Abraham Hicks: Feel inspired to eat only the best foods!

by Andrea, RLLoA moderator

The quote below is a excerpt from an audio of a question about food, supplements, diet and nutrition, transcribed from an Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing workshop that I really enjoyed. You can hear the whole thing by watching the video below...

The gist of it is that you can eat ANYTHING you want provided that you get into the place of feeling good FIRST, and then being inspired by what is truly best for you!

"The final word on food is this: Food = Good."

"Make a decision of how you want to FEEL, and say clearly on a really regular basis:

  • I want to feel good
  • I want to feel hearty
  • I want to be energized
  • I want this food to empower me
  • I want to thrive
  • I want food to really fuel me
  • I want the cells of my body to be satisfied in what they are asking for
  • I want to be sensitive to what my cells are asking for, so that I am inspired to the food that will provide it in a dominant way
  • I want to find the rhythm of my body
  • I want to know that I am eating right thing
  • I want to be drawn to right thing
  • I want food to be satisfying
  • I want it to be a pleasurable thing
  • I want it to bring me a sense of well-being
  • I want it to satisfy me in all ways

And as you say those kind of things on a really regular basis, the things that will satisfy those desires will the be things that pop out for you everywhere...

...And so someone says: What keeps popping out for me is this gooey chocolate doughnut, well then, go to the chocolate doughnut, and eat the chocolate doughnut, and see how it feels, and if it feels good eat it, and if you feel reluctance... Once you have lined up with the energy, and once you are in sync with following your bliss relative to food, anything that is not good for you, you will not feel a gravitation to.

But this will happen in every single case, once you align in the way we are describing here: All kinds of things will feel good for you SOME of the time!

(...Most of you are so paranoid about food, that you never get into that place of ALLOWING yourself to be guided!)"


I do not know which Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing workshop this question originated from, but it was 2009 or earlier. If anyone knows, or thinks they know which workshop the question was asked in, please add a comment below, thanks!

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