Block about how to manifest anything in new career

by Nicole

Question: Although I have had great success and happiness with LOA (the Law of Attraction), I tend to slip from time to time, almost forgetting everything I know to be true. Then I find myself starting over learning the simple lessons of peace and harmony over and over again. Why can't I remember the basics? It's very emotional and I feel exhausted, but I do love learning things I may have missed before. I am so willing to go further but I go only so far then I go blank, as if my memories of the "how to" never existed.

I have a huge block right now about a new career, for reasons I have no idea, but I know there is something wonderful just outside the door and for some reason I can't open the door. I know it's fear but of what I don't know. I can't pin point it! And for that my dreams of helping others are blocked. How can I get past this, where do I start searching for answers?

Real Life LoA Answer: This is a NEW answer to your original question, when you first wrote I was in a place in my own life where all I could share was what I was doing to shift my own energy. A number of people still refer to this Q&A looking for the 30-day Law of Attraction Rx Plan (FREE pdf), which can be downloaded until I post a full set of detailed pages on that plan. Now, THIS answer will focus specifically on Law of Attraction principles in the workplace and blocked career dreams.

First of all, it's impossible to stay up, on, in the flow, in the vortex, or "doing it right" all the time. That is against human nature, and is not even preferable. Even Esther Hicks, of Abraham-Hicks fame, who can access Abraham Law of Attraction wisdom and guidance 24/7 cannot stay in alignment all of the time, and she often has blocks too--just like all the rest of us! So, the first step is to go easy on yourself. You are perfect, you are magnificent, you are right where you need to be, and it's all going to work out beautifully. Really, it will.

But, with regard to feeling blocked by something, there may be 4 things going on:

A) Pushing too hard and working against "what is" right now, or trying to MAKE your dreams happen, rather than trusting the perfect timing of the Universe. "How To" is not your job; it is the ONE part of the process that you do NOT have to do!
B) Not accepting and appreciating your current reality AS IT IS now (then, instead of magnifying the good, the Law of Attraction magnifies the hardships.) You have to build UP from what already exists in order to attract something more.
C) A career dream (and/or dedication to a current job) that doesn't provide enough growth or expansion for you, that is too safe, or that doesn't deeply activate your sense of passion.
D) Letting the "shoulds" or the idea of what would be a noble pursuit outweigh the value of what is really going to give you your highest excitement.

The first point, (A), is both the easiest, and in some ways, the hardest one to master. It is challenging for us, in our action-oriented society to not want to help push things along, make it work, or mentally design every last detail of our desires. Also, society is constantly asking: "How are you going to do that?" or "How is that going to happen?" Ignore it.

In the Law of Attraction, "HOW" is not your job. "HOW" is none of your business -- "HOW" is the Universe's job. That goes for the dream itself, as well as how to do it on a day-to-day basis. It is actually even normal to forget the basics of the Law of Attraction, because there is nothing that you have to do, or be, or know, or remember--you are always in the right place. The best thing you can ever do is to "let go of the oars" and relax into doing something fun, peaceful, interesting, or exciting for you and just allow the rest of it to work itself out.

Things that aren't working out right will naturally start to fade away when you give them less and less of your attention, and deliberately focus only on what you want MORE of. Which brings me to point (B)...

There is a common misconception in both the Law of Attraction and in society that tells us we have to fix what is broken, but that is not true. Attention to what isn't working simply creates and attracts more experiences and situations that don't work. But, it is also human nature to some degree to allow our attention to wander over to, and focus on whatever it is we do not like. So, it requires a great deal of practice, at first, to love and appreciate what IS working now, DESPITE the challenges around you.

One of the MOST effective Law of Attraction tools is appreciation for your life/environment AS IT IS RIGHT NOW. It is imperative to learn to focus your attention onto what IS good now, and the positive aspects of every situation you are in:
* Write down 25 things you like about where you are and the things around you, right this minute
* Only give your attention to something if you want MORE of it
* Make a list of what IS working well in your life, or is pretty good, or that doesn't need major changes. Then pick one to put even more energy and attention into
* Choose someone who is "easy for you to love" and spend two minutes imagining them happy, laughing, and joyful

(C) Your dreams should be bigger than you have ANY IDEA of how to achieve. As you think about reaching your dreams and goals, it should seem like a tiny bit more than you can handle--only then will it be something that is big enough for you. If you feel like you can handle it easily right now, you've already outgrown it, and there is no room to be challenged or expand. Your Inner Being ALWAYS wants to be growing, learning, and having new exciting experiences. But, that can also feel quite scary, so many tend to shy away from the dreams that feel too big, too far, too hard, or unreachable.

A few nights before I moved from a tiny cottage I'd lived in for 13 years, to go to a much bigger house in a new city, I was filled with doubts. Even though I was bored, and I'd outgrown the tiny house, I was scared, worried, and afraid of leaving everything that had become familiar, and that I DID still love about it.

But then it hit me: "In order to live in the new large house, you have to be willing to leave the old, small house!" I had to consciously remind myself that to have a bigger LIFE, I had to FIRST be willing to leave the small one--you can't live in both at the same time!

That is how life is: We MUST expand! The Universe is always expanding, and so are we. If you're not growing, you will experience friction, pain, and trauma when a big change finally explodes into your experience. ...In order to LIVE a bigger life, you have to be willing to leave a small one.

Let your own passion help you stretch into more than you currently think you can be:
"When you sit down to do something at 7:00am, and then you get hungry so you go to get something to eat and you realize it is 7:00pm--that's your passion. That's what you love. Find something around that, that you can make your career. The idea of making money, the idea of fame, the idea of being powerful is meaningless--it's ONLY that you are happy, and you are only going to be happy doing what you love." ~George Lucas
Doing it because you love it is the key, and when you really love it, it's hard not to keep doing more and more of it!

Which leads to point (D): Follow your highest excitement! Some of the best advice I've ever heard is in this video, about following your highest excitement (on another Real Life LoA page.) The idea is that when you let your heart lead you on ALL things, your heart will ALWAYS lead you the right way for you.

When you have a choice about what to do, or what to take action on (even things like: get a cup of tea, make a phone call, or read a report) you should do the one that is most aligned with your highest excitement first. Then, let that energy lead you in making the next choice, etc.

Your highest excitement is very closely aligned with your heart, your Inner Being, your intuition, and consequently, the Law of Attraction. So whatever seems like it will be the most fun for you, while not compromising other important values, will always be the most efficient path toward your big-picture goals and dreams (even if you cannot comprehend HOW it is going to happen at the outset.)

WHY you want to do what you want to do (or have what you want to have) is the most important criteria for attracting it. And, it's tricky, because some goals can seem so pure, but they might actually have a low-energy motivation. 'Helping people' can be like that, because sometimes we want to help others when we think they need fixing, our that our own strength will help to lift them, or that they cannot do it on their own. But none of that is true in the eyes of the Inner Being--theirs or yours!

But, when you are practicing your skills, honing your craft, sharing your services, or using your talents because it is FUN for YOU to do, then you will not need to wait for any block to clear before you can get started doing it in some capacity, and your clients will naturally find you, when the time is right for everybody involved.

Do what makes your heart sing JUST because you want to do it, and work toward it every day, even if only reading, researching, or practicing, and even if it is only for 10 minutes a day, but work toward it EVERY day. "You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step!"

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Sep 17, 2011
Thank you
by: Amira

I stumbled upon your site because I was (maybe still am, but I am no longer resisting it..letting it come as it will) going through a low phase, and often found solace in finding self-help sites/links on google, etc. Which is what led me to your site. I find everything you write very inspirational, and I want to THANK YOU. I feel good to know that people like you exist who take time out to help total strangers with their problems. I love the LOA and though, unfortunately for the last year and a half I haven't quite used it to my advantage, I'm still a hopeful LOA believer. And I'm sure it will lead me to where i want to be. Thank you once again, Andrea. Please continue writing and helping us.

Oct 07, 2011
Thank YOU, so much, for sharing!!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Hello Amira,

Thank you so much for writing to share your appreciation for the site. I take great pleasure in helping as many people as possible with my answers to Law of Attraction challenges.

It can seem like a tricky subject sometimes, for ALL of us, myself included! ...I am still learning every day myself, and refining my own abilities to direct my thoughts and emotions rather than letting them direct me!

So hang in there, keep yourself focused on what is good and working well in your life now, as it is, and do your best to stay in a mode of appreciation for yourself and living life. With that in mind, you will always be on the right track!

Blessings to you and all who read these words!

Jun 24, 2012
A NEW updated answer!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

I have updated this answer to more specifically address the question that Nicole originally posed.

Now, the information that was in the previous answer to this question, about the Law of Attraction 30-day Rx plan, is available as a FREE pdf download. The link to download that pdf is above, in the first paragraph of the answer.

Soon there will be an entire set of pages on Real Life Law of Attraction devoted to the 30-day plan, so it was definitely the time to update this page to more accurately answer the question regarding feeling blocked in manifestation of new career.

I sincerely hope it is helpful to all who read it! Love, light, and blessings to YOU!

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