Will the Law of Attraction still work even if I have a fear of failure, or doubts?


Question: In order to manifest do you have to have total faith (no doubts). Can you still manifest if you believe in Law of Attraction, but still have a fear of failure and doubts, (basically your beliefs and positive thoughts outweigh the non-beliefs and negativity). The rate of manifestation is slower. However if you have no doubts, you will have quick manifestation. I have always felt that when you are feeling really good, that is when your greatest chance of manifestation happens. Is this correct?

Real Life LoA Answer: You are absolutely right; it is when you are feeling really good that your best manifestations happen. That really is the key to all manifesting - feeling good, being happy, appreciating what "is" right now and being excited about what is in the process of unfolding.

What sometimes causes some people some trouble is thinking that they need to have what they want before they can be happy and feel good, or that they need to eliminate all doubts before they can feel good about expectations of a bright future. It's natural to have doubts. Doubts help us to clarify what we really, really want!

It is actually impossible to not have some doubts when it is something really important to you, or rather, if you didn't have any doubts at all, there would be no need to ask the question. When you have doubts, it is an opportunity to clarify what you DO want, and WHY you want it.

Whatever component is causing worry, or doubts, or concern - use it to decide more clearly what you would prefer with regard to that component. Add more detail to your vision, or, use any doubts you may have to decide what you would LIKE to have happen instead – use it to strengthen your own belief that what you want IS possible, that you CAN do it, attract it, achieve it. Talk yourself out of having doubts by speaking the truth (from the perspective of Source Energy.)

From that perspective, the perspective of God, the Universe, the Law of Attraction, the energy of ALL that is, ALL things are possible! You are a magnificent creator, and the simple fact that you have the dreams you have is proof that they are possible!

And truthfully, whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction doesn't really matter at all, it is working, behind the scenes, no matter what you are believing. However, if you are believing that you cannot do it, you cannot reach your goals, or that your dreams cannot happen - THAT is what really slows it down. The key is having faith in yourself, and feeling good about yourself - that is what attracts your dreams to you!

But you said it best, it is when you are feeling good that manifestations flow more quickly. It is best when you are also feeling good about yourself. Doubts have a much tougher time sneaking in when you are centered in knowing the truth about yourself - that YOU are perfect, creative, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful, precious, smart, and divine. You are on the perfect path for your dreams, and that are all happening at the perfect time.

Blessings and love for your journey!


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