The "Build Your Grid" Tool:
How to Manifest Your Desires

This page, and the form below, is a tool to build your grid and then send it to the Universe. This tool will send you a copy of what you write via e-mail, so you can print it, and keep a copy to add to a notebook and refer to again and again.

If you have been to, or heard any of the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction workshops recently, you have been hearing a lot about the Emotional Grid. The grid is the most recent language that Abraham has been using to describe how the Law of Attraction and the Vortex accumulate the bits of your thoughts and emotions around you to manifest your experiences.

The necessary first step to manifesting ANYTHING into your reality, is to conjure the emotion of it first -- the emotional grid is a a way to comprehend and understand how that works, and a more concrete process for doing it.

For more explanation about the emotional grid before using the tool, see "The Grid" page, or to jump straight to the "Build Your Grid Tool", click here. For detailed instructions on using the build your grid tool, read on...

How to Build Your Grid:

Use the tool below to build your emotional grid by filling in the blanks with words describing imagery and memories that have as much emotion as possible.

Imagine something you desire in your life; an enriching love relationship, a fulfilling career, a nurturing home environment, vibrant health, an active social life, etc. Pick one thing to start with.

Do a separate grid for each area of your life that you want to amplify and/or manifest something new in. Many different grids will have overlapping emotions, and that is normal, but honor each separate life desire by giving it it's own grid.

Start by imagining yourself having the experience you desire, thinking about what it will feel like AFTER you manifest it, and the kinds of emotions you will most enjoy while having that experience. Briefly describe that in the first large block for text.

Then identify the six most important (most desired) positive emotions that you are looking forward to experiencing AFTER you have your manifestation, and list them in the text boxes for the desired emotions.

For each emotion, describe 3 examples from any OTHER part of your life, past memory, or situation when you have EXPERIENCED that emotion. The more you can write for each example, the more vividly you can describe feeling the emotions of the example, the better for you -- because simply by conjuring that emotion into your mind, you are simultaneously manifesting experiences to go with it!

You can write as much as like, you are not limited by the size of the text box -- the more the better! And, as long as this window is open you can continue to write in the form, there is no time-out feature.

The beauty of the grid concept is, that the more you find ways to FEEL the emotions that you have listed in the grid tool, regardless of the circumstances, or what kind of situation inspires the emotion, the faster your manifestations will follow. The key is finding ways to experience and FEEL those emotions, as often as possible -- that is what attracts your desires! (...And it feels really good too!)

After you have completed the grid tool, you can print the page. Or, when you submit your emotional grid to the Universe, the system will send a copy of it to your e-mail address (so please make sure it is accurate before you submit) where you can keep it, print it, and refer to it as often as you like.

(*NOTE: Your e-mail address will never be used for any other purpose.) 

Build Your Own Emotional Grid Tool

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Note: Some mobile devices may not display this video. If that is the case for you, you can view it here:  Abraham-Hicks video on The Grid  (will open in a new window.)

Why The Grid Works

  1. When you deliberately spend time imagining the good feeling thoughts, feelings and memories around a certain emotion that you would like to associate with your desires, very quickly you will be experiencing more of that emotion.

  2. When you experience more of a positive emotion more of the time, then you will start to attract experiences that "fit" with that positive emotion.

  3. As you have more and more similar experiences, all of which "fit" with that positive emotion, you will attract more and more to feel that way about, and more ideas and inspiration, which will lead to opportunities and more experiences to be happier and happier about.

You CAN do this! It just takes a little bit of practicing and being deliberate about your grid! The power is within you right now! 

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