There is an ORIGINAL version of The Secret movie??

Though many people have discussed the merits and drawbacks of the information in The Secret movie as it relates to the Law of Attraction - but few of those discussions are based on the ORIGINAL version of the film! least as far as I can tell!

While the film does drastically over-simplify the principles of the Universal Laws of Attraction, I feel that it is important to be clear that it wasn't always quite so much the case...

Many people have been confused about the TWO different versions of The Secret DVD that are floating around out there in circulation...

Well, here is the answer - I took it upon myself to get the skinny on the facts and bring them to you!

Sometime in late 2006, the producers of The Secret movie re-edited the film to replace scenes that were originally done by Esther Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham / Abraham-Hicks (link opens in a new window)) with scenes featuring other teachers from the film.

The new version is the only version currently available when purchasing the DVD or streaming video from the web site devoted to the film, and it is classified as "the extended edition" when purchased through other vendors.

The original version of The Secret

The "Original" edition of the movie is the one that I am most familiar with, and it includes large portions which feature and/or are narrated by Esther Hicks, including many of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, as explained in The Teachings of Abraham. 

The original version is still available, but only in the secondary market (used) and, considering it is no longer being released, it comes at a price. If you do want to purchase the original version of the film (or check the best going rate) you will need to verify that it is indeed the original version with Esther Hicks listed as the primary author.

And, just to clear up the last little bit of confusion, the "extended" edition is not really extended - it is just different. It is the same length as the original edition, and has the same ideas/images/information, it is just that some of the wording, phraseology, explanations, and narration has been changed.

...Well, to tell the absolute truth - the newer edition of The Secret movie is actually 1 1/2 minutes longer than the original edition... I have gone through it to try to summarize the points throughout where the differences occur, but they are numerous, and a significant portion of the narration has been changed completely.

The long and the short of it is this: If you DO ever have a chance to see the original edition, I highly, highly recommend it!

How to tell the difference between the two versions of The Secret movie

Just so you'll know it if you do get lucky enough to come across the original edition - you can tell which is which by looking at the box as well as the disc:

  • The original edition is © and ™ 2006 PRIME TIME PRODUCTIONS

  • The version without Esther Hicks / Abraham is © and ™ 2006 TS Productions LLC, and, it has the words "extended edition" underneath the "The Secret" logo on the back of the case, just above the language options/Dolby Digital logos as well as on the disc itself.

If you want more information, see my page on where to find a copy of the ORIGINAL edition of The Secret DVD

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