeaceunity "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined." ~Henry David Thoreau

  • RT @thubten "Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be." ~Abraham, via Esther Hicks

  • RT @ChipEFT If U miss an opportunity of a lifetime, there will be another. And if U miss that, 100 more tomorrow. Look there goes 1 now...

  • In #LoA all U really need to know is what U want, and WHY U want it - "How" is none of your biz; that's the job of the Universe!

  • We teach what we are in the process of learning ourselves - in #LoA, sometimes our biggest "flaw" is our greatest strength!

  • In the Law of Attraction, sometimes just taking the time to notice what is simply OK right now is enough!

  • #LoA & the Universe are always working on YOUR behalf! If things are tough, look for the ways it could turn out to be in your FAVOR!

  • RT: @allancurtis If you focus on what is good in your life, then the bad just seems to fade away!

  • RT @LeanneWatson "And the day came when the risk it took 2 remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took 2 blossom" ~Anais Nin

  • Do something good to tell the Universe that your life is important to you today, even if it's only listing the reasons why...

  • RT @BioGreenINC "Good judgment comes from experience; Experience comes from Bad judgment."(...#Abe would call it contrast!)

  • RT @PamelaBruner Before you climb the ladder of success, make sure that it's leaning against the wall that you want...

  • RT @mehrukh1 God only makes happy endings. If it's not happy, then it's not the end!

  • #LoA #Manifesting advice from #Abe: "Just describe it until it moves you emotionally and then the Universe has to deliver it to you!"

  • Manifesting money with #LoA requires a spirit of FUN about what U want to do with it!!

  • #LoA & the Universe will help you MUCH more if you are working on creating your BIGGEST dreams! It's not easier to play small!

  • Take a moment 2 picture your BIGGEST dream 4 yourself right now!

  • If U are w/your dream girl/guy now - love 'em, adore 'em, cherish 'em as BEST U can; U are Blessed! If not, give that love 2 YOU!

  • Try the Law of Attraction diet: Focus on LOVING every yummy morsel of food eaten (and devour life while your at it!!!)

  • There are no 'shoulds' in Law of Attraction; only choices that vary between 'feels good' or 'causes anxiety'... Choose 'good' more!

  • What would be the most FUN right now? Of all the things you could (should) do right now, start with the 1 that's the most fun!

  • Great #LoA advice too... RT @mysticnatural Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. ~Anthony Robbins

  • RT @suziemax "Its not big thoughts that create big things/big problems. Its day-2-day thoughts, some of which don't serve you" ~A-Hicks

  • RT @therealsecret Happiness is the result of Love. Love is the cause of happiness. Remember a time when U fell in love. How did U feel?

  • Good advice for life and #LoA!! RT: @manyfacesofgod Work hard. Play hard. Love hard. Laugh hard. Stay soft in the midst of it all.

  • RT @TweetsOnly "Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?" ~Rose F. Kennedy

  • Everything is always OK in the end - If it's not, then it's not the end!

  • When talking to others, focus on where you're going in life & where you WANT to be vs. "what is" now... Enthusiasm is attractive!

  • Plan to enjoy everything you have to do today, in advance; it's the best way for the Law of Attraction to make it so!

  • The Law of Attraction loves to LIKE! ...if something isn't to your taste, try to think of 3 diff things you really LIKE instead!

  • Being at one w/the Law of Attraction working in your life isnt about "trying", its about noticing that its OK not to have to!

  • It's as easy to envision a BIG goal as a little one... Try adding a few juicy details to one of your biggest dreams right now.

  • Difficulty is a figment of my imagination!

  • In Law of Attraction, as in life - the answer to "...How??!?" is "YES!"

  • It's 11:11 now - it's a good time to imagine yourself living your Ideal Life!

  • Set the intention to have your attention drawn to examples of having what you MOST want!

  • Following the FUN is a key to using the Law of Attraction... For your to-do list today, try starting w/ the item that is the most fun!

  • Ahhhhh, it's all going to be OK... The Law of Attraction can handle it all for us when we breathe, go with the flow, and let it!

  • "Once you have conceived it, it is done. And therefore, you can relax and release all control." ~Abe-Hicks ...#LoA takes care of the rest!

  • When things go awry, pause & consider how it might be good for you in some odd way instead... It will shift your #LoA vibration!

  • RT @CarolMBarrett Success comes most quickly when we go w/the flow of our life, let it happen instead of trying to make it happen

  • Send love & light to those who are suffering, but lingering on the situation of others pulls you from your own #LoA vibration.

  • What if exactly "what is" right now is the PERFECT environment for #LoA to expand your dreams & bring them to you? ...It is!

  • RT @brightmichelle Hello, it's God. I'll B handling the details of your life today. I will not need your help. Have a great day!

  • RT @DonnaTrimboli "The unconscious creates, the ego edits" -Stanley Kunitz

  • A friend suggested: Add "How is it that I..." to affirmations, so the subconscious mind starts to answer and provide evidence of success!

  • Taking 17 seconds right now to imagine your life AS IF it were IDEAL, is the 1st tiny step toward making it that way!

  • Its not your flaws that are holding U back from your dreams! Its thinking they are flaws & working 2 try 2 "fix" them that's doing it!

  • RT @BurtJessop The Law of Attraction...[should be] called: The Law of Expectation. What we Expect is what we Create. Know Thy Self.

  • When you don't quite know what to do: "Go as far as you can see. When you get there, you'll see farther." ~Unknown

  • RT @stuarttan In #LoA, remember that just b'cos u don't reach goals dsn't mean it dsn't work. It's a way 4 the Universe 2 give u feedback

  • Nurture your #manifesting by focusing on 5 reasons WHY you want your desire... Heart-felt motives are the attractive power of LoA

  • Do your best to become a "hope detective"; try to identify anything that can help you to feel & know that there IS hope!

  • RT @chefpegues A happy life is a string of happy moments, but we don't allow the happy moments if we're too busy trying to get a happy life

  • Though hard, it's at the most annoying times that it's most important to try to find something pleasant to focus on...

  • The Universe will BEST support you when you are believing in & following your biggest and fondest dreams and ideas! Go for it!

  • Experiment with identifying something you value, & mentally listing 3 reasons WHY you love it... The practice works miracles!

  • Cultivate being able to think of yourself as: "I'm ALL that! ...AND a bag of chips!" Believing in oneself is the 1st rule of #LoA!

  • Good #Abe mantra: "You cannot get it wrong and you never get it done!" Do your best to focus on what you DO want to have happen!

  • The feeling of 'overwhelm' = imagining the future will be bad 4 U. Try to think of how you DO want things to go 4 U instead!

  • RT @Paullebars "A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct." -From A Course in Miracles

  • RT 1 of my FAV teachers: @soniachoquette Spread the light, your spirit is powerful and inspirational, and it can even heal those around you.

  • RT @goforyourdream: "I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated." ~Unknown

  • Careful w/declaring angst about "what is"... 2 wks of saying "I have a dirty car" made that true again within HOURS of washing it! lol

  • Trying 2 manifest money by saving it, is like trying 2 improve life by breathing less... LOVE what you DO w/them instead!

  • To #manifest $$, uplift someone else's day (& your own) @ the same time: I just paid for the person behind me at Taco Bell - what FUN!

  • Set the intention to have your attention drawn to examples of having what you MOST want!

  • RT @shel_m: "Read only the most optimistic comments on the world's news; those in harmony with your picture." -Wallace D. Wattles

  • "A shortage of time is really a shortage of connex to Source" ~Abe ...Connect to your Inner Power & you'll have MORE time!

  • Difficulty is a figment of my imagination!

  • The art of allowing is to let other people do what they do, to let life unfold the way it does, and to NOT try to change it.

  • Taking 68 seconds now to imagine your life AS IF it were IDEAL, is the 1st tiny step toward making it that way!

  • When feeling overwhelmed, stop, breathe & FEEL within... The answer comes w/your ability to shift focus onto what IS wanted!

  • Good is Good. Sometimes we forget that 'feeling good' is itself an indicator that we are ON the right track, right now!

  • Thinking you are not good enough, as is, right now, is the #1 deterrent to the power of Law of Attraction in your life!

  • Do whatever you can to make 'feeling good' a priority as soon as possible...

  • All solutions are within - feeeeeling the Peace of really knowing that allows new ideas to emerge!

  • I love this quote! RT via DebbieJJohnson "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love." Rumi

  • There are no 'shoulds' in Law of Attraction; only choices that vary between 'feels better' or 'causes anxiety'...

  • A #LoA question to live by: What are the 3 BEST aspects of exactly "what is" right now??

  • The Law of Attraction diet: Loving EVERY yummy morsel of food eaten!!!

  • You are just right, exactly as you are...To be in a state of allowing is to know that you are glorious!

  • Your own harmony with you, with your own best version of you, is ALL that really matters... ~Abe-Hicks

  • Follow your own fascination & love it... Your passion is the lifeblood of the Law of Attractions' gifts.

  • To really feel the joy of doing 1 thing you love now is to allow the Law of Attraction to arrange everything else for you...

  • There is no right/wrong in the Law of Attraction, but the easy way is the best! ...The next logical step will feel fun and easy!

  • Law of Attraction asks that we increase our own belief in the viable possibility of attracting our dreams and desires...

  • Law of Attraction loves passion... Just thinking about experiencing your fondest joys for 17 secs right now will uplift everything else!

  • "...Don't seek solution, just seek relief. ...Just figure out how to get yourself going with the flow." --Abraham-Hicks

  • Feeling yucky today... Good time to remember that LoA is always supporting me for my good, and allow it to simply be as it is... relief!

  • The Law of Attraction loves to LIKE! ...Next time something is not to your taste, try to think of 3 OTHER things you really LIKE instead!

  • Need to make a choice? Law of Attraction will best support you if you FIND 3-5 reasons to feel great about the choice you made (either way!)

  • Pet peeves are toxic to the Law of Attraction... When they do come up, practice intending to think of pleasurable thoughts instead!

  • Following the FUN is a key to using the Law of Attraction... For your to-do list today, try starting with the item that is the most fun!

  • Want Law of Attraction to work for you? ...List 10 reasons WHY you want, love and adore whatever it is you are desiring right now!

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