How do you share about the Law of Attraction?

by Vanessa

Question: I have a friend that is a strong Roman Catholic (which I completely respect). However, we have developed an interesting friendship, where although I am not Catholic, I listen to his beliefs, I ask him how Mass was, etc. I have mentioned to him that I consider myself agnostic, and that I find all religions extremely interesting, but that I don't know what is out there, and won't know until its my time.

I did at one point go on to tell him, that over the years I have found the Law of Attraction to be something that I have experienced, physically and mentally, to be real. Sadly enough, I tend to stop there.

For me LOA is something so big, and so strong, that one cannot explain it in just a few words. In the past I tend to explain it by saying. "What you think about, you will bring about", "energy attracts like energy". I would like to have him learn something about LOA, because what I do know, is that he is depressed, and that he walks around with a lot of worry, worrying about sinning and temptation, thus creating guilt. It breaks my heart to see him go through this, when I know that the LOA could potentially open his eyes, and his mind. My plan is not to pull him away from the church, but to share something that has changed my life. That has made me a better person. I hope so hear back from someone very soon, as I feel for my friend.

Real Life LoA Answer: Hello, I'm glad you wrote to ask for guidance on how to introduce others to the Law of Attraction, as it is a question that many people share. As you have experienced, despite how powerful the Law of Attraction is, it can be rather tricky to explain to friends!

The first step is one you do yourself, rather than having anything to do with your friend... And that is to create a mental image of him being happy, feeling content, satisfied, fulfilled, energetic, healthy, vital and full of life.

Picture your friend feeling as good as you can possibly imagine, feeling that way as fully and completely as you can, and remind yourself that he already IS that. That actually is the real truth of who he is at the soul level, and that he already has all the tools he will ever need to access those feelings himself in the perfect time for him. Each soul has it's own timeline, and that timeline is perfect.

From the outside, sometimes it can seem so frustrating, and horrible to see a friend who is experiencing something bad, painful, or something "less than" what you know their potential could be. However, every experience is valuable, and sometimes a person has to go through a dark time before they learn what they want to or need to become on a soul level. The best thing to do is always to focus on the best qualities you can see in him, and try to give as little attention as possible to his habit of depression, or the times that he is focusing on the negative himself.

That being said, if he sees that you are happy, and joyful, content and at peace yourself, and he is interested in knowing more about what it is that has been working so well for you, you could point him toward a few books as a way of introduction:

  • "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale

    Norman Vincent Peale was a Methodist minister, and consequently using a great many biblical references in his books, showing the connections between the mental concepts of the Law of Attraction and the spiritual concepts of religious teachings.

  • "Sara, Book 1: Sara Learns about the Law of Attraction" by Esther Hicks (link will open in a new window)

    The Sara books are a chronicle of three books whack tell the story of Sara learning about the Law of Attraction in way that is very understandable, very practical for applying to one's own life immediately, and not at all in a way that tries to conflict with any religious tenets.

  • "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn (link will open in a new window)

    This is a wonderful book for introducing people to the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction, in terms of paying attention to your emotions and the focus of your feelings. It is very, very, very secular in that it does not go into the metaphysical or spiritual aspects of the Law of Attraction AT ALL. This is a great one for sharing with friends who are either not at all, or very, religious.

Personally, I see the Law of Attraction as very harmonious with many world religions and the teachings of Jesus. For me, feeling love in (and for) all that is, and seeing the glory of God in ALL things is the basic message of many faiths.

But, all that being said, you cannot change someone else's beliefs for them, nor is it your job to try. As you said yourself, you don't know what is out there, and you won't know until it's your time. It is somewhat that same way for him too. He is on the perfect path of discovery for himself, and though you are definitely an important part of that journey just by being his friend, only he can walk the path.

The best thing you can do to share these principles is to simply live them well yourself. Be a shining beacon of hope, optimism, joy, love, and relentless insistence for only talking about what IS wanted, only focusing on the good, and only paying attention to the things you want more of. When you take charge of the feelings you are creating, emitting and attracting, and align with the love all around you, the right people will always notice!

Blessings of love and light to both of you on your respective journeys of discovery!

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Mar 16, 2012
We are already Transcendant.
by: Evelyn T.Woodson

Discovery is the liberator. When Paul spoke of observations of laboring in vain, and people failing to enter into the vibration of joy and cease resistance for who and what we already are. I was so guilt-ridden and overwhelmed by the dogmas streaming from Egocentric Institutions and Secular Preachers who are blind to reality and led the flocks astray. We are on this Adventure to regain the connections the ego lulls us into believing we lost. Even the Bible tells us we don't need to be taught by Man, But the Spirit who knows everything will reveal to us everything. We simply ask who we are, and what we are, and why we are, and Essence has no choice but to provide the answers in a way each one relates to.

When we let go of trying to force people to feel what we feel and be happy for the outcomes that is transforming their minds, We will get out of the way and all will unfold to the joy of self realization. It's so simple that it's rejected or overlooked, but in every heartbeat all is good. Unconditional Love let's go and allow Knowing to arise and evidence what we are all about on this grand adventure called Earth and Heaven. I vibrate Acceptance for all just as we are, on Earth and in Heaven, Internally, and Eternally.

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