Angry Rants, done privately, are Great!... So, LET IT OUT!

Angry Rants can be one of the most powerful tools in your “how to” Law of Attraction tool chest… In the Law of Attraction context, the only REAL problem that most of us have is resistance and suppressed feelings of anger.

But most of us, myself included, often try to suppress feelings of frustration, anger, or a bad mood – hoping that if we can just ignore it long enough, it will go away, it will get better, or we’ll at least get through the day. Occasionally we are successful, but rarely (if ever) will that technique EVER lead to bobbing back up to the truly natural state of contentment, peace, joy and love that life is supposed to feel like!

The unfortunate truth is that we have to PURGE all those negative feelings out of us – keeping feelings of anger in is like drinking poison – it is toxic to the natural state of well-being.

In my opinion, prolonged anger, grief, frustration, stress, sadness, feelings of victimization, anxiety, powerlessness, insecurity and worry is what is at the HEART of all sickness, disease, and the negative experiences that we attract.

…We HAVE to learn how to get those feelings out to make room for, and allow, the good to start to flow in!

Now I’m no doctor, not a psychiatrist, not a psychotherapist, not even an aficionado of psychological conditions… But I do know the dull ache of a half-lived life, because something or someone hurt us, scared us, angered us, abused us, took advantage of us, was mean to us, OR, a whole collection of hurts have built up over time and we haven’t done anything about it.

It sucks.

When you are feeling uneasy, apprehensive, angry, fearful, guilty, frustrated, obsessed, anxious, sorry, uncomfortable, victimized, resentful or ANY other negative feeling, it is absolutely, positively NECESSARY for YOU to get those feelings OUT! …Out of your head, off your heart and out of your thoughts!

The best way I have ever found to do this is to write Angry Rants to the Universe! You can write your own (anonymously), and SEND IT DIRECTLY TO THE UNIVERSE, using the tool below!

…It’s the only thing that has ever really helped me when I’m really pissed off. It is a tool to get your feelings OUT – get them OUT so that they aren’t poisoning YOU anymore!

Write an Anonymous Rant to the Universe!

Please enter the word that you see below.


Anger and frustration are what causes and attracts disease and unhappiness – you are the only one who can get the anger OUT, and it’s not as hard as you think it is! …It’s just writing.

Good Angry Rants can be A LOT of writing, but it’s just writing, and it’s the only way to get it out of YOU, where it can’t hurt you anymore, and allow your mind the space and peace to receive the good feelings and thoughts you deserve!

...The bad feelings, anger and hurt MUST be removed to make way for that which you dream of!

The problem is that you cannot release feelings by talking yourself out of them --pretending they aren’t there, trying to take the high road (taking the “fake high road” as a friend of mine says), suppressing them, ignoring them, hoping they’ll go away, or just distracting yourself to think about something different. The ONLY way I know of to remove them is by writing them out – ranting, venting, and releasing them in Angry Rants to the Universe.

The really great thing about this tool for writing Angry Rants to the Universe is that once you get it out of you, you will not have the opportunity to re-read it. …You will be releasing it to the Universe, where it will be transformed for you, on your behalf, for your benefit. Once you have written all the poison out of you, you do NOT want to put it back in by reading what you had written, so, DO NOT RE-READ it again!!!

The primary reason that privately ranting is GOOD to do, is that ALL THAT MUCK – all those thoughts, feelings, imaginings, mental re-hashings, and “what-if” scenarios that play over and over and over in your mind are causing YOU harm, and, are doing nothing more than attracting more of that same situation (and others like it) vibrationally to you.

The Law of Attraction brings you experiences that are in harmony with what is MOST on your mind.

When you are really pissed off about something, it tends to be REALLY sticky, hanging around in your thoughts over and over, and it has a LOT of emotional energy attached to it – this is VERY attractive!!

If you want to feel good, you MUST clear your head of ALL the emotion about the frustrating person or situation completely, before you can think straight about it, before you can be open to receiving any clear, positive, or accurate intuition about it, and BEFORE you can move forward from the situation in a way that is accordance with YOUR dreams and intentions! …Before the Universal Law of Attraction can even begin to bring you what you DO WANT!

Writing your own private Angry Rants (that you **ONLY** send to the Universe) does this clearing function beautifully!

In it, you will GO TO TOWN with ALL your feelings - rant, rave, rage, scream, vent, curse, yell, cry and get ALL your feelings OUT!

Write out everything you have EVER wished you could say, and everything you would never say - write your feelings, write how hurt, angry, fearful, resentful, disappointed, angry, frustrated, or even wishful you are toward the person or situation – the point is to get ALL your feelings OUT OF YOU!!

Write as much as you possibly can, and when you feel done, write some more. Send in two sessions if you have to – but write until you cannot possibly write any more! You may find that your angry rants also contain unrequited feelings, or even love, caring, and tenderness – that’s okay – keep going!

When you are done, you are going to be sending it to the Universe, to release it back into the Universal Source Energy, both where it belongs and where it can be transformed.

This is a real world tool that YOU can use right now, without paying anybody else to help you, to feel good and rid yourself of what has been holding YOU back! …Just pick a thread and pull, and watch the thick wool sweater of suppressed feelings unravel. Start with the thing that currently angers you the most, and write your angry rants…

Write an Anonymous Rant to the Universe!

Please enter the word that you see below.


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