To manifest money, pay down debt, or myself first?

by Robert
(United States)

Question: When applying the law of attraction to finances, should one pay themselves first or pay down debt first?

Real Life LoA Answer: Thank you for writing. You ask a great question! And, according to the Law of Attraction, the answer is very personal, and very individual...

The best thing to do when it comes to money is to take the action that gives you the most Peace in your heart. Or, saying it another way, take the action that is LEAST likely to bring on guilt, worry, or anxiety. ...It is what that tiny little voice inside your head thinks is the "right" thing to do!

We all have that voice - it comes from society, our parents, friends, our own set of morals and values based on past experiences and life lessons, and it all combines to form a belief about what is best, right, and proper. I can usually see it/hear it most clearly for myself when I ponder what someone else "should" be doing. But, wherever it comes from, and regardless of what we WISH the answer were for ourselves, we must take action in accordance with it, or we are out of alignment with ourselves, and that is what throws off the vibration of the Law of Attraction!

It requires a great deal of honesty with one's inner self to discern sometimes, because the lure of having something we want right this minute can feel so good (if only temporarily), that sometimes it's really hard to tell if there is a twinge guilt mixed in with it!

Speaking for me, personally, I find that paying down debt gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I feel proud of myself for making steady progress, and I love the feeling of raising my credit score, slowly but surely, in the background, by bringing those loans and consumer debts back to a zero balance through paying them down. It's slow, so the gratification is vastly delayed, but I feel really great about paying off debts, even if it means scrimping for a while to do it. That is how my own Inner Being feels best about it.

But everyone is different, and it can be very empowering (or necessary) to pay one's self first. And, in the case of investing the proceeds from that path of action, if you were getting a better interest rate on your savings than you were paying on your debts, it would be very satisfying! (...But that is, unfortunately, rarely the case (bummer!))

The key is in taking the action that invokes the least amount of "guilty" feelings...

There was a process described by Abraham-Hicks a long time ago about methodically paying down debts by using a chart on the wall, to juice as much satisfaction as possible from the achievements. I haven't been able to find it yet, but if you are interested let me know, and I will keep looking for it for you!

Until then, if you would like to share some more specific feelings you may be having about your own situation, I would be happy to try to help you ascertain what you may be feeling is best for you. Your own Inner Wisdom is the best (and only) real guide about what is best for you, but sometimes we need a little help to start to feel the subtle

In terms of the Law of Attraction, in the long run you can't get it wrong, but the harmonious way is usually the most fun!

Best of luck to you, let me know what you end up doing!


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