How to Attract a Comfortable Home?

by Ryan

Question: I have studied the principles of LOA (Law of Attraction) for about a year and a half. How it happened was pretty ironic--I was forced to leave the girl I was dating for a year (we had zero problems). Afterward, I allowed myself to return to total depression mode until I actually looked up at my ceiling with tears streaming down my face...and I said it:

"I don't wanna live like this anymore."

So, I began my studies. I am now 19 and dating someone else. But--here's my main concern(s): the financial stress at home is fairly oppressive, and has a tendency to affect everyone else to the point of misery. Particularly the parents--and their frustrations can be felt quite densely, as if something is squeezing me. I'm not saying it's bad all the time, but for the amount of self-improvement I have done, I do not want to feel stuck in the middle all the time.

Will I help? Yes.
Do I want to be caught in a negative vortex for the next crucial years of my college career? Absolutely not.

Therefore, I tend to emphasize the following affirmation:
"I am living comfortably in my own home with my ideal partner."
And I repeat it about 5 times before sleep each night. I want to be free of the negativity and live life the way I was meant to live it. The way I choose to live it.
Being happy every single day. Feeling like my life is mine--not everyone else's bolster.

Selfish? Yes. But that's how I choose to live. After all--do we not all deserve to be selfish? How else may we achieve happiness? But what I'm really asking is this: how may I help myself to manifest a comfortable home of my own?

Thanks for reading!

Real Life LoA Answer: Wow, Ryan, YOU are awesome! What a great question, so eloquently stated, and right on point with so many Law of Attraction principles. You are already on the perfectly right track for attracting your dreams, but let's see if we can come up with a couple of refinements so the process is even quicker for you.

First of all, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, selfish is good. There really isn't any such thing as selfish in the negative sense, because we are all unique sovereign beings, creating our own reality -- we cannot create in someone else's reality -- so the concept of using the word selfish as a weapon/accusation against oneself (or others) is misplaced. So be as selfish as you possibly can, from an energetic and emotional orientation that is!

Even in terms of how you interact with others, you are only really helping people if you are in a good place yourself; if your vibration is pure and joyful, then you can be a positive influence, otherwise you are not raising the collective energy. As you already know, and stated, it is up to you to selfishly guard your focus and your vibration, because no one else can create anything for you!

Anyway, back to your main question, how to attract your own comfortable home and your ideal partner. The best/fastest way to do it is to separate the two things in your mind. You may very well attract them both at the same time, but when you focus on them, do so one at a time.

I have a theory that the Universe is trying to give you EVERYTHING you want, and when that gets really specific (or is comprised of more than one thing compounded together in your mind) it takes longer, because FAR fewer possibilities exist to fulfill both/all wishes at the exact same time. So it may be trying to give you it all, but it takes longer to prepare because the "order" has so many ingredients.

For instance, say your perfect home is a two-bedroom apartment, near school, with a fully-equipped kitchen, a park nearby, a garage space, utilities included, and a really cool roommate to share the already low expenses with. That living situation might be available right now, but if you have it in your mind that your roommate should also be your ideal partner, or even if both should come into your life at the same time, it might not work from a timing point of view, because your ideal girlfriend might not be single yet. You see? The Universe can be VERY specific....

You can still spend time focusing on both things, just focus on the partner in separate visions from those of your new living situation as best you can.

Now as far as super-charging the attraction, the BEST piece of advice I can offer might sound counter-logical, but it really does work like magic when you commit to it:

Focus on as many things as you possibly can that you LIKE about your current living situation (and the other people that you are currently living with.)

Get a small notebook, and use it to make lists of positive aspects / positive qualities about anything and everything you can around you in your environment right now. Make a separate list about your room, your house, your yard, the neighborhood you currently live in, your transportation to college, your parents (that one might be hard, but you can do it!!!), each of the other family members/people in your household, your lifestyle or schedule, etc.

The reason this works is that the Law of Attraction reacts and responds to whatever the majority of your thought is focused on, and pulls more of whatever energy that is into your experience. So, when your parents are being negative, if you are focused on that fact, no matter how true it is, you are attracting more negativity yourself, either FROM them, or from something else.

The trick is to train yourself to mentally list what is positive, good, lovable, nice, likable, enjoyable, and valuable about them, and picture them at their best prior to interacting with them, and then the Law of Attraction will ensure that the negativity and you will rarely be in the same space at the same time (even if they don't really change themselves.) It works the same way with situations and your environment as well.

When you focus on what you DO like / love / enjoy about your current situation, AS IT IS now, you are still attracting a new situation (because the Universe is always expanding, so you are ALWAYS attracting something new) but you are pre-filling that new experience with more of the things that give you enjoyment, more qualities that you DO like, and not leaving energetic space for attracting what you don't like.

For example, if one of the good things about currently living with your folks is that it is affordable, and you spend time focusing on WHY you like that, appreciating what you are able to do with the money you save, and filling your mind with gratitude for the freedom of living in such an affordable accommodation, you cannot NOT attract anything but an affordable situation in your next place. Law of Attraction and the Universe are responding to how you are being, and if you are being appreciative of having such good value for money in your living situation, the Universe must give you more of that same energy as you expand, and as your expansive dreams of your own place to live manifest. It is law.

Start with only 5 qualities on each list if that is all you can think of at first, and then, as you go on, you will start to feel better and better, happier and happier, and it will become easier to think of more. Try to get each list up to at least 25 qualities, and keep adding to them as you think of more. Then re-read those lists every night before you go to sleep. When you go to sleep with your heart full of peace, love and appreciation, you will exponentially magnify how quickly you attract ALL of your best dreams into your experience!

For additional detail and more information on this topic:

Here is another question & answer submitted to Real Life Law of Attraction about using the Law of Attraction to help someone else be less negative, which goes more deeply into how we can alter our own experience of other people and be attracting from a place of peace (no matter how they are behaving!) It will add more detail to how the Law of Attraction is really functioning in creating YOUR OWN reality, and how what other people are doing doesn't really matter that much.

Blessings and love on your extraordinary journey! (...And, please come back and add a comment below when you manifest your new place to live and tell us all about it!)

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Aug 01, 2013
Always works
by: Angel

The law of attraction is perfect for attracting what you want in a home. Some people try to attract all kinds of crazy things that are outside of the law, but we all need a home, and we can all attract exactly what we want in a home by sending out that intent. That was a great read.

Aug 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

This re-aligned my thoughts and I am very distracted right now and really do not know what to do.

Again, thank you for the inspiring share.


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