LoA Vision Boards are Manifesting for others?

by Asha

Question: Hi, I'm practicing the Law of Attraction, and have created a vision board with lots of images on how my future life will be. Apparently, I am seeing exactly these things happening with people in my environment, BUT NOT me. Could you help? Thanks, Asha

Real Life LoA Answer: Hi Asha,

It's FABULOUS that you are starting to see evidence of your affirmations and vision board creations manifesting themselves for the people around you - that is amazing, that is wonderful, that is the first step in the trail of physical proof that it is on it's way to you!

Have you ever had the experience in which you had decided that you were going to buy a new outfit, or a new car, or something else specific, and you had in mind exactly which one you wanted, and you were saving your money to prepare, or possibly you had even just purchased it, and then you start to see the exact same thing over and over again?  ...You see the exact same car that you just bought (or that you want) driving around town in the exact color and configuration that you desired?

Abraham Hicks has a term that they use to describe this phenomenon, and it is "driftwood" -- it comes from when sailors were out at sea for months at a time, and they knew they were approaching land long before they could actually see the land because they would start to see pieces of wood, and coconuts, and other land-based material floating in the ocean.  When they started to see driftwood, they knew they were close!

You are only aware of things that are for you, that you are manifesting, and that you are attracting. If it catches your attention, it is because YOU are manifesting it. If you are manifesting seeing it around you, that is the first solid indicator that the energy is growing around you, and you will be experiencing it more and more until it is yours! From the moment you imagine it, is is done energetically, so seeing it physically (no matter who is experiencing it) is an indicator, a message to you about what you are creating.

Your manifestations are VERY close!  When you see other people start to get the things you have been desiring, just mentally say to yourself:  "That's for ME!" because you can see it, and it IS a message for you that it is close.  Then, be jubilantly happy for the person, and celebrate their success as if it is your own, because it IS your manifestation (no matter who it is actually happening to) and that is the energy that will pull your manifestation in to you even faster!

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Feb 05, 2018
by: Anonymous

OMG!!! The same thing is happening to me ATM. I have been visualizing goals since late last year, and slowly but surely, those goals are manifesting for others. I was like, what?? why is it happening to them instead of me? I was thinking maybe I am visualizing the wrong way since its manifesting for others. I am really glad I read this post and just learned about the "Driftwood" phenomenon. So it is normal to see others get what you desire and just be happy for them and for yourself because it is a message from the universe saying "hey bud, your next!" XD

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