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Question: Hello! A friend sent me a link to your page and it has been very helpful to me! I am in my early 20s and I adopted the ideas of LoA after graduation and I live daily in appreciation of the life I have attracted to myself. Money comes easily to me, everything happens at opportune times, I have loving relationships, and I am just genuinely happy. I am currently working on attracting a relationship through the grid method, but I am still happy where I am at!

My question to you is in regard to LoA and health. I have always managed to catch every infection and it is difficult for me to go a few months without catching something and needing an antibiotic. Since I started living a positive lifestyle and feeling good about myself, I noticed that I was getting sick less frequently. However, I still feel as though I am attracting poor health consciously or subconsciously. I do not focus on getting sick, and when I start to feel sick, I continuously try to tell myself that mind over matter will make me better. Could you please share your thoughts about this topic? Thank you!

Real Life LoA Answer: Great question! I have to start by saying that in the interest of your health, you should always see a doctor first and foremost whenever you experience physical abnormalities in your body, or if you suspect something is wrong. I am not a doctor, and I do not give medical advice, but some very serious conditions can present themselves in subtle ways, so always make attaining expert care your first priority.

But that being said, from an energetic and Law of Attraction perspective, physical illness is a complex and multi-faceted issue; it has many factors, and they ALL contribute toward what you manifest.

To get a feel for the many factors involved, think about the answers to these questions for yourself:

  • How much rest do you get? Do you have regular sleep habits?
  • How is your diet?
  • Do you drink enough water?
  • Do you have eating or drinking habits that aren't so healthy?
  • Do you ingest a lot of sugar, fast food, or processed products?
  • Do you take any drugs, by prescription or otherwise?
  • Do you get enough fresh fruits and vegetables?
  • What kind of environment do you spend most of your time in?
  • What is the air quality where you live?
  • Do live or work around large numbers of people?
  • Do you spend time with children, go to school, or work in a hospital?
  • How healthy are your friends? What is their attitude about wellness?
  • Are you under stress?
  • What is your usual emotional state?
  • Do you tend to focus on frustrations or successes?
  • When you look at other people, around you or in the media, do you mentally compare yourself? Do you ever feel envious, or critical of others?
  • What kind of self-talk and internal beliefs do you use with regard to yourself, your body, attractiveness, figure, size, weight, strength, health, looks?

You do not have to tell me the answers to these questions. But think about the answer to all these questions at times when you have been well, and also in the few days before you've been ill in the past. Do the answers differ?

That's not to say that any of these things will always make you sick (or keep you well.) But, your physical and mental environment does play a HUGE role in what you manifest, especially in your body.

And not only your external environment, your INNER environment--attitude, emotional state, beliefs, worries, thoughts--play an even bigger role than the physical factors!

When you are under any kind of stress, worry, fear, or frustration, your body is flooded with stress hormones, which have the same effect on your individual cells (and immune system) as they do on your overall body when it goes into "flight or fight" mode. This aspect of biology is called epigenetics, and is discussed at length in the book "The Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

In my own personal experience, I have also found that sometimes when we get ill, it can also be a message from the Inner Being, through the body, to pay attention to something, or to do something different. Illness, of any kind, IS a manifestation, but sometimes it's very tricky to know why it manifested.

Sometimes your body is simply telling you to stop, slow down, take it easy, rest, take a load off, stop worrying, or don't be so hard on yourself...

  • What has your environment been telling you?
  • What type of messages have been sneaking into, or repeating themselves your awareness? (You hear something on TV, then you read the exact same thing in an article, then you overhear people at the next table discussing the topic, you see it on a billboard, etc.)
  • What do you secretly think the next step may be?
  • What advice have you been avoiding taking, because you think it may be correct? (Or because you are actively resisting it?)

These are all ways to get a glimpse of what your own wisdom might be guiding you toward.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and health, it is not as simple as focusing on getting sick, or even focusing on NOT getting sick (which will still manifest itself as getting sick, because the thrust, the main subject matter of the thought is of being sick rather than being well.)

And, even if you try to focus on being well, if you are feeling even the slightest twinge of symptoms to the contrary, you know you are lying to yourself. If you try to tell yourself you feel well when you don't, it just makes it worse, and emphasizes any area where you do not feel perfectly well.

That's the funny thing about any health related question: It is very challenging to not feel what you do feel, or to try to know/believe/feel/experience something that you do not already know/believe/feel/experience.

So, what is one to do?

  • I have found that one of the most immediate things to do is to set some simple intentions, and then shift your focus entirely onto something else, preferably something fun or fascinating.

  • Intentional Affirmations:
    I want to feel good.
    My body knows what to do, and I am feeling better and better.
    Every cell in my body is perfect, whole, and complete, and functioning at optimal levels.
    I am surrounded, filled, and protected by clear white light and love.
    I am healthy, young, vibrant, vital, and my true radiance glows clearly.

  • For more on affirmations and the energetic foundation underneath many illnesses and symptoms, check out the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. It gives the metaphysical origins for dis-ease of all types. See this Q&A for more on Louise Hay.

  • The origins of many illnesses is rooted in irrational, illogical, and erroneous beliefs about life and about oneself that were formed in early childhood. These beliefs get into the deepest parts of the consciousness, and then control our lives like pre-programmed software running on auto-pilot. The best way I have ever found to get in and erase that old programming, and eliminate the negative manifestations it attracts is The Lefkoe Method.

    Have you ever heard the expression "falling in love with yourself" or been told (especially in Law of Attraction advice) that you have to love yourself first? The Lefkoe Method is also the fastest way I know for learning to admire, appreciate and love yourself--to have real self-confidence, self-esteem, and break the habit of criticizing negative self-talk.

    The best skill you can EVER master in order to maximize your manifestations and alignment with the Law of Attraction is the ability to unconditionally love, completely approve of, and fully appreciate YOURSELF!

  • Because diet and the foods we eat are also such an important part of wellness, this audio clip from Abraham-Hicks on feeling inspired to eat only the best foods is really helpful for understanding the Law of Attraction perspective on eating.

  • Another excellent resource for improving health (as well as relationships, finances, and general well-being) I highly recommend the Abraham-Hicks guided audio Law of Attraction meditations "Getting Into the Vortex"

  • And finally, read over the steps in the 30-day LoA Rx and see if any of them resonate for you. Or better yet, give a few a try and see how you feel.

Now, all that being said, the number one action step, from a Law of Attraction perspective is to be spending as much time as possible in passion, excitement, fascination, joy, fun, interest, wonder and imagination. The more you are following your own passions, the more you will not be focusing on anything that is less than perfect in your life.

The Law of Attraction works best when you are focusing exclusively on your joys, and not at all on your problems. That is easier said than done in real life, but, in order to maximize the flow of your energy, vibrations, and attracting power through the Law of Attraction, get busy getting happy, always lean toward passion, and focus only on what you want MORE of!

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Sep 15, 2012
Another note about stress...
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I just thought of something else to add to this discussion regarding stress:

At those times when you are under a great deal of stress from external factors (or even internal ones, like worrying, frustration, etc.) the stress itself weakens both your immune system as well as your attraction powers.

When you do catch yourself feeling those feelings, remind yourself to focus on what you DO like about what ever situation is causing/influencing the stressful feelings.

In other words, if your job is causing you stress, make a focused effort to concentrate your attention onto what you DO like about your job and the benefits you receive by doing it.

Focusing on the positive aspects of ANY situation (or what could come out of it) will always reduce your stress and increase the strength of your immune system at the same time!

Wishing you all the best and the best of health!


Sep 16, 2012
Undermining Self-Talk...
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Another thought about the most subtle, and most powerful of the forces at work when it comes to your health is self-talk.

After I posted the answer to this question, I had a number of days in which I was really busy and not getting enough sleep. I caught myself mentally repeating the phrase "I'm so tired" to myself, as if I was declaring it to someone who really needed know, over and over, and over.

That kind of self-talk creates and multiplies itself into my reality -- that is the process of manifestation! I say/think/believe "I'm so tired" with conviction, and the Universe responds with a big YES, And so it is!

Law of Attraction and the Universe is a big photocopying "YES" machine. You think about something, it says "Yes, here you go..." You speak about something, it says "Yes, here you go..." And gradually, all those Yeses from Universe come together and become a manifestation in your experienced reality.

So, pay attention to your self-talk, and when you catch yourself affirming something you don't want, find a way to think about what you DO want MORE of instead!

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