Isn't work necessary to manifest money?

Question: I still don't understand the point that seems to say you don't have to work to have money.

If you look at the wealthiest people in the world they have all worked hard. I'm sure many love the overall end product/idea of what they do (and have maintained feelings of abundance and success) but you can't tell me they also don't have moments of feeling like they're working very hard to make things happen and manifest money.

I'm looking at the positives about doing the work I do, which definitely helps it feel less like work. But it's still work even when I am able to look at the positives about it.

I feel like no one addresses this in a clear-cut, non-contradictory way. Even Esther Hicks (the master of the LOA (Abraham Hicks)) talks so much about the path to manifest money as being to maintain feelings of abundance, but has also said that one shouldn't just quit their job if it doesn't make them happy. Please explain.

Real Life LoA Answer: The idea that you do not have to work to manifest money (or whatever else you want,) is misleading, incorrect, and magical thinking. ...But, I do understand where it comes from: I believe that what is asserted by Abraham is that action, when taken while NOT in the vortex, isn't useful, and, when taken while in the vortex, doesn't feel like work.

(The complete text of this answer, along with it's follow-up questions and answers can be found on it's own page at: "Work (joyfully) is required to manifest money" but here are the main points of the distinction between what most people consider "work" and what Abraham means when it is said that "work is not required.")

* Action and effort that is exerted while out of the vortex, or in response to negative, reactive feelings rather than being pursued on the relaxing, fun, easy path of getting in alignment with your vortex and inner truth of love and joy first, is very hard work indeed.

* The words "action", "effort" and "work" are often used synonymously with "labor", "exertion", "toil", "drudgery", etc. However, when you are doing something that is really fun for you, when you feel 'in the flow', or it is a passion for you, it doesn't really feel like work.

* The #1 biggest factor in what is considered hard work, is the kinds of statements you are making to yourself about how much fun you are having while doing it.

* WHY the action is being taken can also have a great deal to do with whether or not it is perceived as hard work or something that is in alignment with your Inner Being and the Law of Attraction.

* Any task will be best served by getting into alignment, into the vortex, prior to taking action on the goal. That is to say that you should get yourself into a mode of appreciation, and the 'head-space' of purpose/passion and personal worthiness first. Abraham says over and over again that no amount of work can compete with the power of being in alignment.

* Unfortunately, trying to keep oneself in the vortex (vibrating that 'in love' feeling) is impossible to do - The Universe, and everything in it, is always expanding, including you, so unless you are keeping time with it, you are regressing (and that is *not* in alignment with the vortex!)

* In order to be in alignment with the vortex, one has to keep moving, keep taking action, keep expanding and growing, keep appreciating what has come to be thus far, keep dreaming bigger, and keep striving to reach those dreams – that can be called work.

* The feelings you are having while in action are the only true indicator as to whether or not you are in alignment with Source Energy - if you are feeling good, happy, peaceful, content, pleased, giddy, excited, glowing, or joyful, you are in alignment with Source Energy. But if you are feeling stressed, resentful, anxious, worried, mad, fearful, overwhelmed, depressed, sick, frustrated or upset, you are not.

* But it is a mistake to assume that it is the action that motivates the feeling. That is not the case. The feelings you have are created by the thoughts you are thinking while you are taking the action! (This point is explained much more fully in the complete text of the question and answer, here: "Work (joyfully) is required to manifest money")

* If your mind is focused on appreciation and love of life, you are in alignment with Source Energy, feeling good, and attracting every dream you have ever had for yourself, no matter what task you are doing. But it definitely takes practice.

It's not that you do, or don't, have to work to manifest money, it's that you have to discipline your mind to appreciate yourself, your life, and your experience no matter what it is that you are doing.

That is why some will say that you don't have to work to manifest money -- if you are good enough at the appreciative aspect of focusing your thoughts, the things you want will require very little "work." And, the happy accidents we often call "miracles" will flow much more freely.

Abraham says that you shouldn't just quit your job if it doesn't make you happy because it is NOT the job that is responsible for the feelings of being unhappy. And, if you try to make a change while in a state of negative feelings (not in alignment), the change will not have the desired effect. The new job will have the same type of problems as the old situation did, because the original feelings were created by your own thoughts/focus, not anything external (no matter how much it often seems that way!)

This is a HUGE topic that you have brought forward. As you can see, it is quite complex, so that is why it probably seems that no one really answers it clearly and concisely.

Read the complete text of the question and answer, as well as the follow-up questions that stemmed from it here: "Work (joyfully) is required to manifest money"

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Jan 01, 2014
It's actually possible
by: Anonymous

It's actually possible in principle but whether one is willing to devote the real effort (although not strenuous) in changing beliefs about the definition of reality is what determines the amount of action required for manifesting.

Healing has been achieved independent of scientific intervention by many mystics. Normally one would require medical intervention i.e. work and other recovery tactics. There are those who just heal instantly through their predominant focus. Consider healing a mortal wound through mind versus using work of medical personnel. It's been done and can be done. The degree of allowing the healing is the key. The predominant focus (belief) that we hold decides what we allow or not.

There are yogis who materialize things out of thin air from apples to food for banquets. It takes a dedicated focus to do that and not everyone is willing (everyone CAN) to invest in that because it also requires clearing out beliefs that cause misalignment.

Yes, always keep in mind that there is no labor going into the Universe. Do you really think that Self (or God, or Source) is holding the Universe in all it's infinity through something as menial as labor?? There's an error in thinking that "something moved" (as dramatic as it sounds) to create all the Universe we observe and that's from our own bias through the physical perspective that action is required. We fail to realize that observation is an ACT.
In fact, if one considers the words of Genesis, all that Self says is "LET there be light", LET as in ALLOW.

The day will come when we create through sheer thought and that is when we get very comfortable with the fact that all is an illusion and self / consciousness is the only thing there is.

About Abraham: they quite clearly state that action is used to experience the BENEFITS of focused thought. Like even the yogi who manifests out of "thin air" (there's no such thing, consciousness is all pervasive), he DOES something with them eat them, smell them etc. ACTION TO ENJOY is the key or as stated Action from within the vortex. See, within the "vortex" (i.e. state of alignment) action is not exertion or effort it is easy and desirable (hassle-free, pressure free, failure free). Consider this: can easily do NOTHING? I think few can. What people really mean is that they want it EASY not nothing. And easy is possible and guaranteed in alignment. Effortless = EASE. The key belief to alter is the value of toil and hardship we look to highly on it and therefore create more of the same.

Jan 03, 2014
Well Said!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

That was very well said, and well explained, thank you! And, you are absolutely correct, it IS possible to create with little to no effort at all, it's just that most humans are nowhere near practiced or disciplined enough to be be able to do it.

On the other hand, we ALL have examples when "happy accidents" or little miracle "coincidences" happened to/for us without any actual work on our part, and it's the same dynamic. Like everything else in life, whether you believe you can, or you believe you cannot, either way you're right.

Thank you so much for adding a profound and an important perspective to the conversation, thank you!

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