The law of attraction guide for attracting your own intuitive messages

by Andrea, RLLoA moderator

...How to recognize guidance from your Inner Being and get intuitive information from the environment around you!

Here are some ways that I use the environment around me to feel my way forward, and to get information about what is going on, what I need to know, or how I might be able to look at a situation differently to have better results:

  • Pay attention to what kinds of things pop into your awareness - notice what you are noticing. You are attracting anything and everything that comes into your attention field, so take a look at what it is, and why it is there (and whether or not it is pleasant for you - if not, change your point of focus.)

  • When you have a physical symptom, look it up in Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" and read about the energetic "cause" of that symptom as well as the corresponding affirmation.

  • If you notice any particular animal around you more often, find out what the animal totem symbolism is for that animal.

  • Pay attention to the "advice" you are given by books, magazines, the TV, and people around you - not necessarily to take all of it, but to give more consideration to anything that is coming up repeatedly, or that echoes some little inkling you have been having yourself.

  • Start a regular practice of meditation. Even starting with only 5 minutes a day will help you to get into the habit of calming your mind and being better able to "hear" your own intuition.

  • Make a list of what you appreciate immediately before you go to sleep. The energy you have when you go to sleep will be relatively the same as the energy you wake up with the next morning, so if you are in a state of feeling good when you fall asleep, you are more likely to have better dreams and wake feeling refreshed, and alert.

Try on some of the ideas above, and see how they FEEL to you. Look (and FEEL) for the following signs to tell you when you are on the right track, and that the information is in alignment with / harmony with the wisdom of your own Inner Being:

  • Do you feel any sort of relief with the new information, new knowledge?

  • Do you feel that sensation of exhaling, or your shoulders relaxing, or physical tension easing?

  • Do you feel a flood of emotion - maybe tearing up/that "about to cry" sensation, or feeling more intense excitement? (Crying is a form of releasing resistance, so feeling the urge to cry is not bad - it is a release!)

  • Do you feel relaxed, happy, giddy, peaceful, content, joyful, comfortable or at ease?

  • Do you feel that sense of knowing, that almost inexplicable certainty and confidence, as if the very voice of God/the Universe/Source Energy told you so?

Your own wisdom is always the best guidance you have, but you have to be careful when assessing what is "right" for you vs. what is merely "comfortable" or "how you have always done it before." Oftentimes, habitual patterns can be rooted in fear, avoidance, or lack, and the resistance to try something new can be your ego/ pride talking, so you have to focus on how it FEELS (rather than what has/hasn't worked in the past!)

One of my favorite quotes is: "Go as far as you can see, and then, when you get there, you"ll be able to see farther."

Try it on, see how it feels, then move forward. Adjust and repeat. When you are always moving toward what feels the best, you'll always be on the right track!

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