Depressed and want Law of Attraction to help me get my ex back

(Montgomery, Alabama)

Question: I so appreciate your thorough and thoughtful responses to my questions. Although sometimes painful to hear, I am sure there is much truth to what you say. I guess I would love to hear someone say, think about your ex husband as though he is still with you and then...presto...he will be. I have visualized a much better, stronger and healthier relationship with him, I have imagined him coming to me and saying that the divorce was a mistake, I have approached it from every angle that I can think of.  If the truth be known, however, I am painfully learning it doesn't work that way, and the odds of him coming back are stacked against me.  If I could at least see a glimpse of something better in the future I would not be so depressed but I don't see anything else.  

I am sorry to be such a "downer" and so negative but honestly, it is the state that I am in right now. When you feel hopeless about any future, all of the promises of the Law of Attraction tend to fly right out the window.

Real Life LoA Answer: I understand where you are coming from, I hear you! And, on that note, I am going to tell you a bit about my own story of longing and desire, and desperately wishing that reality was other than what it has been lately... This is not to try to compare tales of woe, or to say that what either of us is going through is any better or worse than the other, but to illustrate that there is only one way to "get there" for any of us who desire something other than the reality we have now.

I have been trying for over five years to have my own children. The challenge is my "advanced maternal age" (or so the doctors say.) I have been through it all; trying the old-fashioned way, medical assistance, fertility drug therapy, IUI, multiple rounds of IVF, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, acupuncture, massage, chinese medicine, special diets, supplements, exercise, bedrest, trying the old-fashioned way some more, considering adoption, donor eggs, donor embryo, being childless, and round, and round, and round it goes. All the while I am a working professional in the field of Law of Attraction, and I haven't been able to "make" this work for myself yet. Frustration is an understatement.

I know how bad it is, to want something that you have absolutely no control over, and to do everything you possibly can to get it without success.

I have been depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, excited, heartbroken, envious, felt silly, defensive, offensive, despondent, indignant, pissed, angry, optimistic, falsely optimistic, pessimistic, hopeless, hopeful, worried, scared, lost, fearful, lonely, sad, bored, useless, broken, occasionally happy, rarely neutral, and often stuck (and every emotion in between!)

Also, I find myself "holding off" on doing other things (like trips, or activities I used to enjoy) "just in case" I am to become pregnant, and, even worse yet, honestly feeling like nothing else I even could do is all that appealing or interesting in comparison to my dream of having children. I have done many, many exciting things in my life thus far, have traveled the world, and have made nearly every dream I've had come true simply by sticking with it, but not this one. Not this one.

Everyone always says that when you give up, or stop trying, or adopt, or don't care anymore, then it will happen. But it is impossible to authentically give up, stop trying, or not care when you DO! So that just leaves me in limbo -- stuck in between wanting what I have not yet been able to achieve, and not being interested in too much else. So I get it.

I too want to simply visualize myself having what I want; pregnant with my own babies, affirm the reality of it, think happy thoughts and then "poof!" there they will be. But we all know how that goes. The promises in the movie "The Secret" aren't quite as simple as they make 'em sound.

As it turns out, the answer is the same for all of us, and believe me when I say I KNOW it's hard to do! But here it is, here is what we can (and must) do for ourselves to craft the lives we desire:

  • Give thanks and be appreciative for what you DO have. There are people, things, and situations in your life NOW that you enjoy and love -- focus on those. Only what you appreciate can grow and expand. Spend your time thinking about what you are experiencing that you want MORE of, and divert your attention off of what is not to your liking.

  • Nurture yourself -- take excellent CARE of yourself: Get enough sleep, eat properly, exercise, have a massage, meditate. There is nothing more attractive (in the Law of Attraction sense) than showing your own appreciation for yourself by honoring your body and spirit.

  • Build your emotional grid: Decide how you DO want to feel about yourself and the situation, and then imagine as many examples from other areas/times of your life or experience in which you can remember feeling that way. (See "The Grid" page, and the Real Life Law of Attraction "build your grid" interactive tool.)

  • Fall in love with yourself! Make a daily practice of listing your OWN positive aspects. If you don't like something about yourself, change it, pursue something creative, reaffirm for yourself WHY you are already an excellent person to be a (wife, mother, partner, whatever you want to be.) YOU are magnificent, YOU are phenomenal, YOU are precious, special, and uniquely perfect to be the person who has what you want -- it is up to YOU to realize that about yourself.

  • Clean up your life energetically, physically, and in your personal environment: Clean up clutter in your home, fix things that are broken, complete (or officially retire) unfinished projects, release resentments and old hurts so you aren't carrying around toxins anymore, learn to say yes to what uplifts you and NO to what drains you. (See this Q & A page for the 30-day Law of Attraction challenge steps to an energetic overhaul.)

  • Have as much fun as you possibly can - just go out and start doing it: Create a bucket list, find a way to follow some dreams, follow your own highest excitement; do whatever feels like it will have the most intrigue in any given moment, get interested in something in your life, focus on the feelings you want to be having and experiencing, do things you like to do - just because. YOU deserve it!

These are the things we ALL must do, for ourselves, to start living our own lives and creating our own happiness regardless of what is going on with the people and situations around us. The power is completely within you!

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Now, with regard to wishing your ex-husband would come back, that could still happen. But what your soul REALLY wants is for YOU to come back! The connection your heart is truly wanting to make is with YOU!

The hardest trick in the book is wanting to see a glimpse of a desired future so that you will be able to be happy in expecting it, but it doesn't work that way. Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing, at least as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned.

But, the believing is not in order to to believe that your ex-husband will come back, or that any specific outcome will come to pass -- it is to believe in yourself! It is to believe that you are worthy of happiness, and that you can feel peaceful and happy in your own soul, and to reach for it (without needing anything else to change in your life first.)

In grieving the past, you have been living your old story rather than living your LIFE, and your Inner Being wants you to be living for YOU.

The trick is to know, and believe that the Universe is unfolding as it should, and to reach for your own joy, your own fascination, your own interests, your own passion, your own dreams! ...That is the what your heart truly longs for, that is what connects you to what the Law of Attraction has already created for you -- YOU! Falling in love with who YOU are, and enjoying YOUR life experiences NOW is the key.

When you develop the ability to truly love who you are, then you will attract a relationship beyond your wildest imagination. Maybe it will be with your ex-husband, or maybe it will be with someone you like even more, but, no matter what, it will be with someone who makes your heart soar, because when you love yourself, there is no greater attractive source. It's YOU, and your ability to LOVE who YOU are.

THAT is the power of the Law of Attraction!

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May 23, 2012
Now is everything already fullfilled.
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

Dependent attachments are the ego's way of casting an illusion of powerlessness. We are all provided the reality of choice now, but letting go is the key to self-acceptance, when that occurs the light of endless choices beams brighter than the noon-day sun. We are love; it is the fabric of which we are all woven. Letting go and simply enjoying Now is abundant Life.

May 25, 2012
An uplifting way to look at it all...
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Thank you Evelyn, you always have such an inspiring outlook on the beauty inherent in life -- it is both a blessing and a magnificent gift to share. Letting go is indeed the key, isn't it? For me, the easiest way to do that is to shift focus onto something else instead. Thank you for writing!

May 26, 2012
Understaning the LOA, and the appilcation there of
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

The relearning the way we relate to life , Must shift from the Leave it to Beaver, and the false projections of Hollywod's flase ego based, concept of what a love relationship is. Is the first leap out of the Pit of pain ans suffering, regarrdless of the form it using to be your concept of reality.I qualify to share this reality , that is the cosmic liberator the overrule's all the desings the ego is prepared to use as webs, or the venus fly trap treadmill.When we stop beleiving one person or network is the souce of our live and happiness, we are correct, the key is we are that person and the source resides on the inside of us, not outside, as long as we devalue our personal sacredness, and allow it to go unproductive , and substitute , that dependant Only if , he or they or she or it would be my souce, The Universe responds to the desire, When we determine that we are Love. At instant the universe responds, and all the joy and happiness will be enjoyed , we must know our higher self will not allow us to bypass levels of transformation, the Ego strives to maintin it's domenion , over us, Life is designed for the mind to be our assistant , but we hve not been tought how this all works, By parents , religions educatiors. Because the information only source is infinite each time the mind starts chattering , about only if, the response sould be I'm that I'm= pure potential, desinged to enjoy the outcome of the choice, if a person, sees fit to get out of a situation with me , I can view it any way I choose, it can be a clearing of space they occupied for me to disvoer my higher self, and get aquainted with all the endless adventures waiting for discovering endless worlds of lasting joy, As we relearn we allow people and things to be as they waish, and allow our own joy an dhappines to flow from within, flowing outward attracting the same, and flowing back to it's source the higher self. I extend uncondtional love , certin results of self acceptence, wish the person well and love them enough to let them go, I have done it many times. the more we are willing to stop unhealthy clinging, the more we will enjoy The stillness that speaks to us , of things words dare not utter, allowing the blocked up internal treasurs to unfold.

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