Maintaining Positive Attitude Tip:
Focus on What IS Good About It!

The secret to maintaining a positive attitude is learning to tune your own mental attention to focus on the positive aspects of anything you are thinking about…

...Actually, in my opinion, the absolute best How-To Law of Attraction tool for ANYTHING is finding the positive aspects of it!

The basics of finding the positive aspects is simple (but that doesn't mean it is always easy!) ...When you are feeling blah (or angry, or sad, etc.), you essentially force yourself to try to think of, and write down, anything and everything that IS good about the someone, or something, that is most on your mind.

Because what you think about expands (and, by the Law of Attraction, leads the expansion which is your overall life experience while it's at it), choosing to think about the aspects of someone or something that can make you FEEL GOOD is the fastest and easiest tool for maintaining a positive attitude overall!

I find that I most often need this tool when I am thinking about other people – when someone has made me feel angry or frustrated (the truth is that no one other than me makes me feel anything, that my emotions are an indicator of where my thinking is incorrect, but I'll save the lengthy discussion of that nuance for another page!)

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

...We ALL know how it feels when someone "ticks us off", so that is how I will talk about this exercise (even though it works for things, situations, and experiences as well as for people!)

Find the place inside of yourself that knows, and can focus on what you DO (or CAN) appreciate about:

  • Any ways in which they are attractive…
  • In what ways can they be kind?
  • What skills do they have that you can admire…
  • Imagine them as a tiny little toddler – what sweet, or scared, part inside them can you imagine?
  • What traits might they have in common with someone else that you DO like?
  • What is something nice they do (even if it isn't for you)?
  • Something about their life that you might like to experience yourself in your life…
  • What are they good at?
  • What have they worked really hard to accomplish; what do they have a right to be proud of achieving?
  • What might be hard in their lives, and in what ways might their coping mechanisms for those hardships be more effective than you originally gave them credit for?
  • Locate the place in your heart that has compassion for the sweet, tender, loving, precious, misunderstood or neglected little child he or she once was...
  • What are they good at?
  • What good things have they ever done for you in the past?
  • How do you think they WISH others saw them? …Can YOU relate to feeling that way yourself?

Once you get yourself going by thinking of some of these things, it is important to write them down somewhere – it is MUCH more effective if you write them down! ...List as many as you CAN - 10 or 20 is GREAT!

The reason for writing is: The brain can only hold about 7 or 8 discrete pieces of information at one time. If you are only listing positive aspects in your head (not writing them down), you're likely to MISTAKENLY believe that you can only think of 3, 4, 5 (or so) positive aspects and then stop trying...

The "maintaining a positive attitude" benefits of the exercise only seem to kick in after writing down at least 10-15 positive aspects… In my experience it takes that long (and that amount of focus) to really start to feel the shift of energy inside myself, and that is what REALLY matters!

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

I could go on for days about the benefits of finding positive aspects to one's ability to maintain a positive attitude, and the value of that practice for attracting / creating one's dream life through the Law of Attraction… So I've divided the discussion into a few different directions:

To download and print a FREE exercise designed to guide you step by step through "making the best of it" in a frustrating situation at work/in your career (though the ideas and questions can be adapted to apply to any area of your life), right-click (ctrl-click for Mac) here: Download the FREE "Making the Best of It" PDF worksheets.

To continue to read a more in-depth discussion of what is going on energetically when one consciously chooses to be maintaining a positive attitude through the Law of Attraction by finding positive aspects, and to see some real life examples of mini-miracles happening due to practicing these new habits, see the positive attitude success page (link coming soon).

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