Vision Boards and Dream Boards – Impatience Slowing Manifestation?

by Anonymous

Question: I read your article on “Dream Boards are a valuable “How-To Law of Attraction" tool". I just want to confirm that if you still do occasionally get impatient it slows the manifestation down. Does the same thing apply if you are mostly positive, but yet there is still some negativity (but the positive is more strong)? Lastly, I usually read my order to the universe every night; is it best, in your opinion, to cut it down to once a week, or just not read it at all again. Any help would be appreciated.

Real Life LoA Answer: Thank you for writing; I am thrilled to know that you found the article on vision boards helpful! Also, I want to offer my most sincere apologies for taking so long to respond, I have had a number of doctors appointments this week, and have been away from the computer much of the time - I'm so sorry!

Regarding impatience while focusing on manifesting. I really hear you on that one! While it is true that impatience slows the process somewhat, it is also very natural to feel impatient for something we want very much - it happens to all of us. Feeling impatient, or anxious and emotional about something tells you that it is very important to you. And, it is impossible to NOT feel impatient sometimes! The more damaging thoughts are when we get mad at ourselves, or criticize ourselves for feeling the way we want to, or for worrying, or wondering...

There are always days, or times, when the negativity sneaks back in, but it is just a reminder to strengthen your beliefs that what you want IS possible - look for evidence of other people who have done it, look for similar examples from your past, daydream about the ways it could/might happen for you. Remind yourself of all the ways you can truly believe in your heart that it IS definitely going to happen for you.

...And, maybe most importantly, and contrary to popular opinion, share those thoughts and dreams with as few people as possible, so that any accidental negativity they might have doesn't inadvertently dampen your own belief.

Personally, I do not advise reading your order to the Universe at all any more after you have clarified it. Tuck it away in a special place, or a box, or a journal, and simply know that it is safe there. The Universe is already on the job, it knows what you want, and has already created it for you.

If you can imagine what it would feel like for you to actually be experiencing your dream, as if you already had it, as you drift off to sleep that is always a good thing to do. But, if that is hard to do, or doesn't feel fun/easy/good, then simply imagining everything you can think of to be grateful for, and appreciative for, that is in your life now, as is, is the best thing to do before bed.

Thank you for writing; I hope this gives some peace and clarity. You ARE on the right track; the Universe has created your dream for you even BETTER than you can imagine it already, and is in the process of bringing it to you right now! This, I know is true! Blessings to you for enjoying the journey along the way!

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