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Question: Thank you Andrea. I appreciate the time you have taken to reply to my earlier question. They say, surrender and let the force of life to run through you. So, do I surrender and let my spirit guide me to what I came to this earth to accomplish, or do I decide what I want and create it?

So much info is confusing me. I say this because I have planned a few things that did not arrive to the end I wanted, and now I am afraid to try things because I am afraid to fail. I desire to go further in my corporate career, but what if that is not my mission? Where is my free will? When things do not work, they say, it is not meant for you. But I desired that?

Real Life LoA Answer: These are such excellent questions! And, although it has taken a bit of time to compose the answers, I am so glad that I am answering them right now, because I have been having these same types of questions myself, in my own life, and I JUST saw some amazing videos which gave me a great deal of clarity. ...I'm so happy to get to share them with you now!

I especially love your first question: "Do I surrender and let my spirit guide me to what I came to this earth to accomplish, or do I decide what I want and create it?"

In my opinion, and from the Law of Attraction perspective, they are the same thing! I believe that when you are following the calling of your heart, and participating what most excites you, interests you, fascinates you, and what you have a passion for, then you ARE letting your spirit guide you on your path – that IS your path!

Anything that you have a desire for, or a desire to do, or to be, you have that desire because THAT is God's dream FOR you. You wouldn't have the desire if Source Energy / the Universe / the Law of Attraction didn't already have it waiting for you in your Vortex. Every dream or desire you have ever imagined is already real in an energetic space, and by moving towards it, by happily daydreaming about it, and knowing that it is a part of your future, that is how you pull it toward you. You do that by following what Bashar calls "your highest excitement"

This video may seem a little odd if you are not already familiar with Bashar, and some of the concepts he is talking about here are very high-level, but give it a chance and see if you feel the same kind of renewed confidence that I did when I first heard it. (I myself am still not that good at always doing it, but...)

One of the most important points he makes in the video, in my opinion, is that "Your highest excitement is a self-contained kit, which includes everything you need to know to move forward, so you do not need to worry about that which is not included in your kit." Meaning, that when you are following your highest excitement, the only things that you really need to pay attention to will naturally float into your awareness and experience, and will then build on one another, such that each thing you decide to pursue, will always be even more interesting to you!

He goes on to say that the more you demonstrate to the Universe that you are willing to follow your OWN excitement, the more you will be given the path to follow as the easiest path to what you want!

"Believing is Seeing - it is NOT Seeing is Believing"

Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!

With regard to your free will, some things not working out the way you wanted, and being afraid to fail, you are SO, SO, SO not alone in that – we ALL feel that way sometimes! That is probably of little comfort, but let's look at the Law of Attraction angle, and some suggestions for those too:

First of all, from the Law of Attraction perspective, you have many paths. There is no one path that is the right path for you, because everything you do and experience gives you more information, more data, more refinement, and more clarity about what it is you DO want. This is why Abraham always says that you cannot get it wrong, you cannot make a mistake – because everything is data!

Sometimes things do not work out the way you have them planned, but that is almost always because there is something even BETTER in store for you, something that takes into account more of your desires or incorporates more of your preferences than you could have possibly "designed" for yourself. The Law of Attraction and the Universe are always looking out for you, are working on your behalf, and are always tending in your favor. The only thing that ever gets in the way of that is resistance, focusing on negative outcomes, or the refusal to see that in the long run, it is working out better than you had anticipated.

That doesn't mean it's always comfortable, or that it always happens the WAY you wanted it to, but, in the big picture, most of the time, you can see that your life is expanding, getting bigger, and improving, overall, when you really look at it.

Some people get into car accidents and then realize that they had been secretly hoping for a new car. Some people get fired from a job only to have the next one be much more rewarding and fulfilling. Some people go through a relationship challenge and then learn that they are even stronger as a couple and more in love after 'weathering that storm'!

Your free will is simply the choices you make about what to pay attention to, where to put your focus, what to think about and spend time on, and whether or not your observations will be of what is going well vs. what is going poorly. THAT is your free will – the choice to enjoy yourself and follow your highest excitement, to dream, to believe, and to keep moving forward despite "failure" instead of giving up and calling it quits. There is nothing that is not meant for you! It's just that most people give up and stop trying. When you refuse to give up on your dreams and moving forward toward the fulfillment of your desires, that is your free will!

In terms of being afraid of making a mistake, or of failing – this is a VERY common fear. But, it's not real. It's not real. The fear is real, but it is not based on any actual truth that is real. The problem is that almost all of us are taught by our parents, teachers, classmates, and environment while we are growing up that it is bad to make a mistake because there are uncomfortable consequences for doing so. Perhaps you got yelled at, punished, hit, hurt, laughed at, made fun of, or told, in no uncertain terms, that it is BAD to make a mistake.

But, just because there were consequences, doesn't mean that the conclusion is correct. Not getting something perfect the first time, especially while you are learning is a necessary part of growing and expanding. In order to learn how to walk you had to fall; in order to learn how to read you had to mispronounce some words; in order to learn how to cook you had to discern what didn't taste right... Mistakes along the way of life are necessary, and good, and clarifying!

What you need to do is to RE-DEFINE your own internal meaning around the words "mistakes" and "failure" so that they no longer strike terror in your heart and cause you to stop trying. The two BEST tools I know of for doing that are: "The Lefkoe Method" and "The Work" of Byron Katie.

If you want to try the Lefkoe Method to eliminate a belief like "mistakes and failure are bad" or "I'm not good enough", they offer a FREE tool to change limiting beliefs. Or, if you want to go even deeper into building self confidence, to increase self-esteem and empower yourself to do more than you ever believed you could, their Natural Confidence Program shows you how to build self confidence, and might be the best $200 you ever spent. (Both links will open in a new window.)

I hope this helps you to move forward! Please let me know how you are doing by leaving a comment below in the "click here to leave comments" link. Blessings of love and light to you, and to all who read this!

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Apr 10, 2012
by: Sergey

Thanks a lot! Very actual theme for me. As addition I recommend to read the article "Using the law of attraction"

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