Can the Law of Attraction help in medical diagnosis?

Question: How could you use the Law of Attraction to help in diagnosing a medical condition? My mother has been experiencing pain behind her left rib cage and the doctors have run every test known to man and cannot find the cause. Her pain is getting worse by the week. I have asked my Spirit Guide to assist me as I search for a possible answer. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time!

Real Life LoA Answer: I feel for you in the pain that both you and your mother are experiencing! It is so tough to sit helplessly by while a loved one is hurting...

Unfortunately, health related issues are a little bit tricky with regard to the Law of Attraction, because the pain can be so "in your face" that it is difficult to feel within and find the Inner Peace that allows true clarity.

Although I do not prescribe any kind of medical advice, there are a couple of tools that I use myself when aches and pains come up (in conjunction with a visit to the doctor of course, which you've already done!) One is the Louise Hay book "You Can Heal Your Life" - in that book is an entire list of symptoms, their emotional root causes, and affirmations to focus on to find your way toward relief. The funny thing about it is that when you look something up, middle back pain for instance, which has it's roots in guilt, feeling "stuck" in old stuff, and a feeling of "get off my back", there is a tendency to think "that's not true, that's not how I am feeling!" But, I find that after it has subsided or passed, I can almost always look back, in hind-sight, and say "Ahhhh, yes, that is exactly what was going on - I didn't know that feelings about thus and such could cause a pain in my back!" I swear by it in my own life, so I would invite you to check it out.

There is also a process for aligning with one's natural state of health in the Abraham-Hicks book "Ask and It is Given" by Esther Hicks. That is a relaxing, somewhat guided meditative process that re-aligns one's thoughts with the truth that All is Well. The underlying premise is that one's body and cells know what to do, and when we stop focusing on the pain itself, they can get back to the job of regaining perfect equilibrium. I'm sure you could get both books at the Library.

Those are the two resources I use most often. If I find that the pain stems from an emotional situation (that may have occurred around the time the pain first started) then I will also turn to "The Work" of Byron Katie ( - it is fantastic for clearing emotional blocks, old emotional wounds, and irrational beliefs that cause a lot of resistance and "stuckness" in life!

I sincerely hope this helps (for both of you) and wish you much love and success! I am seeing you both surrounded by the clear beautiful loving light of Source and sending Blessings your way!


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