How can Law of Attraction help when I need money NOW?


Question: It is very hard, almost impossible, to think positive when you need help almost immediately. Unless your advice is to let go and risk losing important things in your life? Pretty extreme detachment I would say, then you can start over and be positive with nothing to lose.

"I believe, but am frustrated time-wise - I can wait but not the bills."

Real Life LoA Answer: I'm so sorry to hear you are having a tough time, I know so many people who are in a rough spot financially right now, I'm sorry. I really hear you. Feeling pressure to pay the bills is a horrible feeling. And yes, it is impossible to think positive thoughts when things are crumbling around you - it is too far away from the reality you are experiencing.

However, the Law of Attraction, cannot, in and of itself, change what you are experiencing - it merely perpetuates what you notice, think about, and expect. Usually, that is more of the same, unfortunately.

And the answer is NOT to simply "let go" entirely and risk losing everything that is important to you either. But, being paralyzed by fears, no matter how justified they currently are, won't help to improve the situation.

One of the problems in the movie "The Secret" (and what many Law of Attraction teachers out there preach) is that they make it seem like all anybody has to do to manifest change is to think positively and then wait for the Law of Attraction to change the conditions being experienced. Sadly, it doesn't work that way.

Though it initially seems "unfair", usually, the more that somebody "needs" something, the much less likely they are to attract it. The reason is that when needs are very strong, it is far more easy to connect with the energy of NOT having what you want/need, than it is to really believe it is coming. Energy vibrations and alignment are very sensitive, if the fear is at all stronger than the belief, the manifestation will not turn out in the desired way, it will be the opposite.

When it comes to earning money, paying the bills and knowing that you need money now, because the pressure is so great, one should do whatever one can legally do to get that done first and foremost. Otherwise, the strain of having money worries hanging over your head makes it virtually impossible to attract anything else. The Law of Attraction only responds to whatever emotional state is most prevalent (and, concern about the lack of money is a VERY strong emotional state!)

One other thing that can help some is to use techniques specifically to get in and change the beliefs that trigger the fears that take over and seize your thoughts. The ones I use myself are "The Work of Byron Katie" ( and "The Lefkoe Method" ( With both techniques, you can do a great deal of it for free yourself, but it takes practice, and it's not easy. Then again, most things that are really valuable are rarely easy.

I wish you the best, and am sending you blessings of light and light along the way!


P.S. From my own personal experience right now, I can also recommend doing the steps outlined on this other page, while you are pursuing immediate ways to earn money and pay the bills: Andrea's variation on the Abraham-Hicks 30-day Challenge for a complete Law of Attraction overhaul

I wish there was a secret formula. Many have promised one, but the only way I know of to come into TRUE alignment with the Law of Attraction is through fine-tuning and practice.

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Oct 11, 2011
Some more resources and helpful information...
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

In my own experience, the only way THROUGH a situation like this is to gain control over the fears and worries that consume all of your creative energy - there is no magic pill, it takes work. Here are a few more resources to help to understand what is going on:

* A great little article about how destructive the thinking of the EGO can be, and what to do about it:

* The book "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill is a hard-hitting, slap-in-the-face, cold water wake up call for any/all of us who find ourselves paralyzed by fears from time to time (myself included!)

See my review of the book here: "Outwitting the Devil" book review and quotes

And, my number one piece of advice is: Turn OFF the TV, and Facebook, and talk radio, and newspapers - all sources of media that make their money by "selling" the most inflammatory news items they can find, and keep you watching out of FEAR that you might miss something. It saps ALL of your divine creative potential and mental resources!

Oct 14, 2011
My Own Experience
by: Victoria

Just last week I felt the same type of pressures, then I read something that didn't seem like it would help but I tried it because I, like you, needed money for bills:

Above is the blog I read, I "welcomed" the feeling of anxiety that I had when it came to money, it sounded counter-productive but I tried it simply b/c I felt it couldn't hurt. I embraced the feeling and told my higher self that I wanted the situation to change (I was very specific). And within HOURS, I went home and in my mail box was $400! Then my husband told me that he did some work and was getting an additional $350, THEN my mom called and said "hey I have $150 for you"..all within a matter of a couple of days I received almost $1,000!!!

I know things don't work out the same for everyone BUT I believe that LOA works! I've seen it and I've experienced it, so my words to you are DO NOT GIVE UP! Everything is working in your favor all you have to do is cultivate the power that is in you!

Blessings to you!

Oct 16, 2011
Welcoming the feelings
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Hi Victoria,

Thank you SO, SO, SO much for sharing your experience and the link to the article you found. The way the author writes about what is going on, especially the role of each individual's own free will, and how it often hinders them, is excellent.

However, that article is also selling a product -- one that I have not heard myself, and cannot endorse.

It is my policy at Real Life Law of Attraction to ONLY recommend tools that I have used myself, and found personally to be of extraordinary value to my readers.

The advice in the article of welcoming the feelings, welcoming the anxiety and allowing it TO BE without working so hard to try to change the feelings is good though.

So, if readers want to copy and paste the link to read the full article, great, but please do not feel the need to purchase any product unless you have done MUCH more research into the substance of the author's expertise. ...Because, there are VERY powerful tools which are available for free elsewhere (some of which are mentioned above).

I do sincerely appreciate you sharing your own personal experience, Victoria! You are sharing a beautiful, and exciting, example of how the Law of Attraction is really working, and you did it with just a simple shift of focus. Thank you - you are giving inspiration to hundreds of people with your words! Thank you so much!

All the best,

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