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"Open for Questions" is my favorite part of the Real Life Law of Attraction web site - I LOVE answering questions and helping people with REAL Law of Attraction information and insight!

I am a frequent contributor to Yahoo Answers, and the #1 question I see posted MOST often is: "Is the Law of Attraction Real?" So, I decided to give my own answer to that question here - to start the dialogue with a commitment to open communication and providing a safe haven for any Law of Attraction questions (and answers) that may come up!

So here goes - we are open for questions!

Question: Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Real Life LoA Answer: The Law of Attraction is as REAL as any other philosophy based in belief... There will always be some people who subscribe to an idea, or find it helpful, and other people do not, but that doesn't necessitate justifying whether it is right or wrong/real or unreal for (or to) somebody else. (...Or even for yourself if you are finding it helpful and uplifting for you!)

Your own best judgment is your best guide - learn as much as you can about the Law of Attraction, and if you find the principles to be helpful and useful for you, then it is real for you. That is all that matters.

The essence of the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you truly believe, and what you expect to attract... Therefore, you will ALWAYS prove yourself right either way!

Question: I put a valuable item away in my home, and now have torn half my house apart looking for it! How can I find it using Law of Attraction?

Real Life LoA Answer: Follow this link for the "Looking for Law of Attraction help in finding something" answer.

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

I LOVE to help people who are looking for good Law of Attraction answers and information! That's what "Open for Questions" is all about - I always welcome requests for more explanation and ALL Law of Attraction questions. I am adding content to this site as quickly as possible, but always give priority to your specific requests!

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Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!


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