I Can FEEL Negative Visualizations, But Not Positive Ones

by Patricia

(This is a Law of Attraction question which has been paraphrased from a comment on a different page; it has been edited to avoid too much repeating content, and to save space. If you'd like to read the entire question, as originally written, it is in the "How can I use the Law of Attraction to attract my soulmate?" comments section.)

Question: I fully understand the Law of Attraction and have witnessed it work in my own life in terms of career, my business and more. But...

If I think of an incident where someone did something that pissed me off and, just as an example, I imagine beating that person up, I *FEEL* it. I can almost be there, feeling the anger, feeling myself giving that fresh guy at the market a slap, or punching someone in the face after reading about a terrible crime done to a kid in the news. This is a bit of a dramatization, but you get my point.

But when I try to visualize things like winning the lottery or even just walking on a warm beach without a care in the world, I can imagine it vaguely but not with the intensity of a negative thought. I don't *feel* the sun on my arms. I don't feel like I'm driving a luxury car or being madly in love with someone I adore.

I don't get why it is, when I've practiced Law of Attraction for years, why I can't "deep dive" and get lost in positive visualizations the same way I do negative ones.

All I can think of is that I've never been *wealthy* or *madly* in love so I have no earnest feelings to associate with those things. I can only guess how I would feel, but I'm not *recalling* feelings I've had previously. But I have been angry before so that's a familiar feeling most of us can identify with.

Or, if I imagine winning the lottery, I immediately think of where I'd find the best financial planner, how I'd have to set up a blind trust to protect myself, etc. I get wrapped up in the negative details beyond just the freedom and enjoyment. It's like I can't even suspend that in a daydream or only imagine the good.

Real Life LoA Answer: As you already know, better than many people do, I'm sure, that the dynamics of how the Law of Attraction works in our lives is multi-faceted and complex. There is not one skill, or practice, or set of thoughts that is responsible for the manifestations that occur (or don't occur!)

More to your question though, I don't think that the problem is that you have not yet ever been really wealthy, or madly in love; that you don't have a personal reference point for those experiences -- it's that those extremes are just a little too far away from your everyday vibrational frequency right now. That's not a bad thing, that's normal, that's human, that's actually a necessary part of the creative process.

The challenge is that the emotional frequency, or vibration of anger, or frustration, or worry, is closer to many of the emotions you may feel in your day-to-day life (at work, in traffic, watching TV, trying to get through a busy schedule with too much to do, financial challenges, etc.) than the vibration of your desires. All those little annoyances that plague us in daily life add up quickly, and create a general vibrational temperature that is far lower in frequency that we wish it were (or than is compatible with the dreams we are striving for!)

If I want to be able feel adoring, considerate, peaceful, content, snuggly, and playful in my dream relationship, I cannot do that, or feel that, or even IMAGINE it, if I am currently worried, anxious, irritated, annoyed, bored, or distracted. The energies are not compatible.

And if more than 50% of your day is spent feeling the emotions in the lower part of the emotional scale, the Law of Attraction will see to it that those energies are what you will continue to attract more of. (...Whether or not that is what you consciously want to attract.)

The key is to be really honest with yourself, and notice the discrepancy (between what you want to be able to visualize or feel, and what the tenor or frequency of what you ARE feeling/are easily able to) while it is happening, and begin to shift the pattern.

* Start trying to pay attention to your split-second thoughts -- THOSE are the thoughts that reveal the truth of how you really feel/the fears you have about a subject. Your lottery example is a really good one, as an illustration of both the physical and the emotional difference between the two extremes: A huge jump from current reality to mega-rich in one day, and having no reference for how to handle ALL the problems that would come with that experience.

* There is an Abraham clip on jealousy that I heard recently, and though your question isn't specifically about jealousy, it's close enough to anger in vibration, that the advice applies equally here. The truth of how you REALLY feel emerges -- and that is important data for you!

When you think about what you want, oftentimes what is really being activated is a heightened awareness of "not having what you want" -- it activates how you really feel about that subject (the fears, the insecurities, the anger, the frustration, the worry...) all the upsetting feelings that swirl around the idea of not having it yet.

Negative feelings like jealousy, or anger, or frustration are simply an amplified awareness of something wanted while you are standing in a place of believing that either you do not have it, or can't maintain it.

Any emotional disparity you have is actually good to feel, because it tells you that what you want, and the signals you are putting out vibrationally, and not in the same place, not at the same frequency. And you CAN do something about that, not all at once, but you can set the intention to do something about that, and begin to climb up the emotional scale.

* Start to notice and deliberately decide to "play it up or play it down" as you think about, or talk about, or notice, or focus on (read about, watch on TV, debate over) various topics. Is the energy compatible with the frequency of what you WANT to be attracting and manifesting? If not, play it down by withdrawing yourself, shifting to a new topic, changing the subject, or generally reminding yourself that you want to feel good and you don't have to think about that right now.

* Get in the practice of asking yourself: Do I want MORE of THIS (insert thoughts about current situation you are experiencing) in my life? If the answer is yes, focus on it more. If the answer is no, stop focusing on it at all, and mentally shift your thoughts to something you DO want MORE of in your life.

* Try the "What's bad about it" exercise: Write a dream you'd like to manifest at the top of a page. Then, make a list of everything that would be BAD or NEGATIVE about really achieving that desire.

For instance, being madly in love might impact your schedule, or push out activities you enjoy. Coming into money may cause people to expect you to pay for everything. A new job might mean you have to work much more than you did before.

Write down anything and everything that you can think of that might potentially be a negative consequence of achieving your dream. Then, go through each one and DECIDE on a new reality for each, that you can believe is possible. Be creative, brainstorm for a new reality that you would prefer for each item you've written. As you do, cross out the old belief/worry/fear, and write your new outlook below it.

* Feelings of anger and frustration are so common in our lives, that they can almost go unnoticed. Try making a list of everything you can think of that makes you mad, pisses you off, irritates you, makes you wish someone were dead (not that you'd ever do it, but just if you've ever had the wish that they were gone), that you hate, that you judge, that you wish were different than it is. Then...

Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw. Remove yourself from the situations that bring up those feelings as much as you possibly can. I have to remember to do this all the time myself. I'm very interested in politics, but it can make me really, really angry sometimes.

So, I have to discipline myself to turn off shows that bring up those feelings, no matter how interested in the subject I may be. When I do, and use my time more productively instead, I find I ma exponentially more peaceful and happy with little effort.

* Work on raising the vibration of your day-to-day life in general:

Be determined to create a small practice of feeling a little bit better about life each day by deliberately climbing up the emotional scale when you notice yourself feeling pissed off or upset (about ANYTHING.)

Immerse yourself in something creative. Do things you love. Paint something. Pick out a hobby you used to love and take it up again. Get as busy being passionately interested in something as you can.

...EVERYONE starts at the beginning, most people are not born rich, and certainly do not have a reference point for being madly in love with a romantic partner as toddlers. We all learn to walk, talk, speak, think, dream, create, and build the same way -- step by step.

Blessings to you on the journey!

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Apr 20, 2014
Thank you a million!
by: Patricia

I so appreciate that you wrote this post for my question. It really resonates, especially the part about how those split second thoughts still affect us even when we generally define ourselves as content, happy people.

But our lifetimes are works in progress so this will just keep me on my positive path. Thank you again, more than I can say, for taking the time to write this out relating to my initial question.

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