Developing a Positive Attitude is
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What are you focusing on?

No, REALLY, what are you focusing on??!

Before we set about developing a positive attitude, try this little exercise:

Think of a couple of areas in your life in which you have goals and/or ideally you wish some improvements were made... Perhaps your job, the state of your home (I mean its organizational appearance as opposed to the area of the country you live in – but either, if a problem, will do), maybe how much fun & recreation you are getting these days, your health, your social life/personal relationships, love, money, money, money, finances, money...

Now, for each one of those areas that you’d like to improve a bit, what is the FIRST thought/image that pops to mind when you think of it?

...Be REALLY honest with yourself here – it IS a matter of life and death to your true desires! ...WHY does that aspect of life need improving?

If you are like most people, myself included, the chances are that the VERY FIRST image that comes to mind when you think of those areas (on the subjects that need some improvement) is what is WRONG with them, or, what you DO NOT have!

  • When I think of my house, the FIRST thought that comes to mind is that it is a mess...

  • When I think of money, my brain instantly races to the bills that need to be paid...

  • When I think of my body/health, I can just feel the little roll over the top of my jeans and my sore back...

...And I am not alone! I have many a friend, who, when asked about his or her love life, will almost instantaneously reply that "there isn’t one" before I have even finished asking the question!

THAT is what you are focusing on!
(...And, THAT is what you are creating more of!)

Developing a positive attitude requires us to shift the focus AWAY from that kind of thinking!

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and that what we think about expands. If you have seen The Secret, you have heard the expression that "where attention goes, energy flows".

Well, those pictures, images and feelings that flash across your mind when you think of a subject ARE where YOUR ATTENTION is going! ...THAT is what you are focusing on, and, consequently, it is what you are getting more of in your life - even if it is what you DON'T want or DON'T like. Bummer.

The antidote, and the way to start developing a positive attitude about yourself, your life, and what you DO have, is to start to form pictures in your mind of what you DO WANT in the life areas that aren't perfect yet... (Emphasis on the word "YET"!)

EVERY time you catch yourself snapping to the depression inducing woes of what is wrong, say to yourself and fill-in an ANSWER for this statement:

“That is not my reality! ...My reality is __________”

And then form a vision of what it might look like if it already WAS they way you DO WANT it to be!

  • Envision what your house would look like if it were neat and organized...

  • Picture your “accounts payable” box as empty and a lovely sum on your bank statement...

  • Imagine what it would feel like for your clothes to be loose, and to be totally healthy...

  • Compose an vignette in your mind of being with that special someone and filled with joy...

As you start to attract new desired experiences (because your attention has shifted and the Law of Attraction MUST follow) developing a positive attitude can come more easily, because you have new evidence that supports you!

To strengthen it even more, seek out inspirational stories that support how you DO want your new reality to be, look for it everywhere you, find MORE evidence! When you see someone else experiencing what you desire for yourself, mentally (or out loud) say: "That's for me!" Do anything and everything you can to always bring your focus back around to what you DO WANT to be experiencing and imagining it as ALREADY SO NOW!

Developing a positive attitude is as simple as creating a new habit of deliberately shifting your attention onto declaring what you DO WANT and taking a moment to picture it as if it were actually your reality now! ...THAT is then energy that the Law of Attraction will pick up on, bring you more of, and start to manifest for you!

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done, I know! But it only takes practice, and it has GOT to be better than spending the kind of time I have been spending picturing (focusing on) exactly what I don’t want and expecting the opposite of that to suddenly just appear!

...I'll let you know when my house is clean.

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