Trying to use the Law of Attraction to get back together with the love of my life

by Anonymous

Question: I have a couple of questions. I have been trying to use LOA to get back together with the love of my life. I am positive most days, but how much does one negative day or a negative moment effect the outcome? Also, I have previously found that things seem to happen to me when I least expect it or things that I'm not expecting. How can that be? How can I perfect my LOA to get the love of my life back?

Real Life LoA Answer: I'm sorry to have to say this, but the Law of Attraction will rarely help in bringing back someone from your past... The reason is that the Universe is always expanding, always moving forward, always growing into the bigger and better ideas that YOU put into motion back when you were with that person (and since.)

And, even if you believed him to be the absolute most perfect person on the planet for you at the time, the fact that the two of you are not together now means that the Law of Attraction (Universe) has other plans for you -- plans that WILL make you EVEN MORE happy than you would have been with him (because your own heart is the one that created the plan (whether you knew it or not.))

When I was first dating the man who ultimately became my husband, I didn't know how he really felt about me. It seemed like we had a great time on dates, and I knew I really, really, really, really liked him, but he wasn't very communicative in those early years, so I honestly didn't know if it would last or not.

To relieve my own anxiety, because it was my own thoughts that were causing my pain and stress, I reminded myself that if it wasn't going to be him, it would be someone EVEN BETTER for me. And, by EVEN BETTER for me, I knew that meant someone that **I** would like EVEN more!

So, I started to list things that **MIGHT** be even better... (It was hard, because I really liked him, but I came up with a few!)

  • Maybe the next guy would be even more handsome?
  • Maybe the next guy wouldn't have to work so much, and would have more time in his schedule for me?
  • Maybe he would be more communicative, and would share his feelings with me?
  • Maybe he would live closer to me so we didn't have to drive so far to see each other (and would have even more time to be together?)
  • Maybe we would have more hobbies in common, so we could do more together?
  • Maybe he would be more skilled at helping me with tasks around my house, fixing things, etc?

The process of daydreaming about what could be even better allowed me to stop focusing on what was wrong, and get excited about possible new opportunities... It was either him, or someone even better for me, and I would be happy either way. Then the Law of Attraction brought me even more things to be happy and excited about.

That's how it is for people from the past. It usually means that your REAL perfect partner is someone even better for you, who is trying to find YOU!

As for the second part of your question, about things happening to you that you don't expect, that's normal. The Law of Attraction is not predictive. It's not about knowing exactly what is going to happen in your future, but knowing the essence of how it will make you feel, because of how you are feeling (most of the time) in the present.

One negative thought, or negative day won't really alter very much, because it's more about your overall mood, attitude, and expectations about life that are being attracted back to you. When you are generally happy, peaceful, and certain that good things are always working out for you, that is usually what your experience will be. You won't know exactly what it's going to be, but you know it will be pleasant and fun.

As for perfecting it, that is a life-long practice.

Byron Katie's book "Loving What Is" and the Real Life Law of Attraction 30-day Rx Plan (FREE pdf) are good places to start.

Best of luck to you!

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