Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!

by Tristen
(Albuquerque, NM)

It's pretty old now, but I still like "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. But with some of my big-time Law of Attraction friends, sometimes I think maybe it's just me?

But I actually like the way it doesn't get all vibrational energy and channeling-oriented - it's good for my friends who think all this stuff is stupid (or BS). I like Abraham, but this book is simple, and understandable, and reminds me of what to do when I am forgetting to feeeeeeeeeel my way into what I want. I can even share it with my friends who are more religious, because it doesn't conflict.

I really love the part where she is talking about her tenants who were behind on their rent, and she was really mad about it, but didn't know what to do about it until she remembered to think about what she liked about them, and then when she got home later that night, they had the rent check for her! (And maybe even had a new job, so they could keep paying the rent in the future, I'm not sure?)

Anyways, I think it is a good book for a little pick-me-up, or when you want to share these ideas with a friend. It's actually one of the first books I ever read on the subject, even though I already knew about Abraham at the time.

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Apr 08, 2010
Her first book is good, but the Playbook is AWFUL!
by: Andrea, moderator

I have a similar affection for that particular book. However, I do have to mention disappointment that neither Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks, or the Teachings of Abraham are mentioned AT ALL (save a tiny sentence or two in the acknowledgments) despite the fact that Grabhorn's book is almost entirely drawn from their work.

And, I'd like to add that, in my opinion, the follow-up workbook (The Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting Playbook) is TERRIBLE!

...If anyone out there would like to write a first-hand account of that one, I welcome the opportunity to share thoughts!

Thank you for contributing!

Jun 03, 2010
Just re-read Lynn's book
by: Anonymous

I just finished re-reading "Excuse Me..." All I can say is.....this book is SO powerful. I felt like Lynn was sitting with me, explaining LOA and enjoying every minute of it. This book is the BEST on the subject and I savored every page! Little miracles began happening to me immediately. Lynn was divinely inspired (by her higher self) when she wrote this book.

Apr 22, 2011
Ditto regarding Lynn Grabhorn's "Excuse me..."
by: Earl West

Again, thank you for this forum. Very much appreciated. I am re-reading "Excuse Me, Your Life..." by Lynn Grabhorn, probably for the 100-plus time.

Each day as this incredibly well, to me, quite shocking concept (no, reality) is an actual actuality if you will, that REALLY is also observe and daily, mind you, situational shifts -- everything: circumstances, people, objects, everything is easier -- less friction, BIG time!

For me, there is no way I can compare Lynn's Book, "Excuse me," to Abraham-Hicks -- I cannot at this stage of experiencing these serendipitous daily events, these, frankly seeming Miracles, inspired by studying and putting into practice "flip-switching" and taking in the practical, down-to-earth examples from Lynn's book, I could not, beyond a mildly interested intellectual read, feel significantly moved at all with any of the Hicks books.

For me, Lynn is right HERE, with you. No grand sweeping analogies, about rockets of desires, canoes, and speaking from a great distance, AT you, instead of right TO you. The difference for me was and is --actual-- evidential, palpable implementation, living, actually living, as I am daily. The (still) shocker to me is, that this actually works! First, sprinklings of driftwood come into your experience, then driftwood, then, everything is seemingly less complicated. Every situation seems somehow more lubricated, no more of these constant annoying little hitches occurring. From things getting stuck or not working correctly, people being obnoxious, and yes, very low or negative balance in my checking accounts. It seems the entire world is softened toward me, it really does. Life has FINALLY become an adventure.

The only three books I absolutely cherish are -- Lynn's "Excuse Me..." and Neville's little book "Feeling is the secret" -- no fluff, just the immediate how to! Thank you for this long-winded sharing. Bless you all!

Apr 24, 2011
You make excellent points, Earl, thank you!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Dear Earl,

I love what you have to say about "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting." This was one of the first books about the Law of Attraction that I read, where I really felt like I GOT it, like I understood the little shifts of attention and focus that make the biggest difference in using the Law of Attraction deliberately. And you are right, she does make it feel like she is right there, with you, living REAL life, right beside you.

I also love that you bring up the concept of driftwood - that is one of my favorite Law of Attraction concepts. For those who aren't familiar with it, driftwood is an analogy to back in the days of sail, when sailors who had been out at sea for long periods of time would get their very first indicators that land was near, because they would start to driftwood, timber and coconuts, etc., floating in the ocean. Even though they couldn't yet see the land, they could see the driftwood, which had to have come from land, so they knew they were close. The concept is used now to describe all those little hints and indicators that what you desire is near, because you are seeing it around you and your friends more and more -- that is the Universe's way of telling you that it is on it's way to you!

You also mention Neville's book(s) - those are fantastic books! We'd love to read a review of one of those if you ever have a chance. Thank you for writing Earl, your opinion is appreciated!


P.S. I added some commas and some paragraph breaks to your comment, to make it a little easier to read in this narrow page format. ...I hope you don't mind!

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