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The Secret Movie ORIGINAL Version?

Question: Hi. I'm wondering if you could tell me where to find an original version of The Secret DVD? I live in Australia. I know I will only get a second hand copy but it is worth it.

I saw The Secret movie 'extended version' when it came out but didn't discover Abraham Hicks until 2009, and have wanted an original version of it ever since. I love Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks, and Abraham.

With the help of the Law of Attraction I will eventually find it I'm sure. I just don't know where to start looking for second hand copies of The Secret DVD. So I'm hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks very much.

Real Life LoA Answer: Wow, that is an excellent, excellent question! I have done some looking into it, and here is what I have found so far:

One of the large online used book retailers here in the US, Alibris (.com), does also sell movies, and when I searched the list of ALL editions, they do have two English language versions of The Secret DVD, with two different UPC codes listed - one simply named "The Secret" and one listed as the extended edition.

The (probable) original edition is UPC code is: 094922579959

(I SO wish that I'd had the presence of mind to note the UPC code numbers at the time when I was doing my in depth research into the two different versions of The Secret movie, but unfortunately, I did not. Nor do I have the original box for my own copy of the original edition of The Secret DVD, so I cannot simply look at it to find the correct UPC.)

But, I did just go and find some information about the "extended edition" (the one currently available in retail stores - the one you DO NOT want) and the UPC code for that one is: 094922638960 ...So it does seem that the UPC code listed up above, ending in 59, is the correct one for the original edition!

(Hoorah, we're making progress!)

If you have read the page on my site about The Secret Movie, you know that the extended edition (which is not really extended, just different) is the one you DO NOT want.

If there is any doubt, you should send an e-mail to the various sellers who claim to be selling the version with correct UPC code, and ask them to actually look at The Secret DVD disc/box for these indicators:

--> The original edition is © and ™ 2006 PRIME TIME PRODUCTIONS

--> The version WITHOUT Esther Hicks / Abraham is © and ™ 2006 TS Productions LLC, and, it has the words "extended edition" underneath the "The Secret" logo on the back of the case, just above the language options/Dolby Digital logos as well as on the disc itself

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

I did find a copy on Ebay, which clearly states in the description that it is the original edition, the one with Abraham in it, but it is really expensive (US $49.) Alibris has it for US $8.50, but I am not sure if they will ship to Australia.

That is another thing that I am sure you could ask each individual seller (Alibris, for example, is a collection of independent retailers) since you need to contact them to verify the correct UPC#/version anyway?

NOTE: The BIG problem with Ebay, and many other large online retailers (like Amazon and Google, to name a few) is that because their inventory tracking system automatically propagates some information into the item description fields, like the UPC code for books and movies, you cannot always be sure that the UPC code listed in the item description on Ebay is correct.

You can only rely on the information that is hand input/edited, or verified by individual humans involved, so, if in doubt, send them an e-mail and ask prior to purchasing.

Now, I did also just find a copy of The Secret DVD from Amazon which does appear to be the correct one, (since Amazon is suggesting that there is a newer edition available ((though you don't want the newer version!??!))) I believe it is the correct version, because Esther Hicks is listed as the primary actor, and the studio is correct (Prime Time Productions) it sells for US $26.83 and they DO ship to Australia (only US $4.99!)

(I am not including the actual retailer links on this page, because they will be out-of-date over the lifespan of this site, so...

To search for The Secret DVD (on any of the sites I searched) go to the advanced search option and enter the UPC code: 094922579959 directly – that will be your first indicator whether or not it is the correct version.)

Also, keep in mind that the DVDs you will get from any US source will be in NTSC video format, and I believe Australia generally uses the PAL format. But that also may not be an issue if you will be watching the DVD in a computer rather than on a home DVD player?

I think this should do it for you, and now it's just a matter of price, shipping, and reliability...

And, remember, that no matter where you end up purchasing it, to definitely contact the seller directly (there is usually a link on the item page) to verify the details of the information on the actual box prior to purchasing. I would be slightly suspect of the ones listed as "new" (in case the sellers weren't careful with the UPC code when they added it to their inventory.)

Thank you for writing, it has been my pleasure to be a cooperative component with you and try to help you find the film in it's original (and BEST) form!

Blessings and love to you - write to me again after you have seen it, and let me know what you think!

Have a joyous week,


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