The Key To ALL Law of Attraction Secrets? ...The Vortex!

In my opinion, the biggest, really ONLY, key to ALL law of attraction secrets is that it IS ALREADY DONE in the vortex!

The Vortex (sometimes also referred to as Vibrational Reality, Vibrational Escrow, or the Abraham-Hicks Vortex) is the vibration of Source Energy, of God, of the Universe, of supreme and all-inclusive Love, of ALL that is! 

To be in the vortex is to be in alignment with that energy vibration -– to be "in love with everything" and perfectly content with the state of your experience, as it is, in the moment. The Vortex is ALL THAT IS, and being “in the vortex” is knowing that YOU are a part of it!

…Questions, needs, desires, wishes, and frustrated requests are NOT in the vortex -– their fulfillment IS!

You are willing to sit in an attitude of trust and listen to us ramble endlessly from your in-the-vortex point of view. And as you do that, you tune your vibrational frequency to who you really are, so then the knowledge that you've always held comes out into full view.

Then things that you heard through all of those years, things that weren't meaningful from a different vibrational standpoint suddenly begin to make sense.

Resonance. That's what alignment is. That's what vortex is, it's resonance, which is tuning your frequency to the fullness of who you are.


All Answers Are Already in the Vortex

ALL of the answers are “in the vortex”, all solutions are “in the vortex”, all inspiration for “how can I do that?”, “how can it be?”, “how can that possibly work?” are ALL in the vortex. The vortex is the energy of KNOWING it is done, it is complete, it is going to be okay, and ALL IS WELL!

That being said, the only real law of attraction secrets to be learned are:

  • How do I get in the vortex?
  • How do I get in the vortex?
  • How do I get in the vortex?

…and maybe, how can I stay in the vortex more of the time?

However, another one of the law of attraction secrets is that it is impossible to stay in the vortex all of the time (except after the transition of death.) So the biggest of all law of attraction secrets remains, how to get INTO the vortex!

How To Get Into The Vortex

Because being in the vortex describes the positively aligned state of being; being "in the flow", "in the groove", or even, simply very happy, blissful, content or supremely peaceful, the BEST way to get into the vortex is to find something that makes you feel good, that makes you really happy, and do it as much as possible!

There is an entire Real Life Law of Attraction page devoted to "Getting into the Vortex" (the Abraham-Hicks Vortex) but, briefly, here are some of the many different “ways” to be in the vortex, including:

  • Meditation
  • To be happily engaged in a fascinating pursuit, a passion, or a fulfilling activity.
  • Being in love
  • Excited about life and happily interested in what is going on around you
  • Practices that bring peace and contentment -- listening to music, dancing, yoga, self-nurturing, sleep...
  • Focusing on appreciation, gratitude and positive aspects
  • Cultivating the awareness that All is Well and releasing the need for anything to be different than it is right now...
  • ...And even working through Law of Attraction processes and exercises to clear OUT limiting beliefs, resistance, and suppressed feelings to clear the way for being in alignment with the fulfillment of the desires you wish to manifest. (...And many other sites and teachers will tell you that the law of attraction secrets you will learn from them ARE the processes!)

The truth is that once a new desire has been clarified and imagined in thought, it is DONE. It already exists in the vortex -- the manifestation of the desire itself, as well as the answers to ALL the questions about it -- how, when, where, why, who, etc.

...ALL the answers are ALREADY waiting for you in the vortex!

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

An Experience In The Vortex

A friend of mine, author Julie Isaac had this to say, about the greatest of all Law of Attraction secrets. This is her account of a recent experience of the profound Peace and confidence that already exists for each of us in the vortex of our Vibrational Reality:

"On the Mexican cruise, Esther [Esther Hicks, presenting an Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshop on board a cruise ship in Mexico in Spring 2008] said, “I’ve been in the vortex since January 10th.”

That is powerful!

...So, I’m taking notes and creating a “vortex” practice from the January 10th audios.

This was said quite clearly:

  • Questions are outside the vortex, while answers are inside the vortex.
  • Problems are outside the vortex, while solutions are inside the vortex.

So, I have to get inside the vortex to receive the answer, or find the solution I’m looking for!

Besides telling me that I need to get into the vortex to receive answers, this tells me that the answers exist and are waiting for me, even when I’m not up to speed with them, yet.

When I took a break from listening to Abraham to check out my email, I saw that I received an invitation to join a private Ning social networking group for my book writing class. As I was thinking about the fact that I don’t have clarity around what I want to write the book about, I started to go into fear.

And then ZOOM! I realized that I do know what my book is about on a deeper level of being. The answer is in the vortex! All I have to do is get into the vortex, and I’ll know what to write. And I realized that knowing I had the answer within me, was all I really needed to know, right now. Which was an answer, itself.

I started to trip over fear, and fell into confidence, instead. I didn’t even have to WORK at it. The confidence naturally arose from within to meet my worry. (Although, I’m certainly willing to do the emotional work, when needed.)

It felt so good to know that the answer exists, even if I don’t have access to it this red hot minute. The truth is I don’t need to know what the book is about this red-hot minute. The class hasn’t started, yet, and I have plenty of other things to do.

The only reason I would NEED to know the answer, right now (and need is outside the vortex), is if my sense of safety and peace depended on my being able to see the manifestation, rather than on my knowing that I have the power to manifest and that my good already exists!

I know the answers will be there when it’s the right time, and I’m fully aligned. So, I don’t need to try to force the universe to hand the goods over to me ahead of time in order to have it “proven” to me that my good exists.

What a powerful MANIFESTATION of my good that was. In that moment, I manifested a confidence, clarity, and trust that will serve me for a lifetime."

(Note: The bold emphasis and notes in [brackets] added to quote above)

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