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Question: Looking for Law of Attraction help in finding something... Last fall I put something valuable to me away in my home before I went out of town. Now, months later, I am looking for it and have torn half my house apart looking for it. Any suggestions on how I can use Law of Attraction to locate it? Thanks!

Answer: Interesting question! I have a couple of thoughts for you...

  1. Decide that you "know" where it is, and know that it will appear to you at the perfect time. Then, keep reminding yourself of that "fact" until you really believe it.

  2. Write down on a piece of paper that you found it (in the past tense) and imagine yourself actually finding it. ...Not the details of the place where you may really find it, but the details of how you FEEL after finding it, and what you feel happy about now being able to do with it now that you have found it. (Again, imagining it all as if it is happening in the past tense.)

  3. Write a short letter to somebody very close to you (living or otherwise - you are not going to be sending the letter) and again, writing in the past tense, tell that person, in as much detail as possible, about how you found it. Write how it felt to find it, and how cool the whole experience was for you. (Keeping the mindset that you have "found" it of course!) Focus on any good feelings you can imagine or even "make up" that you would feel after finding the item, and write them out as if they have already happened.

  4. And, the most important part, after you have done the first three suggestions, is to go do something that you find truly fun for a while! Or meditate, workout, or even go to sleep, but do something so that you can deeply relax and truly take your mind off of it - by turning your attention FULLY onto something else! Law of Attraction help depends on YOU feeling good!

The big trick is that, in the Law of Attraction, "asking a question" (like where something is) is a different vibration from "receiving the answer" (knowing where it is).

The question is clear. So now, for Law of Attraction help, getting to the place where you can relax into feeling, inside your heart, that you already HAVE the answer, (and have a little fun while you are at it), is the key. ...Then, the answer will show up.

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If all of the above doesn't locate the item, there IS one more thing you can do. This one is the most challenging to do, but is also likely to be the most effective (even though it sounds counter-intuitive!)

Make peace with the idea of never finding the item.

...That is not to say that you won't, but try to come up with a list of reasons for how you would recover, what you would do instead, how it would NOT be the end of the world, and even how you can possibly attract something even better for yourself from the situation. If you can imagine even a remotely plausible way to feel okay about not finding it, or how it could be even better for you if you didn't, your energy will not be so attached to the "question" of where they are. Law of Attraction help can flow in the absence of anxiety about "what is".

Imagine that it has been destroyed in an accident. What would you do? Take time for yourself to grieve "the loss", but then make a list of as many things as you can think of to remind yourself that it is OK, that all is well, and that everything will be alright. Do your best to come up with a scenario in your mind with at most a little inconvenience, but no dire consequences, and possibly even an outcome that is far better in the slightly longer run.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to lie to yourself or to the Universe. For Law of Attraction help in finding it, you have to really get to the place where it is OK if you don't get it back.

Someone I know well used this technique to make peace with the idea of having lost a very large investment. When he got himself to the place of knowing that he would somehow come out even better in the end without that particular money, and that it was NOT the end of the world, he later (MUCH later), learned that it was not gone. ...The money was still tied-up, so he couldn't cash out, but it was not gone (and the original investment was still going up in value!)

I hope these suggestions help - let me know how it comes out!


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