The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

by Evelyn T.Woodson
(Izmir Turkey)

I have always been, beyond my contemporaries. When I review my early childhood on a cotton Plantation, in contemporary USA, I didn't fit in; my compassion ran deep.

While separatism and discrimination was government stamped and society was in a time warp of limbo, it hung heavy as dense Fog.

But in spite of the exerted attempts to exert exclusive power and control over my entire ancestral line, I know and felt a faint connection to something greater than all of it.

But the absence of validation and the preoccupation with survival overshadowed this insight, as my hunger and thirst grew, the intensity of family and communal abuses and violence escalated, I dreamed of stardom and making music for the benefit of family.

But they were the greatest detriment to any success, over time I began to sense a feeling of being cut off from any source, or that I had any personal power to achieve.

But at the core of me was a now that encouraged me to simply believe I could do anything any one else could do with the proper understanding and skills. This is the key to life but the example and application, was the difficult part because the Ego had etched grooves of the family and exploiters in so deep, it resulted in blockages to every effort I made to rise above the vibrations of poverty and failure. I'm grateful for the many writers who shared their knowledge that have helped me know I hold the Key to my self.

Today I found this other link in the chain and I'm grateful for it. I have Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer, Dennis Waitley, Steven Hawkins, and Melody Beattie, John Bradshaw, and much more. I hope the collective mind will be transformed to a higher vibration, and lift humanity out of the Black Hole, recently discovered that would described the Hell religions have advocated, Projecting Love to all is also a Key that opens the door to a Planet we all dream of, at the deepest level.

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Aug 30, 2011
An extraordinary transformation!
by: Andrea, RLLoA moderator


Thank you so much for writing and sharing your experience - both in life as well as the peace you have found in reading the book! You have obviously been through a great deal, and to consider one particular book as a "missing piece" of the puzzle is a true recommendation indeed!

I took the liberty of adding the author name to the book title, assuming that you were referring to the book by Tolle. Please let me know if that is not correct, and I will edit it.

Also, you mention some of the other authors who have inspired and influenced you, one of them being Steven Hawkins... I am wondering if you perhaps meant Stephen Hawking, the physicist and cosmologist? Or, perhaps even more likely, David Hawkins, the author of "Power vs. Force" (another excellent book!)

Regardless, your review reads like a book in and of itself - thank you so much for writing Evelyn, blessings to you!

Sep 02, 2011
by: Evelyn T.Woodson

I know the benefits of ceasing from my won labor and entering into the rest that Paul expounded upon. It's not chance that all the people who supported my belief that one day I would walk and stand where Apostles walked and stood that is so revered. But the mystery bonus of Actually entering the home that Jesus Mother and St John owned and lived in is cause for validation and celebration, it also encourages us as Spiritual, creative to move away from iconic figures that are limited. I always knew deep down inside, that We are all valuable and worthy of everything good, I no longer allow the shortsighted dogmas and fear of old networks of power and control to attach to me. I understand it is my responsibility to question the motivation of any and all information , Laying down the heavy Burden of religion has liberated my once hungry and thirsty soul, The absence of fear is revealing of the free flowing of all we are to enjoy that is ever present, the fear of being, is what Tolle explained in terms I relate to, some of the other writers, and people of the same vibration reminded me of as the blockage used by ego to maintain the allusive grip. I always wanted to write and sing and dance and explore the human landscape on all higher levels. I no longer allow the bellowing winds of distraction to be my reality. I have many mentors to be grateful for of all cultures, ages hues and vocations, every encounter contributes to my joy, It's with in my power to transform all to a cosmic vibration that contribute to paradise. When given lemonade, it's up to us to enjoy it as given or to add our choice of ingredients, natural sweetness is my choice. I hope the readers feel my expression of Love that is currently flowing to infinity , allow it to enfold you. Love accepts and sees the value in each contribution free of judgement.

Apr 02, 2012
We all have it.
by: Evelyn T. Woodson

Now is not the possesion or property, of Institutions or Any orginizations, It does not bend to religions, or brute force it is not altered or influnced by titles or positions or labels, it simply is!All share it equeally, Now always is , always will be. allowing now to reveal the endless boundless me, is beyond constraninte ofphysical cinfintments or exerted power and control, bullying or threats, We simply allow the real self to freely express all the adventures and cretavity, that allowes the allusions to vanish in to thin air, I think ofa True Account of Harriett Tubman, Who is coined the Black Moses, She was above Slave label, regardless of the law and legalities applied to invilidate us equeal possesers of now and the free will to be, She and Fredrick Dougals, Inspired me, when the wtitten accounts of the super human practice moved them to a leval and State of Vibrations the Universe Supported and responded to in favorbale outcomes, Even the Blood Hounds who was uued to hunt Harriett down, refused to reveal her presence when it followed her scent to the tree she climbed to avoid her persuers. When I was able to have access to the information of the power this small framed African Women demonstrated in the face of Wanted Dead or Alive, Posters all up and down the US and Canidan land scapes, She was so professionl the US Put her on Government Compensation for her help in the Civil War, But she is vibrating Now, in the Vortex we all share, She and Fredick[s true account of the abuses endured at he hands of adults of African and European backgrounds , paints, a canvas of who is delusional and who is vibrating in the Now. The identical vibration is here now that moved them to activate the real self, we all have it, we can use it or not, if is cash health or whatever we want to expereince we can have it, because Now is ours to use for creating outcomes we most desire.Now

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