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LoA Help to Solve Boredom Woes

Question: Is there any cure for boredom in the Law of Attraction? How can I use it to solve boredom with my life and feeling so bored all the time?

Answer: The cure for boredom is finding your way back to passion and joy for your life... Unfortunately, that can be a REALLY big jump from feeling bored with life and not feeling interested in anything.

In Law of Attraction terms, the feeling of boredom comes from thinking thoughts that are NOT in alignment with who you REALLY are (at the soul level), ideas that are out of harmony with what you are really meant to do with your life, and patterns of thought that are not in alignment with your innermost dreams, desires, and goals.

The feeling of boredom is in the lower part of the "emotional hierarchy" of feelings (often referred to in the Law of Attraction teachings as the Emotional Scale). Feeling bored is not as low as powerlessness or depression on the Emotional Scale, but it's a far cry from the higher energy feelings of hope, optimism and joy too!

But, the solution (to solve boredom woes) is to deliberately think some thoughts that ARE in alignment with your dreams, and are harmonious with feeling better about yourself and whats around you.

Here are a couple of quick things you can do as a cure for boredom (temporarily, at least!) To REALLY solve boredom in a more permanent way, you'll want to make a daily practice of these techniques as well as inject some more passion into your life. But you can start here:

  1. Make a list of 25 things you like to do - not necessarily things you have the means to do right now, just things you know you really ENJOY doing.

  2. Look around your immediate environment (wherever you are) and identify 10 things you can appreciate or enjoy - a favorite pen, a pretty view, something that makes you smile or laugh, something you like that you are wearing, anything...

  3. Make a list of everything that is annoying you right now. Then, after you have completed that list, write down what you DO want for each one of those items.

Consciously shifting your thoughts onto something that your Inner Self feels good about is how the Law of Attraction can lift you out of feeling bored... And, with just a little bit of practice, you have an instant cure for boredom whenever it strikes.

Hope that helps!

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