Marital Affair, part 2: How Did I Get Here?

by M
(Philadelphia, PA)

Question: What has led me to have a marital affair, and what is the best way to create a situation to remove myself from it without hurting anyone in the process?

Real Life LoA Answer: This is the second page of a three-part answer. This page will cover the first half of the question, the "what led me to having a marital affair" part of the question. There are links to the other parts at the bottom of the page.

In terms of why you may have gotten into the situation in the first place, the video below, which is an audio from an Abraham Hicks Art of Allowing Law of Attraction workshop, explains very well how people attract situations that are not really what they want. It is usually because all of the people involved in the situation have been inadvertently using a large proportion of their time and creative mental energies worrying, fretting, and thinking about what they don't want rather than what they DO want.

Look around at what the culture, the television, or the kinds of things your friends and acquaintances talk about when it comes to relationships: Sex scandals, who is cheating on who, the media obsession with monogamy and infidelity, Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child out-of-wedlock while married to Maria Shriver, endless shows/articles on "what would you do if your spouse were having a marital affair?", multiple instances of celebrity "nannygate", cyber-stalking, checking a partner's cell phone or Facebook page to try to "make sure" they are being faithful, and on, and on, and on...

I hate to put it so harshly, but just by being interested in that kind of gossip, and watching the stories unfold on TV is attracting that kind of experience into your life. It's the vibration and the energy of the thing that you give your attention and focus to that will re-create itself in your experience. You have to begin to be very choosey about what you are "ordering up" for yourself with your attention, and do your best to only think about, read about, or talk about something if you want MORE of it in your life, or in the world. ...And it doesn't even have to be on the subject of relationships – anything you focus your attention on is creating more of it in the world, and especially in your own life.

If thinking about a subject in a particular way makes you feel angry, incensed, judgmental, fearful, worried, disgusted, annoyed, irritated, hurt, betrayed, or resentful, then THAT subject/those thoughts are not in line with the truth that your Inner Being knows is right and possible for you. Thinking about that subject is NOT contributing good things to your life; it is attracting all manner of experiences you DON'T want. By spending time and mental energy thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it, or imagining negative future fantasies about it, by the Law of Attraction you are creating MORE of that very thing and that kind of energy in your life. And, even if one is not actively focused on the energy/idea of what is not wanted, the simple act of not being deliberately focused on what you DO want, or by lazily allowing the surrounding culture to seep into the psyche like a sponge, will attract it just as surely.

From the Law of Attraction perspective, everything that you do, and everything that "happens" to you is for the purposes of your expansion, and it is ALL leading you to greater clarity about what is in your own vortex – what your fondest desires are for experiencing that part of your life. "All roads lead to Rome" I like to say, it's just that some roads are much rockier and more challenging than others! But, because you cannot not be expanding toward your own vortex, it is impossible to make a mistake that doesn't ultimately serve your higher good! The trick is aligning with THAT!

...And that will be the topic of part 3 of this answer:

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Link to part 1: Marital Affair, the Law of Attraction Perspective

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