Using Gratitude to Manifest Money...

by Evelyn T. Woodson
(Izmir, Turkey / Valrico, Florida USA)

Using Gratitude to Manifest Money...

  • I'm very grateful for the ability to choose my daily activities.

  • I'm grateful for the Money to afford a safe and healthy living space.

  • I'm grateful for good all-around health.

  • I'm grateful for a good loyal friend.

  • I'm grateful for the advantage of residing in Turkey.

  • I'm grateful for my life and safety.

  • I'm grateful for my Son's life and improvements in health and resources now.

  • I'm grateful that the mortgage on our home in Florida is still in our names, I'm grateful for the Rate of the US Dollar against the Turkish Lira.

  • I'm grateful to be able to use my creative energy to create and accept increases in my Money.

The higher self is aware of the money required to go home to see my son. This source kept him safe during nine and a half hours of brain surgery. This source kept him during and after the most recent seizures that resulted in one week of being comatose. This source is his support and back up while studying to get his degree for earning money through the Services he will provide.

I simply removed the questioning and allowed myself to be a vessel to allow the outflow of this information from Source to expand. I share with joy, and love. Thank you to all.

Real Life LoA Note: This is a wonderful example of using the flow of appreciation and gratitude, in advance, to manifest what you desire. Thank you for sharing it with us Evelyn!

The Law of Attraction responds to energy -- giving us the dreams, desires and things we DO want when we are flowing thoughts and feelings of gratitude, joy, love, fun, enthusiasm, passion, interest, happiness and appreciation. And I find that the best way to get into those feelings is often to imagine what it would feel like is you ALREADY had the manifestation of what you desire.

What would you FEEL like?
What would you be able to do?
How would you be feeling inside while experiencing it?

Try writing out all the things that you are grateful for now, and see how that energy grows as you do it!

The more you can flow feelings of fun, joy, love, gratitude and appreciation toward the idea of having what you DO want, the more the Law of Attraction can match those feelings into your daily life experiences.

Thank you for sharing the success you are having with it Evelyn!

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Mar 06, 2012
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

I'm grateful for choice.
I'M grateful the creative resources is outside the controls of the greed driven forces.
I'M grateful for the ability to allow compassion to operate as the energy that lifts the vibration of the oppressed.
I'M grateful for the source that defies the allusions of violence as the means to protect Societies.


I'm grateful for the ability to be graceful, in relationships. I'm happy to be the outcomes that unfolds to the good in equal to the one for all and all for one.
I'm grateful for the infinite unlimited resources every person is.
I'm grateful for the silencing of the Drum beats of War.
I'm grateful for the dissolving of false Gods and false powers. I'm grateful to be the love that vibrates in perfect peace.
I'm grateful that love and reality is beyond the establishment and wobbling of course, control devices used to misleading the masses.
I'm grateful the long dark night is over.
I'm grateful all people are united in unconditional Love.
I'm grateful when My thoughts vibrates universally emerging in the Cosmic Language of the Essence of who we are and why we are beyond this dream, the entire World is transformed to Paradise.
I'm grateful to be aware of the endless creative activity we are all involved in, as a species. I'm grateful to be aware that source requires nothing, and is everything.
I'm grateful to be grateful.
I'm willing to let go, of attachments to things that require the vibrations of gratitude or any other imagined outside source.
Now all is here and now, in constant flow, I dare not sustain Ego's grip to things past, present, or future. Immersed entirely in source transmutes allusions. The joy flowing in the moment reveals the he that is within us then the he that is in the World.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Justus Lewis Vogt IV

Hi Mom!

Sep 30, 2013
by: Evelyn T.Woodson

I'm the eternal source that creates.
is vibrational harmonics, that attract matching resonance, all that is attracted to form identifies with internal creative pulses that is constant. Interconnectedness is cause and effect. Choice allows what ever is attracted to emerge in tangible form. Gratitude is a vibration of being, not some mind control game. Going deeper beyond mind and emotions we tap into the flowing reservoir of being and it's here all transforms to finite, it is the joy of this transformation the delights the inner being. So much has unfolded since the previous post on the Law of gratitude and it's results, and elevated awareness of Being. Demystification allows integration, Which unites scattered and splintered aspect. When this process is noticed all manner of delightful events begin to be the norm, Resulting in a life of calibration. This is some of the responses of the Law of Attraction. We still own the Home , My Son has earned a Degree and working on his BA. income is double what it was when I first posted. Opportunities are unfolding. New people are showing up that are interested in what I enjoy. Old things are dissolving. Home owners are gaining Reprieves in the legal arenas. Wars are averted, Truth is emerging. It is the law of Attraction demonstrating it's active role in human affairs.

Love joy and all that is good

Evelyn Tyson. Woodson

Love Ambassador to Izmir Turkey

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