How do I NOT get in the way of manifesting desires?

by Aloysius Dzigbordi Looglo

Question: I desire to do my master`s degree studies in a European University. Everything is working towards that, I even got a professor who edited my motivation [application] letter for me.

My question is, I need help on how to not get too much into the physicalness [action journey] of applying for an msc degree. How do I DO THINGS IN SUCH A WAY THAT I DONT GET IN THE WAY OF IT MANIFESTING?

Real Life LoA Answer: Wow, I LOVE this question, and I love you for asking it, thank you! This is a great question because getting too caught up in the action steps, and trying to MAKE something happen, is probably the number one way that most people get in their own way and prevent the Law of Attraction from manifesting their desires, or manifesting them as quickly and gracefully as otherwise could be.

It is not necessary to completely abandon action steps, or the physicalness of pursuing dreams and goals. We humans ARE physical beings after all -- life is about taking action and doing physical things out in the world. The trick is to be harnessing the energetic and vibrational component as much, or more, and at the same time, as you are taking the action steps required in the process. That way, the Law of Attraction can be doing the heavy lifting for you, and creating circumstances that are beyond your imagination, to lift and guide you along in ease, grace, serendipity, and in a seemingly miraculous nature.

There are three main approaches to focus on, in order to best harness the power of the Law of Attraction, and do things in such as a way as to not get in the way of your dreams manifesting:

  1. Be clear (and excited) about the WHY of your dream

  2. When you have the urge to take action, be deliberate about your "emotional grid" first.

  3. Spend as much time as possible focusing on YOUR OWN positive aspects and reaffirming why YOU are so fabulous, magnificent, and wonderful (because YOU ARE!)

Firstly, to be clear (and excited) about the WHY of your dream. I love your goal, it is clear, vibrant, and, in just a few words I can feel how much love YOU have for it -- that is excellent. It is important for you to be very clear within yourself about WHY you want what you want.

Try making a list of all the reasons why you want what you want, and write them down. Then go through the list, one by one, and make sure that each reason is of a positive quality and an affirmative essence.

What this means is make sure the reasons you want to achieve and experience your dream is because of something you DO want, and not the opposite of what you don't want. For example:
  • Instead of searching for a partner who isn't an alcoholic, frame your desires in terms of what you DO want: A partner who enjoys an occasional glass of wine or enjoys a sober lifestyle.
  • Instead of desiring more money to not be in debt anymore, frame the goal in terms of what you DO want: To live in a comfortable home, or to joyfully fund your child's college education.
  • Instead of wanting to not be overweight, or to lose weight, frame the vision in terms of what you DO want: To be healthy, slim, svelte, fit, and to feel both attractive and fabulous!
It's a very subtle point, but always try to think in terms of the positive experience that you DO want; always try to think in terms of what you want MORE of (and not what you don't want, or what you want less of.)

This is a small example from my own life to illustrate the point: When I was searching for a partner, I saw a man who had a hairstyle that I didn't care for, but rather than focus on what I did not like, I asked myself what I wanted instead, and, more importantly, WHY? I became clear that I wanted a boyfriend who had clean-cut look. Now that may sound silly and inconsequential to some people, but for me, it was because I felt that it would match my own look nicely, that it harmonized with my own style, and my personality. I thought that a man who had a similar upbringing and values as I had, would most likely have a simple overall style, and that is what I found attractive. It is very important for me to be attracted to my partner, so it would be logical that my man would have a personal style that appealed to me.

The reasons you want what you want are personal, and any reasons are perfectly acceptable (so long as they do not cause harm to another being, or infringe on another person's free will.) But, make sure you can justify every reason in your own heart, by knowing WHY you want it, which of your own qualities it will harmonize with, how it will feed your soul, increase your sense of fun, raise your enjoyment of life, or expand the overall love you are capable of experiencing...

The Law of Attraction will always bring you exactly what you expect to experience, or are willing to settle for.

Now for the second point, be deliberate about your "emotional grid" -- your emotional grid is the collection of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and preconceived ideas you have about whatever subject you are currently focusing on. If you are thinking about swimming in a pool, for instance, then every thought, feeling, and belief you have about swimming in the pool is coalescing to form your emotional grid on that subject. At the exact same time, the Law of Attraction is gathering more and more thoughts/ideas which are similar, to add to the mix. That is what is referred to as "filling in the grid." The Law of Attraction always "fills in the grid" for you, no matter whether it is a positively expectant grid, or a negatively attracting one.

If you want to know more about the emotional grid, there is an entire page devoted to "The Grid", or try using the interactive Real Life Law of Attraction "build your emotional grid" tool. (Both links will open on a new page, because the last point in this answer is the most valuable of all!) Keep reading...

Lastly, and most importantly, spend as much time as possible focusing on YOUR OWN positive aspects and reaffirming why YOU are so fabulous, magnificent, and wonderful (because YOU ARE!)

YOU are the perfect, and only, person to fulfill your dreams. You are the unique manifestation of life that is living your experiences in your time, in your place, and you are the only one who can contribute your unique talents, gifts, perspective to life around you. You. You are it. If you don't live your life, no one else can. There will never be another you, and no one else can execute your ideas. You are truly a special, wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, and precious being.

The real truth of who you are from the perspective of Source Energy is perfect. Source Energy's opinion of you is that you are magnificent, beautiful, glorious, talented, intelligent, creative, fun, joy-filled, loving, compassionate, and absolutely, positively worthy of all good things that are possible. The Universe/God/Source Energy (I use those terms synonymously) believes this about you: You are my precious child, in whom I am well-pleased. YOU. That is the truth of who you are.

The thing is, you need to cultivate the ability to know those facts about yourself, because that is how the Law of Attraction makes the right connections -- it is based on the energy you exude. When your vibrations about yourself are in harmony with the energy/idea/truth about you (from the perspective of Source Energy, which knows only love) then the Law of Attraction can flow in an uninterrupted way. You are love embodied; that is your true essence. When you practice focusing on, and cultivating, and magnifying your own best qualities, all manner of situations, opportunities, people, and manifestations are keenly attracted to you.

Focus on the best of who you are, and you cannot go wrong!

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