Trying to maintain high vibration, but feel low energy

(South Pacific)

Question: I always experience low level energy from the time I wake up and leads to drowsiness in most parts of the day. I try so very hard to practice and maintain a high vibration to improve
my mood and whole being.

Is this low energy detrimental to my Attracting capability? I've also noticed that my Attractor field varies -- sometimes I get what I want and there are times when things I get and see are ugly.

Real Life LoA Answer: With the assumption that you have been to the doctor, and that there is nothing physically wrong, in my experience, feelings of low energy and drowsiness can often be the result of either boredom with life, and/or feeling like your dreams are not possible for you. And consequently, not feeling that spark that causes you to want to engage fully with your life.

If you have the opportunity, I would recommend taking a look at the book "The Passion Test" by Janet Attwood, and doing the exercises in it (starting around page 17 - 25 or so - the rest is just examples and illustrations).  It is very good for helping to get into deeper touch with the dreams, hopes, and desires that your Inner Being truly wants you to experience in this life, and, when that happens, manifestations can flow more quickly and life can be much more fun (as it is supposed to be!)

But those feelings are not detrimental to your attracting, because your Inner Being is always patiently waiting with you, and, in addition to that, when we are sleeping, we often feel very good and are not being resistant, so it can actually be GOOD for your manifestation of what you want!

Everything you currently see around you is an indicator of your PAST thoughts and vibrations, so, even when it is ugly/not to your preference, it is only in your awareness to help you clarify more clearly what you DO want to see and experience more of in the future. Use it as a way to clarify and decide more specifically the details of what you DO want to see more of.

I have to run, but if you would like more information, or if anything I've written is not clear in my attempt to be quick, I am happy to try
to clarify.  I will look forward to hearing from you again, and, in the meantime, wish you well!

Love and blessings,


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