Visualization and Letting Go

Question: Good Day,

I have been practicing gratitude for the last few weeks (I have been doing the magic)

I recently set 10 goals and visualised and really felt I had these things. I spent almost 2 hours doing it, and when I finished I felt I had these things. My question is what now? Do I visualise daily or do I just act as if I have these things? I feel like visualisation is still the asking phase. I'm just a little confused on the receiving phase. Please help.

Real Life LoA Answer: This is a fantastic question, thank you so much for writing in to ask it. When it comes to visualization, there is no real rule about how often or how much to do it.

It is more about the feeling you get from it -- when it feels really fun, and playful, and exciting, and interesting, and happiness-inducing just to do the visualization, then you should do it -- because it is fun and feels good to you in itself.

But when it feels like a chore, or a requirement, or something on your "To Do" list for the day, or something you feel ANY kind of pressure to do, then you should not do it.

You are correct in that visualization is still kind of a part of the asking phase. In fact, it's not even a necessary part of the asking phase... The Universe already knows what you want, and has already brought it into vibrational reality for you when you had the first flash of an awareness that that there was something bigger and better to be experienced in that area.

The Universe already knows what you want. Always.

That is why doing the visualization, when it is fun, is helpful. Simply because it's FUN (not because you are doing visualization.) You could be getting the same effect by doing ANYTHING that is fun for you, and fills you with good feelings!

It's best to just know that you already have those 10 goals in your life now, even if you cannot see them yet, and look for the exciting, delightful, surprising, and joy-filled ways that they are manifesting for you right now.

When you catch yourself wondering (or worrying) a little about them, or thinking you need to reinforce your previous visualization, remind yourself that either they are manifesting EXACTLY as you have envisioned, OR something EVEN BETTER is on it's way to you now. Those are the only two options. The Law of Attraction says is MUST be so.

I hope this helps clear it up a bit. Love, light, and blessings to you!

P.S. Be sure to add a comment below and tell us all the fabulous story of these goals coming into being in your life -- we would so love to help celebrate your manifestations with you!

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Mar 11, 2015
So this is what happened
by: Anonymous

I am posting to tell you that 2 of the 10 goals have come to me so far. I am so grateful!

I found the book conversations with God to be very helpful.

I visualised my goals and let them go knowing that they already fullfilled. I found it helpful to do little tricks that helped me believe these goals were a reality like buying a bottle of wine to celebrate and sending a fake email with news I was waiting for.

Hope this helps

Mar 12, 2015
That's Wonderful!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderatorR

That's such fantastic news -- I'm so happy to hear!

And I love the tips you shared, like celebrating and sending the congratulatory email. Those are great ideas!

And remember, the fact that you can imagine it AT ALL, means that it ALREADY exists in vibrational form and is on it's way to you. Well done!

Aug 04, 2015
Manifested my beautiful cats
by: Anonymous

I wanted to get a special breed of cat. I read up on the bread and look at the photos almost daily and told my best friend about it. Then I started thinking maybe I should get a dog so I started the same process as above. The cats I wanted were very expensive and could be close to 1500.00.

This went on for a few months then it was free animal day so I drove to Berkeley and got in line at the shelter and met some nice people but no animals that I wanted to take home so I drove home. On the way home I got thought in my mind to go to this other animal shelter so I did as the first one was so much fun. When I arrived at the shelter I walked in and what was standing in front of my eyes? Two of the cats the breed I wanted. They were free. I adopted them and we are a family now.

Aug 13, 2015
WOW! Spectacular news! SO happy!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator

Wow, that's such a GREAT story, thank you SO much for sharing it!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how the power of intuition and inspiration moved through you, to give you the idea of driving over to the other shelter where YOU could be the answer to the prayers of your cats' for a loving home! ...YOU are an answer to their prayers, not just that they were an answer to yours.

Wow, that's so wonderful! I'm SO happy for you in the family you were able to manifest through your love and intention. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your phenomenal and loving experience!

Nov 23, 2020
I am visualizing getting my dog back
by: Neha

I lost my pet 1.5 months back. Deep down I know that he will be back. I just dont know how. I feel I should visualize and have trust that the Universe will take care of it (let go).. I think letting go is something I need to learn right now Thanks a lot for the article

Nov 23, 2020
Sending you (both) love!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator


I am seeing both you and your pet flowing with love and light and dancing with joy for the adventures you are having, wherever each of you are now.

In the meantime, each time you think of him, discipline yourself to focus on happy moments, what you most love about him, and the fun you have together.

Even if what you are learning right now is how to let go, you will ALWAYS have the love. And that is how we know that it is all working out for the highest good of all concerned.


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