Developing Positive Attitude in Kids

In my opinion, the best tool for developing positive attitude in kids, in fact when thinking about Law of Attraction for kids at all, The MOST IMPORTANT thing is helping them to identify and focus on what IS GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!

Each one of us is TRULY a perfect, and precious, and beautiful, and loving, and sweet, and creative, and special, and magnificent, and glorious being -- no matter how old we are -- as eternal beings each one of is absolutely perfect and precious!

In addition to being inherently perfect, we each were born with valuable skills, talents, qualities and gifts - ALL unique, ALL valuable!

The more often you can identify with those qualities in YOURSELF (see the REAL YOU as your Inner Being knows YOU to be) then, you CAN ONLY attract people who will not see you in any way other than that. The Law of Attraction expands on and attracts more of the experiences that are in harmony with those thoughts!

Developing a positive Attitude in kids is about encouraging them to focus on what they DO like, especially about themselves! Then they are far more likely to attract positive experiences, and positive interactions!

Another added benefit of a strong ability for kids to focus on what they DO like in any situation (especially about themselves and the other kids around them) is that they are much less likely to attract bullies, fights, frustrations and teasing!


Teaching kids to identify and appreciate what is good about them, and focus on the words of appreciation that remind them of how special they are, is the most important tool in developing a positive attitude in kids...

Help your kids to learn to identify and know who they REALLY ARE...

...To know that they truly ARE spectacular, gifted, perfect, beautiful, pure, loving, peaceful, glorious, tender, sweet – a miracle of joy and love personified - that is WHO THEY ARE! ...That is who we ALL are!

Furthermore, each of us has special gifts and talents, and helping kids to identify their own skills, to think about their best qualities, and to focus on what IS good about them is the most important life skill I am aware of! It is the definition of self-confidence and high self-esteem!

Focusing on Positive Aspects

To develop a positive attitude in kids, take every opportunity to encourage them to make lists of what they DO like and focus on the positive aspects (think of words of appreciation) for the various experiences they have in their lives!

Of course the qualities that you want to help your children like or appreciate about themselves will depend on the child's age. Help them to think about the positive ways to answer these questions, and focus on how to feel good about what IS good about them:

  1. What do you most like to do?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. Why do you like your friends; in what ways are the same things that are good about them good about you?
  4. What is easy for you at school? Why are you good at that?
  5. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  6. What do you want to be really good at? Why would that be fun?

In some cases, you, as the parent will have to answer these questions in your own mind and then "feed" your child the best answers until they get the hang of it, (and old enough), to answer them for themselves habitually.

Developing positive attitudes in kids who are older, by helping them to recognize their own positive aspects, should be more advanced in terms of what kinds of personal qualities they are encouraged to recognize and value, both about themselves AND who they are as people.

Try This!

One of my clients followed this "developing positive attitude in kids" routine, and had spectacular results:

She sat down with each of her children before bed, and helped them to list their OWN positive aspects, right before falling asleep – helping each child to remember what IS good, lovable, and valuable about each of them!

She focused on the words of appreciation that highlighted the best qualities that each of her children embodies, and their self-confidence soared!

Values and qualities such as:

  • integrity
  • grace
  • compassion
  • creativity
  • wisdom
  • intuition

Talents in:

  • art
  • music
  • language
  • numbers
  • memory
  • building
  • spatial relations

Traits like:

  • Knowledge of self
  • sensitivity
  • drive
  • vision
  • ideas

These gifts, and so many more are the qualities you'll want to encourage your children to remember about themselves

They should also be encouraged to find more numerous positive qualities about themselves - not just in the areas that are already measured by school and society. But also in terms of how many words of appreciation they can find about what makes each unique, and uniquely valuable.

Developing a positive attitude in kids has everything to do with what kinds of positive aspects, about themselves and the people around them, they are encouraged (and assisted in) focusing upon.

Abraham Hicks give numerous law of Attraction quotes that sum it all up; this one is particularly appropriate to this subject at hand:

“Parents often think that they are here to guide the little ones. When, in reality, the little ones come forth with clarity to guide you.”

         --Excerpted from an Abraham-Hicks
"Art of Allowing" workshop in
Orlando, FL on February 15th, 1997

Though this quote is absolutely true, your children have come forth to guide you, our society is not in the habit of teaching us to see the best in ourselves... Therefore, though it will feel like you are the one helping your child to identify, know and focus on his or her best qualities, the practice will REALLY be teaching you both to do it!

Making a habit of focusing on what the child DOES like, what they CAN appreciate, and what they DO enjoy - especially about THEMSELVES - is the fastest way I know to foster a positive attitude in kids! (...and their parents!)

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